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jaminb 04-03-2010 11:09 AM

Engine cutting out above 40mph after 15min
So yesterday when the temp here in michigan started going up i started having issues with my jeep cutting out above about 40mph. It will rev to the moon in park, and accelerate just like normal even if its foot to the floor but as soon as i hit about 40mph it cuts out.

I have a weber 38 thats still running a little rich and the jeep would do this before if it sat at idle to long almost like it was fouling out the plugs..

What leads me to think it has something to do with the temp is that i drove it last night for about 10-15 min and nothing happend (it was about 60* out)

Any ideas?

edit: also forgot to say the the starter grinds if/when the jeep stalls out do to the issue thats happening, it almost seems like there is too much compression in the engine.
Oh and it is nuttered.

The time now is 07:41 PM.

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