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SamzJeep 06-23-2013 03:49 PM

Advise needed on tires again...
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I have an '88 YJ with a 4 inch lift and body lift (that I'm going to remove in the near was on when I bought the Jeep). I recently did the AX15/TC from a '97 XJ, I have the 4.2L, nutter, motorcraft 2100 and stock axles (3.07s/dana 30/35). I'm going to be swapping out the axles, but not for a good few months (hopefully within the next year). I'm getting new tires next weekend and I wanted to do the 35's, but I know my axles will have problems with that size tire. I was going to do the 33's for now just so I don't mess up my current axles. Do you think I could still do the 35's with my stock axles? I'll primarily be riding her to work and a few trail rides here and there....nothing crazy. Do you think the axles could handle the 35's or should I just do the 33's to be safe? I just was hoping that I could do the 35's so that I'm not buying new tires again within the next year. Oh yeah, I have flat fenders up front (homemade) and I'm opening up the rear fenders next weekend.....and making my rock sliders. The pic is how the Jeep looks now.

Thanks in advance....

mike_breaker_5 06-23-2013 04:11 PM

IMHO... buy the 35"s. if your not retarded with the skinny pedal you can make the 30/35 last through a season of EASY trail riding.

if you would have said you had no plans on doing any drivetrain upgrades my answer would have been different. drive smart and save yourself some cash. what you save by getting the tires you plan to run now will give you more wiggle room for the dumb crap that pops up during an axle swap. wanna know how hard it is to find a 78-79 ford HPd60 drivers side u-bold retainer bracket? yeah ....near impossible. that's the random crap you will need cash in hand for, just some food for thought.

93jeepREDSOX 06-23-2013 04:14 PM

I had 33s on my jeep and it was my dd, didnt have a chance to do any trails but just driving with them blew up my rear end. It really seems to be hit or miss on if the rear end will hold up to 33s or 35s. Just a matter of if you wanna take the chance.

mike_breaker_5 06-23-2013 04:54 PM

pinion angle, drive line vibs, and axle wrap is a rear axle's worst enemy for on road driving.

i ran no bigger than 32"s on my stock axle before going to tons. my rear ring and pinion was so loose you could measure the backlash with a tape measure. i never adjusted the pinion angle and went through a u-joint about every 2-3 months.

i can totally agree with 93jeep though, 35"s are not what i would recommend running in any situation for an extended period of time. i still say that if the axle swap is slated for this fall/winter, then i would have no reservations about running 35"s.

hell... my brother has been running 34" ltb's on his TJ with stock everything except a 4" lift for over 10 years. he has never had axle problems. transmissions, motors, and various body parts have been replaced, but never the axles. i have tried for years to get him to run an 8.8 or d44 rear. his reply is always the same, i'll replace it when i break it.

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