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rls270 10-22-2001 09:37 PM

Dana 35 width
I am buying a Ford 9" from a junyard and am going to install the axle in my 92 YJ. I know the 9" is 58 inches. I can not find the width of my Dana 35. I think it is around 55". I am at school and my jeep is at home so i can't just go outside and measure the axle.

RodeoRob 10-22-2001 09:52 PM

humm, i thought a D35 was around 58"-59" WMS to WMS. Thats off the top of my head though... i don't own a Jeep, otherwise i'd measure for ya.

bluebellyday 10-23-2001 09:36 AM

This link may help. I believe it is 60"

NaeKid 10-23-2001 07:07 PM

JP magazine had an article about axles this month .. and it is 60" edge to edge for the stock D35 ..

They also have some great articles in there about "quick swap" of axles and what are the better choices ..

jpwranglr9 10-23-2001 09:04 PM

the dana 35 is 60", ford 9" for bronco is 58" and D44 from scout is also 58". it will work fine.

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