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Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:01 PM

August 2013 YJOTM Vote Now!!
Round 8. Let's get it on!!

Read the rules


Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:05 PM


np231/dana 300 doubler
Triple stick with Cable shifters Home built
Gm 10bolt front axle
Reid racing knuckle
ORD crossover steering arm
ARP studs
Yukon 4340 Chromo shafts
2in .250wall tierod and draglink
Bilstien steering stabilizer
Plated diff cover
GM 14bolt rear axle
Bottom shaved and smoothed
Detroit locker
Ruffstuff disc brake brackets
GM 3/4 ton rotors and calipers
ORD braided brake lines
Ruffstuff pinion guard
Plated diff cover
Stock YJ springs SOA in front with added main leaf with relocated shackle hangar
Stock XJ springs SOA rear with added mil wrap main leaf.
Front hangars moved back 3in and frenched into frame
Rear crossmember bumper 1.5x4x.250wall with shackle hangars mounted.
Highlined front tube fenders Home built
Miniboatside 3/16 rock sliders Home built
Front stinger Home built
High clearance tranny mount Home built
3/16 reinforced flat belly skid Home built
1 3/4 x.120 Wall DOM cage Home built
Corbeau Baja SS seats tied to cage
Corbeau 4pt harnesses
York OBA with 2g tank
37x12.5x16.5 Goodyear MTRs grooved front
37x12.5x16.5 Goodyear MTs Grooved rear
Recentered H1 double beadlocks with Pvc inserts
Bilstien 5100 shocks
TJ grill
Stock tank moved up into tub
104in wheelbase.
Bought this jeep with a 4.5in lift and 33s almost 2 years ago. It started off slow but has been gaining momentum. I have nicknamed the jeep "Snowball" Sold all of what it had and have been wheeling and dealing ever since. I have under $4000 TOTAL spent including the purchase price of the jeep. Budget build x1000.


Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:06 PM


-YJ year of production: 1987
-Specifications and modifications:
258 i-6
TF999 automatic
NP207 transfer case
Motorcraft 2150 carb
D30/35 open/open
Custom Front/Rear bumpers
Front/Rear recovery
OME 2.5" suspension lift
1.5" body lift
31x10.5x15 Yokohama Geolander AT/S
A to Z Fabrication custom powder coated rock slides
Custom painted OEM fender flares to match rock slides
Rugged Ridge high back seats
Herculined Tub and fender wells
Rancho RS5000 shocks
Custom Laredo decals
-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be.
After having to sell our '95 YJ that got the cancer, I vowed I would have another Jeep. It took 18 months before I found the platform I felt comfortable with. On Mother's Day of 2012 we brought home this '87 YJ. Clean as a whistle. No rust on the tub or frame, Midwest born and bred. The PO drove it during the warmer months and garage kept it during the winter.
For the next 6 months I spent almost every weekend upgrading, repairing, undoing sin after sin after sin. The PO had a 3" body lift on it, the most hacked up wiring jobs I'd ever seen behind a dashboard and generally let the little things go. She was finally trail worthy in November of 2012, or so I thought. That Carter BBD turned out to be the biggest Achilles heel while wheeling. The winter projects included a real lift, new carb and countless other little things to waterproof and trail ready her for spring.
By spring of 2013 she was ready for the Midwestern trails and has since been out somewhere getting dirty and flexing her OME suspension almost every weekend. I have gotten to know her pretty well, and she's gotten the feel for my desires as well.
While not sporting the biggest tires, or the toughest armor, on virtually every trip we've taken together, we've left 'em speechless. It always starts the same, JK's on 37's, TJ's on 35's and "off brand" wheeling vehicles look at the cute little YJ on 31's and snicker about how short she is and how I better have brought my strap. By mid-day they're all just standing there dumbfounded as the little YJ that could passes them on the trail and tackles every obstacle they could, and couldn't, overcome without getting the strap on. Oh, she's been strapped before, no doubt, but not from a lack of trying, that's for sure. :-)
I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do. She's a looker and a solid runner, not afraid to tackle a hill or slough one minute, then go out for dinner and drinks the next.
-Three pictures [IMG] tags embedded onto entry
At the 2013 Drummond Island Jeep Jamboree, coming up Marblehead
After a day of wheeling on private land with the land owner and a group of friends

The clean, poser shot. For most of the summer, the windshield is down. Even when wheeling.

