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2High4U 10-25-2001 07:18 PM

Cracked Header
On a recent 4x4 trip I cracked the header on my 93 Wrangler. Its the I6 4.0L engine I was going over a rock and the bottom of it, scraped, it cracked in two about 3 inches after it comes off the block.

From what I have read in order to get the header off you have to pull the injectors and the fuel rail because a) the header cant be removed from below and the injectors sit above it, and b) because the two share a gasket. Is this true? A shop quoted me $250 in labor to do it. How hard of a job would it be for me to do?



hamyscj 10-25-2001 08:22 PM

Jeff, do not remove the injectors or fuel rail. Both of those items come off with the intake manifold. I would try it yourself. It is a fairly easy job. Loosen the belt and slide it off of the ps pump, remove the ps pump but don't disconnect the lines, just set it aside. Disconnect the wiring from the throttle body, the injectors and the manifold and set it on the other side of the engine, out of the way. Disconnect the fuel lines (2 of them) at the front of the fuel rail. Remove all the bolts from the exhaust/intake except the studs on either end. The intake should then come off. Disconnect the header pipe from the manifold and unplug the O2 sensor and take off the nuts securing the the ends of the exhaust. I might have forgotten a thing or 2 but that is it for the most part. Are you repairing or replacing the manifold? OEM manifolds are pricy. A Borla header is the same price, maybe cheaper and it is guarenteed for life. Have fun, set aside a Sat to do it and save some bucks. Steve.

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