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Atropine 10-25-2001 01:43 PM

generally how much backspacking on rims until you start needing spacers? Will I be able to run rims with 3.75 of backspacing on a 93 YJ without spacers? Im planning on 33" mud rovers on AR outlaw II's...

NaeKid 10-25-2001 06:08 PM

My Jeep is running the stock 5spoke aluminum rims, no spacers or anything with 33 x 12.50 MT tires .. a little rubbing, but not enough for me to want spacers at this time.

4X4RSQ 10-26-2001 10:43 AM

Hey stud, having doubts about the rims? Backspacing is a measure of the distance from the inner edge of the rim to the inside mounting surface. Thus, the larger the backspacing number, the more your wheels (and tires, obviously) "tuck" under the vehicle. The smaller the backspacing, the more the wheels stick out. Spacers effectively decrease your backspacing. So, with the backspacing you're looking at, you'd be more likely to rub your tires on the outer lip of your flares. If this happens, there are several fixes....longer bumpstops to limit upward travel, a small body limit to give you more room to flex, installing those shackles you've probably still got sitting behind your back seat :D , or wheels with more backspacing. To go back and answer your original question, spacers are needed when using wheels with large backspacing (like 5.5" on the TJ Canyons and Gamblers) to prevent the inside of the tire from rubbing. Hope that helps. If not, I'm sure you'll let me know.

Atropine 10-26-2001 11:58 AM

yess!! thanks chris- you had mentioned the backspacing thing before and I didnt fully understand it until i saw the diagram posted by BlackJeepOfTheFamily on the other forum. I guess I'm a visual type person.. :eek:

As for the shackles behind my seat... I'll probably wind up putting them on only if the jeep rubs with the 3" lift. Otherwise I want to wait to get the SYE. When we going wheelin'? I hope I dont blow up my jeep cuz of the oil pressure :( that would be bad, very bad... then its back to wheelin with the BMW

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