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:07 PM


1992 YJ
4.0L I6
4:10 gears
BFG A/T 33x12.5x15
Monstaliner "Pass the Bubbly" Exterior
Monstaliner "Jeep Spice" Interior
Poison Spyder Rock Sliders
Bestop 2 Piece hardtop
A bunch of other little mods
I am 19, this is my second Jeep. It is also my DD. It started life as a red Jeep with half doors and after just 1 month of work, sits as it is today.

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:07 PM


1989 Jeep YJ
2.5L TBI 4cly
AX5 trans with external slave swap
NP231J with JB conversions HD SYE
TJ exhaust
Dana 30
Ford 8.8 with disks
All water tight with extended vent lines
Custom front and rear drive shafts
ARB Safari snorkel
3.5” H.D. BDS lift
5/8” H.D. M.O.R.E. booms
Teraflex rear shock bar
Aero Racing wheels
33x12.5x15 M/Ts
Front Smittybilt stinger
Rear Pro Comp bumper
Warn winch
O.R. Fab sport cage
Family roll bar swap
Tuffy stereo console
Tuffy trunk
Marine stereo
Marine speakers
CB radio
TJ flairs
60" Hi lift on the hood
Snatch block
misc recovery gear
Half hardtop
Safari top
Full doors
Half doors
Tube doors

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:08 PM


-5.3 Vortec LM7/4L60E/np231.
(4.10) '91 YJ d30 w/ Aussie
8.8 w/ stock LSD
3.5" BDS front springs, sagged/stiff unknown rear with M.O.R.E. 5/8" boomerangs
33/12.50 Cooper STT
AA SYE/Tom Woods shaft
Metalcloak front stubby bumper
Metalcloak Overline fenders
Smittybuilt rear TJ flares
homemade 3/16 sliders
M.O.R.E. steering box brace
Poison Spyder hood louver
Chevy Cavalier seats
Family Style roll bar
LED tail lights
Soon: Barnes 4wd 2" skid, upgraded planetary/wide chain for the 231

History: I wanted to sell my truck and buy a Jeep to get rid of a vehicle payment and still be able to go out camping and shoot guns. I joined JF as I was looking for a Wrangler and read as much as I could. Once I bought my Jeep I started spending more money on it than I did for my truck payment :laugh: After a couple years of learning so much from JF and improving my mechanical ability tenfold, the 4.2 was just not cutting it. I searched Craigslist daily for wrecked Cherokees for a 4.0/ax15 swap for probably 6 months. Then one cold January morning my friend wrecked his (my old) truck. I couldn't pass up the opportunity so I scraped together everything I could and bought the salvage. 3 long months in the garage and dealing with people parting out the truck to finance the swap, I finally drove it under its own power in May. Since then my girlfriend and I drive/wheel it as much as possible. I am extra proud of it because it is a combination of my 2 favorite vehicles, along with the sense of accomplishment doing something that I never thought I was capable of :cheers2:

