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Nine5YJ 10-23-2001 07:45 PM

Fuel pump??

I have a 95 YJ 2.5L with very fed mods, and i am at about 32,600 miles. I am overdue for the 30K tune which calls for spark plugs etc.. When I accelerate, it jerks and the throttle response is horrible. Could i have a blocked fuel line? Could my plugs not be firing? Any input greatly appreciate!
Thanks Alot!
95 YJ

glm 87 wrangler 10-24-2001 02:24 PM

A tune up may be your solution.Check or replace your spark plugs,distrib.cap,rotor botton,if that model has distrib.cap and rotor.Replace fuel filter air filter,and check or have some check ignition timing.
change wires if they look or seem old.Check crank case breather filter and or pcv valve if your model carries one.Good luck.keep me posted.Oh rember its always good to change your radiator fluid every 2 years to keep the radiator in top health..also keeps the heater core in top health also.50/50 solution in radiator an 100% coolant in the coolant jug.
check or replace belts and hoses add needed..

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