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LA93WRANGLER 10-25-2001 09:43 AM

Hello, I am new to the forum. I was thinking about changing my 30 BFG AT's to 32 or 33's. I have a skyjacker 2 1/2" lift, and stock gears with manual tranny. Has anyone ever done this and if so did you have any clutch problems? :cool:

powjunkie 10-25-2001 10:41 AM

With 2.5" inches, you'll have some rubbing with 33's. If you like to play on the rocks, I'd go with no more than 32's (31's would be better) with a 2.5". Anyway, if you do go with 33's, your clutch will go out a little sooner than normal. It's really not that bad, though. I ran 33's with 3.07 (stock) gears for 3 years before I finally did a gear swap. Expect about 70K miles out of your clutch assuming you have a 4.0L.

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