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JeepTodd 10-21-2001 09:12 PM

Engine Stalling
I have a 1987 Wrangler with a I6 4.2l engine and stock rebuilt carb. I live at about 400 feet above sea level. I went up to about 7000 feet above sea level and began having problems with the engine stalling. The engine will not idle at all. It runs fine as long as I continue to give it gas. I returned home hopeing it would correct itself and ofcourse it didn't. The engine still dies everytime I come to a stop of push in the clutch. I can compensate for the problem by adjusting the idle screw higher but the engine runs poorly and that is obviously not the main problem. Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

glm 87 wrangler 10-22-2001 07:09 AM

Well I say it time and time again.I know there is always money issues,but the best way to solve the problem is to get rid of the made to fail carter carb.I had about every problem that you and others have listed on this forum.Thought it was the cat the emmisions all kinds of stuff but the problems always went back to the carb.So after hundreds of dollars spent the best investment was the weber carb and TFI upgrade you can use other carbs that are cheaper thats your choise,but really it will be the best money ever spent my runs great now.I rebuilt my carter carb twice and I will say I am fairly
good at it but I could not get the darn thing to ever work right!! has the carb,and has theTFI upgrade.THE BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT ON MY JEEP PERIOD....

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