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post #226 of 235 Old 12-27-2012, 10:06 PM
Out of money yet...Yup!
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Originally Posted by kodyowenby10 View Post
The guy does not know he sent me a picture and they have a military wrap but the main spring looks bent pretty bad so I thank im gonna pass on them either way. Has anyone tried ranger springs?
I'm sure, you can use pretty much any spring that is 2.5" wide.

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post #227 of 235 Old 08-07-2014, 08:25 PM
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I just finished up my bastard pack add a leaf/ lift.
My 89 YJ was very much like many of y'alls in that my factory leaf's were flat as a pancake. I went out to the local lake taking my son perch jerking and going down a rough dirt road I think I actually inverted my leaf's a few times. That is when I knew it was time for a change. I thought about putting a set of leaf springs on from a 90 model GMC because I knew my leaf springs for my jeep and my truck were both 2.5" wide ( I was afraid of the ride quality). That is when I jumped on the forum to see if anyone had done this before. Then ta-da! I discovered this thread! The rest was just finding S-10 leafs and a little sweat and elbow grease.

I found a set of s-10 leaf's in my local junk yard which happens to be about 1/2 mile from my house. They sold me the leaf's for $50 and they took them off for me! What a bargain. I started the project on Tuesday when I bought the s-10 leafs and went home and took them apart. I followed the pattern of one of the posters from page 6 or 7 I can't remember. I put the 2nd s-10 springs one on each of my rear packs and the main s-10 springs one on each of my front packs. Total time turnkey project was about 8-9 hours all by my lonesome....that is from the time I unloaded the s-10 springs to the time I put my last tool up Thursday evening. It took me right about 2hrs per wheel. Of coarse I have a good torch and a good set of wrenches. I am going to be adding some new u-bolts in the front because one side of one u-bolt stripped it's thread when I was tightening it back down. I drove about 5-10 miles with just three of the nuts on that particular leaf but I took it real easy and on the street. The rear u-bolts had plenty of room to add a leaf but I do recommend replacing the front with longer u-bolts because all mine just barely made it through the nuts. Other than that it was pretty easy and trouble free.

Anyway all the tools needed/ recommended have been covered in the previous 15 pages of this thread. I did start soaking all bolts and nuts with PB Blaster Tuesday at lunch before I started the project that afternoon when I got off work.

Results were, 1-1/2 inch lift in the rear and 2 inch lift in the front. All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I think this is the answer to anyone wanting a good 1-2 inch lift with out the expense.
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I had long considered doing a bastard pack for my yj, must have read this thread 5 times at least. Went back and forth between new springs and the bastard pack for months cuz I wasn't sure my main springs were sound enough to build on. Finally I just ordered a complete set of fabtech 3.5 springs and installed them. The fronts turned out great, but the back springs added way to much lift, like 5 inches! As it turns out I'm gonna have to do a bastard pack anyways using my flat stock springs to replace a couple of the arched ones and hopefully bring the back of the jeep down a couple inches. Reverse bastard pack haha!
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post #229 of 235 Old 09-09-2014, 09:50 AM
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I know its an old thread, but for anyone considering it, DO IT!! I'm short on cash at this point as well, and couldnt find a decent set of S10 or ranger springs, I setteled on a set of 2001 F150 leaves, only has 3 leafs...main, 2nd and overload....i cut the mains down for the front of my jeep, and since my springs were darn near inverted, used it as an add-a leaf between the YJ main and 2nd....Trackbar is now in the process of dissappearing, but i let it set on the frame not on shackles yet, and measuring 3 inches of lift...i imagine with the shackles hooked back up, i'll be at nearly 4"!! i imagine it'll settle down some, and be at a happy 3"....i know the ride will be rougher, but before, i could jump on the front end and hit the can use a little stiffening up...
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post #230 of 235 Old 10-12-2014, 07:12 PM
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Another 'I know this is an old thread" post....

My plan for my YJ is to take the tub off next spring to get the best access to the frame to clean it up and paint/rust proof it inside and out. The frame appears solid, but I want to be absolutely sure. I want this Jeep to last a long time. While the tub is off, it will be trailered down the the local welder to have some new body panels welded in. I've also figured that with the tub off I would have an easier time for doing other things as well.