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:09 PM


Sorry for the long winded post in advance.
I have done majority of the work either by me or my brother with my guidance ( he wants to learn so I tech him)
I do light stuff he does heavy lifting and anything strenuous.
she is and will always be a work in progress, specs: 4.2L L6 with compcam 260h cam with a pacesetter header and flowmaster muffler, sounds like a mini v8 at idle.. Not so much driving...
AX15 tranny
some 33x12.5x15 goodyear mtrk/k on a 15x8 wheel with 2.5 inches of backspacing
Smittybilt xrc bumper special thanks to canman
I have a spice colored bikini, windjammer, and duster
Gray hardtop
Full doors
Rustys offroad tierod conversion kit 2.5 ome lift one inch lift shackles, thanks to canman
Blue and red paint job.
Has an alpine deck with some 300 w max boss amp an xcursion audio 10 and 2 little Boston acoustic dash speakers, that may be blown..
All radio stuff but the actual radio was free.
And has a cobra 29 LCD lx cb in it. Kinda reminds of a futuristic radio And
has a mile marker 9.5k lb winch on the front,
Hi lift is in the garage, as well with other items.
I will be adding lights and some other goodies here and there like a custom center console, oh and don't forget the 8.8 and upgrade to 4.10's .
My jeep and I have been through a lot, I first came into contact with it 5 years before I actually got it, when I first saw it is when we were buying my mom cats, it was just sitting there and in the middle of 2 foot tall weeds, well fast forward to the year I got my jeep, I had asked the people to keep my 4-h animals there and they agreed and that is when I started getting more interested in it, she was sitting there all stock except for the old d-window steelies and rotten discoverer a/t's all blue and i loved it. Well my parents played this cruel trick on me saying I was getting my dads ranger for my first car.. I was like damn it.. Oh well, so I priced out upgrades for the ranger and then we get to the day of my birthday and we were all happy and my dad gave me the keys to the ranger and he told me to go into the garage.. So I did.. And there in that spot laid the jeep, well I drive it for about a year and my brakes had failed on me and i rear ended a Nissan not going fast( the origin of the red and blue paint scheme btw) but it messed the jeep up royally, well since then I've done a lot of work to it such as suspension work, new tires, better sound system, bumper and winch and top end rebuild of the engine.
Well sorry for the long winded post again.
And here is the jeep as of now..

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:10 PM


1989 4.2L Auto Canadian YJ new to me Thanksgiving day 2011.
Her progress so far:
- BFG KM2 33" MTs
- Cragar Nomad II 15x8 steel wheels
- ARB OME 36R springs
- 1/2" boom shackles
- Bilstein 5100 shocks
- Rancho RS5000 steering stabilizer
- Nutter bypass
- Motorcraft 2150 Carburetor
- TFi ignition system upgrade
- Flowmaster exhaust
- Hayden 404 transmission cooler
- C&C Fabrication front tube fenders with 3" flares
- Smittybilt rear 3" tube fenders
- Homebrew front bumper
- Homebrew rock sliders/rock guards
- Crown Auto rear bumper w/tire swing out
- D30 front 3.55 gears with Posi-lock & Warn cover
- D35 rear 3.55 gears, non C-Clip LSD for now (8.8 4.10 gears on jack stands, soon to be in)
- OR Fab sport cage w/add-on bars & mole gear
- RRC Seats
- Hella 500s
- OEM hard top with Bestop fiberglass door tops
- Bestop bikini top
- Bestop full cab cover
- Uniden CB
- Red LED dash/gauge lights
- Optima Red Top
- Sony headunit with Kicker front speakers & MB Quart rears
- Olympic Safari doors w/GSXR mirrors
- Sway bar disconnects & trackbars delete
- SuperFlow MV-50 air compressor
- Trail gear, recovery gear, Hi-Lift, etc..

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:10 PM


-1990 YJ recently painted Orange.
Specifications And Modifications:
-2.5l 4cyl. 137,000 original miles.
-Regeared to 4.56 front and rear.
-3.5" Superlift Hd springs
-33" Mickey Thompson's
-home brew rocker guards w/tube steps
-Poison Spyder Hood Louvers
-Poison Spyder D30 Bumbshell Diff Cover
-Illumination LEDs 50" LED light bar
-Illumination LEDs 12" bar
-Illumination LEDs p4 and P6 pods
-Illumination LEDs rock lights
-new front bumper in the mail.
-smittybilt soft top w/ tinted windows
-rhino lined inside tub
-Cb killed by last rain storm.
-Spiderweb Shades setup
-Smittybilt rear tube flares
-Smittybilt knock off front tube fenders
-Rugged Ridge 8,500lb winch

Brief History:
Bought this almost stock after selling my XJ. Knew it wouldn't stay that way long. Started with a shackle lift and then found the forum and started my build thread, A Teenager With a Dream. Got rid of the shackle lift and kept up the build on a high school/college budget up to now. Learning the whole way. Future plans consist of a cage build, engine swap, 8.8 swap and front and rear lockers.

