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booboowv77 02-08-2012 12:30 PM

Bastard pack? about the drive line
Hello all! I have been snooping around here for awhile and helping when I can. This site has really helped me with a few different things that i didn't know like the Nutter bypass, Team rush upgrade and so on.

I have a 89 Yj with the 4.2 5 speed and I'm considering the S10 bastard packs as a temp fix for my flat lined springs. This upgrade will cost me nothing just time because I have the S10 springs already just laying here. Depending on the ride I may leave them on permanent or I may upgrade to Old Man Emu springs this summer.

My Question is with either of these lifts will I have to
a) put on a transfer drop or
b) install a SYE and drive shaft

I do not do a lot of hard core Wheeling but do like to find some of road adventures.

Thanks for any help in advance!

BackRoadJPin 02-08-2012 12:40 PM

it all depends on how much lift you net, and what angle your pinion rests at once completed. All you want to do is avoid stress on the tail cone of your transfer case, drive-line vibrations due to restricted u-joint rotations. all of these things increase wear and tear on your transfer case and drive-line. If after the lift you experience a lot of vibrations in the drive-line chances are you will eat up u-joints and run the risk of oval-ing out your yokes, throwing a drive-line (what ever damage that causes, I have personally seen everything from trucks pole vaulting the rear end into the air on the highway to the drive-line just completely falling out, busting the back half of the transfer case clean off, twisting the splines on the slip yoke shaft in the tail cone (happened in moab what a mess that was).)

In the end you will just have to see where the lift ends at. If you run into vibrations in the drive-line the place your attention to solving and eliminating the vibrations and you should be fine, the only other thing I can think off is that you don't want to be pulling to much of the slip yoke out of the tail cone from the lift.

booboowv77 02-08-2012 07:02 PM

Thanks Backroadjeepin that is what i figured, and i know every situation is different but,
I was just wondering what everyone else with either lift had to do?

The time now is 02:39 AM.

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