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JeepDad 10-23-2001 05:30 AM

Electrical short, engine cranks but won't start...
My son has a '99 Jeep Wrangler. He was hooking up a subwoofer, turned on the ignition switch, and says he saw the interior lights flash (I think he had the door open) and then go out. The headlights still work, and the starter cranks but won't start. Everything else electrical seems to be out, no dome light, no instrument cluster, no light under the hood.

I got to look at it, (10:00pm in his girlfriend's driveway), we checked all the fuses in the glove compartment, and in the engine compartment, and they all seem OK. I thought it was possible that the fuel pump relay shorted, and swapped it with the horn relay, No Luck!

Where else would we check? Are there fusible links that he could have blown? :confused:

Thanks in advance,

powjunkie 10-23-2001 12:42 PM

Where did he connect his amp power cable? Directly to the battery, at the fuse block, somewhere else? Also, when you checked for blown fuses and relays, did you use a meter or do a visual check. Sometimes fuses can look ok, but still be blown.

One thing you can do to see if you're getting spark is pull a plug wire off and see if it arcs to the plug (hold it with something insulated so you don't get shocked).

The time now is 06:21 PM.

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