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dokrob 09-23-2013 12:38 AM

Gas gauge always full
993 wrangler all of a sudden my fuel gauge won't come off of full. Tilts a small a,out when going down hill butch otherwise won't move. Anyone with info I would appreciate it.

JWELK 09-23-2013 02:12 AM

Awesome: I would patent this, you will put big oil and all of the Middle East out of business.
Crawl under the rear, locate the plug the goes into the fuel tank and disconnect it. Hopefully the gauge will now read 0. If it does you know the sending unit is bad and take appropriate action. If it doesn't change, then you have a wiring issue, a good place to start is to remove the gauge cluster and check the ribbon cable. It has a tendency to get corroded at the plug and sometimes the traces get burned. There are many posts on repairing, jumpering, and replacing the gauge cluster.
Let us know what you find, and get back to us.


Jim W

Dingo1033 09-23-2013 06:02 AM

What about the ground on the e-brake bracket? Is that for an always full reading or an always empty reading? I can't remember what I read.

Que89YJ 09-23-2013 07:58 AM

The ground is shared with the pump so if it goes bad the pump will not work. Disconnecting the plug opens the connector. The open reading should be full scale which means the guage reads full tank. The sending unit reads 90 ohms for a full tank and 0 ohms for empty. What you need to do is get under the jeep and get to the fuel sending unit connector and ground the sending unit wire to ground. Dont worry there is no chance of exploding or anything. The sending unit wire grounded should cause your needle to go to zero. Use a short piece of wire and a needle. Put the needle into the wire for your sending unit. Take one side to ground on any sheet metal near by and connect the other side to the pin. Turn the key on. If it goes to zero then you have a sending unit problem. If it stays full then you have a guage or wiring problem to the sending unit. You can test the wire by doing the same grounding trick to the wire at the sending unit.

Here is a link to an online service manual so you can look at the wiring. There are 3 wires at the pump. Pump power, ground and the sending unit.

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