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:11 PM


Year: 1989 Sahara Edition
Specs/Mods: 258 IL6, BA-10/5, NP231J, Dana 30/35, 33x12.5x15 Yokohoma Geolander AT, 15x8 black steelies, 1" tranny/xfer skid plate drop, Nuttered, Team Rush, Weber 32/36, Rugged Ridge standard high back seats, Grant steering wheel, VDP 6 speaker sound bar, Intrapod console with subwoofer/amp, GenRight hood louvers, custom cage, Warrior black diamond plate rocker guards, 3.5" Superlift, Skyjacker Hydro 7000, SUA, front/rear trac bars removed, JKS sway bar QD, removed Sahara edition fender flares/step and installed Rugged Ridge standard fender flares, tail light brush guards, heruclined tub interior, billet shifter knobs, Olympic Safari mirrors, half door panel w/diamond plate, Bestop Supertop w/soft upper door.
Recent repairs: alternator, starter, fuel pump, RMS, oil pump, harmonic balancer, idler pulley, belt, fan clutch, radiator, t-stat, head gasket, intake/exhaust manifold gasket, muffler, rear brakes, dash components removed/painted black, instrument cluster lenses polished with headlight cleaner, a/c removed, seat risers sand blasted/painted black, oil sending unit, heater core, blower motor, windshield cowl gasket, I'm sure to have left something off....
History: Purchased in Nov '12 from a co-worker who had taken her to a local area mechanic that obviously couldn't fix a sandwich much less this YJ. She was in bad shape from those clowns who butchered up a lot of stuff (as is obvious from the recent repairs) and the PO was no more mechanically inclined than I am an astronaut. Got a good deal for her nonetheless as he was just ready to throw in the towel. Intention was to fix up and give to my son, but we ended up finding another great deal on a 99 XJ. We don't have the kind of wheeling places like you folks out West have so mine is for just weekend riding through a few mud holes and tooling around town (no mall crawling....I'm 40 years old!). Maybe one day I can trailer her out West for some of those cool azz places I keep seeing pics of! Future mods are to replace the axles or maybe just regear since I'm currently geared at 3.07. The tranny is probably the top mod for me, but when I bought it the PO had just installed a rebuilt Peugeot....suppose I'll run that until it blows up.

Anticanman 08-21-2013 09:12 PM


1993 jeep yj
Dana 30&35
3.5" suspension lift with 1.25" shackles
33" rocky mountain falkin tires
Tj Dana 30 one piece shafts
1.5" wheel spacers
custom tube fenders
custom blazer tire carrier
2006 grand prix bucket seats
tj rear flares
Tj sound bar
Custom dual electric fan
WP winch mount, grill hoop, stinger combo
Badlands 12,000lbs winch
high lift mounted on tire carrier
100$ role on paint job
Full soft bestop supertop doors and soft top
I purchased the Jeep back in September of 2011 and it was a mess. It was your traditional beat up YJ with tons if body rust and frame rot. Me, not knowing much about any kind of vehicle, looked post all that and just saw a Jeep. I was hooked instantly. I gave the guy his money and threw my new love on the tailor. the rest is history.
Tons of rust repair, part replacement and so on. I've had to replace just about every part of the YJ so far, from the engine, trans, tcase, brake system, ext..
I have put a lot of work, money, blood and swet into this pit, have broken down and put it up for sale twice, but i can honestly say I have no regrets. I'm hooked and always will be!!!!

Carlos14 08-21-2013 09:18 PM

Dang it Grand...
Haha good luck everyone! Some beautiful rides in here this go-round.

DirtKar 08-21-2013 09:20 PM

You boys need to learn something about this here contest...



Overhead 08-21-2013 09:21 PM

voting now!

AmmitOsiris 08-21-2013 09:25 PM

Voted for the "little YJ that could"

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