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wetodddid 02-26-2002 10:49 AM

considering an engine swap
so i am considering swaping the engine in my 4.2 89...what is the general consensus on the best avenue. I was leaning towards a chevy 350. My options are to buy a wreck and pull the engine, rebuild it, etc., buy a crate engine or to build it myself. What do you the think the best route is???

87JeepWrangler 02-26-2002 06:58 PM

do you plan on keeping your existing transmission? they arent really strong enough to stand up to the 350.

if not, consider that you will need an adapter from the new tranny to your existing xfer case. if you plan on putting in the chevy xfer case, think again, chevy's xfer cases for the front driveshaft are passenger side drop. your wrangler is gonna need a driver side drop.

as for which route to go with the chevy 350, i guess thats just up to how much you wanna spend on the conversion. if you find something in good shape, you may want to go wreck. if you go crate, your still probably gonna need a lot of other parts. unless the crate comes "turnkey," you are gonna probably still need oil pan, intake manifold, distributor, entire belt assembly for the front including alternator, balancer, PS pump, etc. also consider that you will need to buy a new radiator, new motor mounts, new exhaust, plus other things to adapt things like throttle linkage.

if you can buy an engine and rebuilt, that might be the cheapest way to go. especially if you find something for a few hundred bucks that already has intake, carb, etc.

if you have more questions, feel free to ask. i am not an expert, but i have done a lot of research, and have just started doing a similar conversion into an 87 wrangler.

wetodddid 02-27-2002 09:54 AM

Thanks for all of the info. I am certain that I will have many more questions as I get closer to purchase time.

Right now I am grappling with whether to go injected or carbureted. My 89 has a carb now and the gas mileage *sucks*...less than 10 at the moment. If i went with a 350 the engine would have plenty of horsepower so i might be able to sacrafice potential power for some increased fuel economy.

you are correct, though. going with a crated engine or building myself means a whole lot of little expenses that i am not going to have projected.

the advantage of going with a wreck is that i could also pull the tranny and just switch the entire setup.

another issue that i have to deal with is the strict california smog requirements. my jeep will have to smog at the year of the most current part :(

thanks again for all of the input. would love to hear how your project is moving along.

87JeepWrangler 02-27-2002 12:46 PM

i basically just started the project. have been doing research for well over a month though.

i just bought a brand new chevy 350(not rebuilt). it came with the entire belt assembly, oil pan, valve covers, and intake manifold. i still need a carb, not sure which one im gonna buy.

as for the tranny and xfer, im using a ford np435 married to an np205. thats about all i have bought so far, and i have just started tearing the old drivetrain out of the jeep. my goal is to finish the conversion by the time this semester is over, just in time for the summer. we'll see how that goes :D

puckeater1 02-27-2002 01:08 PM

Hey give these guys a call in Reno, i saw you were in fresno, im in San Jose. I have a 90 wrangler and i was going to get a 350 but decided on the more tame 4.2 These guys were THOUSANDS less that getting it done here. They told me for a 350 it would be around 7-8 thousand for EVERYTHING Labor parts tranny axels engine, EVERYTHING, they are a son and father place that only works on jeeps, hell just call them for the info!!!! they are incredible.

Mark Junior 775-337-0206 if you want tell him Naz, the guy with the jeep in San jose told you to call, i have called him so much he knows me. :D

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