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bonehead99 06-25-2001 10:31 AM

94 yj shackles
I have the fronts installed, now how can I get the bolts out of the rear shackles? The gas tank sits to close to the frame to remove any off the bolts.

mikeyjph 06-25-2001 06:43 PM

Use an open ended wrench on the inside nut(the one closest to the gas tank) and a socket on the other side.

jpwranglr9 06-25-2001 09:53 PM

are u having trouble pulling out the bolt??? if so you have to move the tank. you dont have to take it out but just move it enough to the side. what you do it place a jack under the tank. then unbolt the bolts along the rear fram rale that holds up the skidplate. then there are 2 or three that bolts the front of the skidplate to the center crossmember. undo this and the tank should be loos. drop the tank down just slightly and push it over to the side. you just want to move it enough to ge the bolt out above the tank. if you dont have a body lift the tank should move quite a bit. this will let you take the bolt out. then when you put it back in, put the bolt from the outside in. make sure the bolt isnt to long. (if you are using stock bolts with stock shackles you will be ok. but if not, make sure you have pleanty of room or it will puncture the tank on the driver side) Good luck.

jpwranglr9 06-25-2001 10:37 PM

i just read your other question about the shackel mounting dirrection. Who did you buy them from and do you know who maked them? there is a big difference. i had 1.25 warior shackles on my jeep. the front and rear are different. the front had the center block in the center. the rear had it offset to one side. the offset is there to clear the frame. the rear hanger is in the center frame and the front is on the bottom of the frame. so when mounting the front it makes no difference, but if there is a difference, mount the larger space on the frame. this will allow the shackle to clear the frame during its cycle. the other way around, then you may hit the center brace of the shackle on the frame at full compression. the rear is the same way.

osburn 06-25-2001 11:24 PM

WHOA THERE!!! I'm amazed how often this question gets asked. You DO NOT have to mess with the fuel tank. Simply take off the nut, then the outside section of the shackle, then work the outter half of the bushing out. Once that part of the bushing is out, you will have enough room to manuever the bolt out.

Oh, and put the bolt in the other way when you put it back together so you don't have to go thru this again.

bonehead99 06-26-2001 06:32 AM

thanks for everyones help!! I now have the rear shackles on and my 31's were installed last night. My next problem I think is the length of the shocks. A local shop said I need 19.5" because thats 2" longer than stock(which he said is 17.5) Is this right?

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