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Augy 04-03-2010 02:20 PM

Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) keeps changing, engine hard to start
I've been fighting getting engine running consistent. It is a 4.2L with Weber Carb, nuttered, and team rush mod.

I have plenty of power in the lower rpm range but it seems to stall out in the middle of the power band. Seems to run fine sometimes and others it feels like it's missing. Also, once it's warmed up it is hard to start (starts easy when it's cold, very hard when it's warm).

Checked timing and it was 8 deg. BTDC. When I checked that, I noticed my FPR was reading zero pressure though it was obviously getting fuel. It had said 3.5 last time I looked at it but not sure how long ago that was. Anyway, I adjusted it to 3.5 psi and ran around the block. No change in the way it drove. Let it sit for an hour and started it again: hard to start and FPR is down to 1 psi or so.

I could have multiple issues but could my FPR or Pressure Guage be bad? Any idea on the easy-cold-start but hard-warm-start?


The time now is 10:33 PM.

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