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creid00 08-14-2011 01:18 PM

'87 2.5 Fuel Pump?
Being a newbie this may have been covered.

I've been to the archives looking at fuel and spark problems. My research has lead me to believe the fuel pump for my specific Jeep is located in the tank. 1987 2.5L 4cyl. (in CA if that makes a difference).

I'm currently in the process of pulling the tank off and while removing the fuel lines from the tank I noticed an inline pump? The pump (or filter) is located on the frame just in front of the drivers side wheel.


Mark05059 08-14-2011 03:29 PM

your seeing the fuel filter.. not a pump. The pump is in the tank.

creid00 08-14-2011 04:33 PM

thanks :)

The time now is 12:29 PM.

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