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ThatJeepGuy 06-16-2013 04:12 PM

Back in Action Build
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Well its been about a year since I have been in the Jeep world. Last summer I rolled my first Jeep on July 4th. I put a lot of time and money into it, and it has sat ever since(ill post some pics). I decided I wanted a truck so I went and bought this...
1997 Ford f350 powerstroke
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I like it but I've been itching to get back in a wrangler. Yesterday I brought home a 1987 YJ I6 5spd with a bad carb.
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And so it begins.

87TPIYJ 06-16-2013 04:24 PM

part out the truck, keep the axles :)

ThatJeepGuy 06-16-2013 04:55 PM

[QUOTE=87TPIYJ;15569064]part out the truck, keep the axles :)[/QUOTE

That would be cool. I put a truetrac in the rear and warn premiums up front. I like having a tow rig though :)

ThatJeepGuy 06-16-2013 05:01 PM

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It doesn't look that bad but it needs a new tub, role bar, and windshield frame. I was going to just replace all that stuff but the frame has been patched a bunch of times and I figured I would just start fresh.

It's amazing that I got away from the accident without a scratch. I rolled it coming around a corner. It landed on its tires and drove me home...

ThatJeepGuy 06-17-2013 06:10 PM

Well I guess I should lay out the plans for the jeep:

1- swap the 4.0 from my other jeep to the 87 along with all the dash a wiring required.

2- Swap the ba/10 with a ax15 out of a xj my brother has.

3- Finish repairing the np241or I have out of a rubi and install it.

4- Finish building the 8.8 I was going to put in my other one. Aussie and 4.88:1

5- SOA in the rear and maybe a rear stretch. 4 inch RE springs I have for the front.

6- Fix the rust I am running into with the 87.

7- Transfer all the upgrades I have from the hold one.

ThatJeepGuy 06-17-2013 06:25 PM

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So far I've started ripping apart the dash in the 87 and I ran into some rust. I also took a hammer to the frame and found a weak spot... Typical YJ rust spot at rear shackle

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ThatJeepGuy 06-20-2013 06:21 PM

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Made more progress on the jeep. Tore off the old dash and the complete wire harness. The windshield frame busted off... Fudge
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kgb_m3 06-20-2013 07:39 PM

Glad you're ok after the roll. Good luck on the new build, looking good so far. Great list of plans, going to be a solid rig.

ThatJeepGuy 06-26-2013 06:07 PM

I haven't done much with the jeep this week. I just pulled the rear driveshaft, grill, and tcase panel. Slowly chipping at it getting ready to pull the motor.

kgb_m3 06-26-2013 06:53 PM

Great progress, dash is notorious for rust due to rubber seal between cowl and tub. Post up some pics!

ThatJeepGuy 07-14-2013 06:25 PM

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My first time pulling the drivetrain out of a vehicle went pretty well. Empty Jeep!
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ThatJeepGuy 07-16-2013 07:10 PM

How the heck do I get the heating system out of this thing?

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