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BrandonParvin 06-06-2002 01:20 PM

Arizona Lifts
I saw a while back that everyone was clearing out the Black Diamond Lift kits. It was all on clearance and i was in heaven. However now that i have the money i cant find anybody that has those kits. I am looking for a local dealer that has a good special on some lift kits. Anybody in Az able to help me with this i would greatly appreciate it. I am looking to Lift Today!

AllanAlxndr 06-06-2002 10:17 PM

You know, I just had a listing of all the off-road retailers here in the valley and now i can't seem to find it, I will look around and see if i can help ya out...


BrandonParvin 06-07-2002 02:55 AM

Thanx man i appreciate it

The time now is 08:24 PM.

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