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SKYOFSCORPIONS 08-29-2012 11:25 PM

Engine Swap - Golen 4.6L or LQ9 6.0L
I'm really planning on going all out on my Jeep, but one step at a time. Next up is a coil-over conversion with a 100" wheelbase. After that I plan on Getting Currie D60 axles with lockers and upgrading to 37" tires. Then a NV4500 and Atlas 2. THEN to the engine. One thing I have disliked is the lack of power of the 4.0L. I really don't want to put a used motor in unless it's in great condition. I've found the Golen 4.6L stroker which seems very nice, but I'm worried that it's not much more power. The plus side is there's no relocating engine components and getting a new bell housing. I found a built LQ9 that sounds like it would be perfect.

I guess I just want some direction on what would be the best choice. Other ones I would consider would be:
LS327 5.3L - 400HP
LS1 5.7L - 410HP

The plus side on the Corvette motors is that they are aluminum blocks but a little pricer.

So I want something that fits this the best: power, life of the engine, decent mpg, and installation. By installation I mean I don't want to have to do some insane amount of mods to fit the motor in and also jacking up the cost of the project. Also something that isn't crazy difficult to tune and get running right.

The time now is 02:11 AM.

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