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00Yellow 10-24-2001 09:36 AM

Another Newbie
Just got into the whole Jeep'n thing. Just looking for a history lesson. What's the difference between a YJ and a TJ. Maybe a dumb question.

Anyway, about my jeep. it's a SE, solar yellow. Just got some 31 inch shoes for it. Had it off road allot so far. and don't plan to quit.

NaeKid 10-24-2001 05:20 PM

Quick rundown:
  • MB - SWB Jeep - Manufactured from the beginning of time till the 50's
  • CJ - SWB Jeep - Manufactured from the beginning of time till 1986
  • YJ - SWB Jeep - Manufactured from 1987 till 1995
  • 1996 - No SWB model year
  • TJ - SWB Jeep - Manufactured from 1997 till now.

CJ has narrow leaf springs, round headlights and had a very long lifespan. 4cyl, 6cyl and V8's were offered from the factory. Models ranged from very short wheelbase to the CJ8 which had 110inch wheelbase.

YJ has wide leaf springs, square headlights and was the direct decendant of the CJ. Many of the CJ7 parts are interchangable with the earlier YJ's. YJ's are a more comfortable ride than the CJ

TJ has coil springs, round headlights and is the decendant of the YJ. Very few parts are interchangable between the YJ and TJ (engine pieces and some parts of the axles). The TJ is a very cushy ride compared to the YJ and it has things like airbags and CD-players that YJ's never had.

The time now is 07:27 PM.

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