The list of what I want to accomplish with the tub off is:

Clean/rust treat frame
Bastard pack lift
Remove track bars
Install sway bar disconnects
Replace the rear brakes (adding extended lines for this lift)
Install new front exhaust pipe and catalytic converter (PO removed the cat)
Install new shocks

I'm thinking of also reversing the front spring shackles before doing the lift. I don't think the frame will need any repairs, but reversing the shackles will require towing it to the welder at some point also.

After reading this thread, the lift itself should be fairly straight forward. However, reversing the shackles.... Will that throw any monkey wrenches into the process?
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post #231 of 235 Old 10-15-2014, 01:13 PM
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I just finished my bastard pack. For those having doubt, I have this to consider;

Many people buy Rough Country (and maybe other brands) lift kits for their Jeeps, and have issues with spring sag. Some sag sooner and other later...

Using a bastard pack gives you OE quality springs, that are likely to be "broken in" already. While the pack as a whole will likely settle some as each spring gets acclimated with the others, all of the springs are used and are not likely to change shape much.

I used the rear leafs from an Explorer Sport Trac. They were from a salvage yard, and the axle was already removed, leaving only the four leaf spring bolts for me to remove to get them out. I think I paid about $40 for them, and still have their main leaf and short helper leaf left over.

My intention was to get about 2" of lift from this swap. I also did not want a harsh ride. Bigger, thicker springs that have a higher load capacity WILL ride stiffer, so my theory was to add a *new* bigger thicker leaf, and take some springs away to equal about the same load capacity. While many are looking for 4" lift or so, I didn't want to get into SYE's or T-case drops. I already opened a can of worms with my 8.8 swap and didn't want to mess with it again.

In the front I used the stock YJ main front leaf, backed up by the sport trac's second leaf. I did not use the donor main leaf here like most people seem to do. To use the sport trac leaf, I re-drilled the center hole to the middle of the leaf. As it comes, the hole is offset towards one end about 2". In the past I was unable to drill spring steel, but using some new harbor freight(lol) drill bits, it went pretty fast. I then used the shorter YJ leaf with the spring clamps, but discarded the YJ second leaf and the shortest YJ helper leaf. The sport trac leaf is long enough to go from spring eye to spring eye, no cutting needed. I ended up with only three leaves up front on each side. I figured if I need a little more lift or firmness I will add the shortest helper leaf back in. So far, I like it how the ride is and I'm satisfied with the lift.

This is exactly how the donor sprt trac was sitting when I found it- just begging to give me its leafs!

Here is a quick shot before the lift. I have 265/70-16's for tires, so your "stock" height may vary.

And my stock bent passenger spring. I replaced it with another used stock main leaf I already had.

My "new" spring packs. You can also see how long the sport trac second leaf is in comparison to the YJ main leaf here. You can also see my leafs are far from flat now.

And finally a front "after" shot, showing about 1.75" of lift.

I'll finish/edit this post to completion later....
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post #232 of 235 Old 10-24-2014, 11:03 AM
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So I just finished (finally!) swapping in my rebuilt/re-geared D30. Its now geared the same as my 8.8 rear. While I was taking things apart, I decided to add that short helper leaf back in, and remove the track bar up front. Some say that removing the track bar makes it ride better, so I figured I could afford the added stiffness of the front helper spring.

The result is 26 1/8th at the front bumper, measured as pictured above- so it alone added about .5" of lift.

I plan to make some changes to the rear axle setup shortly, and I might just try that Sport Trac main leaf, cut down to YJ length while I'm in there. I'll post up some pics of the front setup and how it sits, and try to document the rear spring changes when I do it.
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Doing this this weekend... Found a local set of leaf's for $50, he's already got them ready to go! I'll also be doing the Full size Ford shocks, pitman arm (from a ZJ?) new bushing and U bolts. Hopefully that will give me a decent ride in time for my 31's that should be here Tuesday.
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post #234 of 235 Old 05-12-2015, 11:35 AM
I overtighten stuff
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Question what would happen if I did this to 2.5" lift springs? would it just add 2"?
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post #235 of 235 Old 05-12-2015, 12:52 PM
Out of money yet...Yup!
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Originally Posted by paulhead View Post
Question what would happen if I did this to 2.5" lift springs? would it just add 2"?
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