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Change your fluids, fix any creaky joints... then check your jeep.
I think your jeep will fair better than you. Travel with the Hard top (quieter)
Make sure your seats are good! It is not a New yorker... so any bit of padding helps.

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OOPS I meant 1,950
I guess I should have said Southwest New Mexico 30 miles from the Mexican border.
I checked on Streets and trips and it was 1,850 so I was off by 100 miles, still a long way.
Originally Posted by pat8942 View Post
I drove mine from Michigan to New Mexico about 19500 miles with no problem.

That's a lot further than I remembered Michigan and New Mexico. LOL

To the OP, change all fluids, bring the spare parts you want, there is also a great list of spares in the FAQ section. Maps, Emergency Kit, extra water, and go for it. Bring a camera, you will see some nice sights along the way for sure.

All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.
Ich liebe meinen Jeep!
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Brown Dog
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Originally Posted by Ken4444 View Post
Based on my past experiences, here's what I'd do:

Change the oil before the trip. Check all your fluids before you leave. Inflate the tires to about 3 pounds over the rated number. This will get you a bit better mileage without wearing out the centers.

Bring a quart of oil with you as well as a gallon of water and a gallon of anti-freeze in case the cooling system looses water. Check the fluids every 1000 miles or so. Check the tire pressure once during the trip if you feel inclined.

When you pull off the highway for gas or whatever, let the engine idle for a couple of minutes before shutting it down. This will let it cool down a bit, but that's probably more important the further south you get. If you're making the trip in the summer then be ready for 95 degree heat in Texas.

You should be fine driving at 70 or 75 MPH. Just remember that anyone zipping by at 85 or 90 isn't getting the best gas mileage
Couldn't have said it better myself. I have driven this far more than once. It isn't so bad. Frankly, I would have no problem jumping in my '91 and doing it right now.

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i would also recommend a spare oil sensor. my 4cyl, blew a sensor while going uphill 250 miles from home, blew out almost all the oil and almost left me stranded. i now always carry a spare, the correct socket for it, and lots of oil, at least 4quarts.

dont forget the digital camera. should be an awesome trip.

BTW. You should DEFINITELY drive it! You didn't see Sarah Connor or McGiver have their YJ's towed or shipped on long trips did you?

95 Black YJ
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I agree with what the others have posted, but also make sure you check the important hoses ahead of time! Extra coolant and water is fine, but not having the hose to hold them sure makes things difficult! Goodluck, and safe drive!
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Wow! So many helpful and encouraging posts! This is why I come here. Looks like my subscription ran out, better kick it in again.

Originally Posted by stillen View Post
If this was me, I'd be bringing my G27 with a few clips of hollow points
Hah! I think my trusty Gerber is all I can muster...

Originally Posted by JrTjk
make sure you check the important hoses ahead of time!
Amen to that, former LT1 owner here and dem hoses can be a nightmare.

Originally Posted by Piet
I think your jeep will fair better than you.
Truth. I drive 300 miles round trip to see my girl every month and I can barely survive that.

Originally Posted by obsessedjeeper
Just keep an eye on your guages while you are on the road
I will; four days of driving I will have nothing better to do. Oorah!

Originally Posted by Ken4444
very helpful

Originally Posted by trw
I've driven my YJ a round trip of 3000miles to and from Moab, 4 banger did just fine averaging about 70mph on the interstate in Texas.
This is very encouraging, thank you!

Originally Posted by ImportEater
...it was a life changing experiance. Never will I not own a Jeep. Good luck and have fun.
I hope this will give me some good memories, as for life changing, I hope nothing that dramatic happens

Originally Posted by EABiker
What top/window combo will you be using? The road noise from the other traffic drove me nuts on my long trip; those foam earplugs may come in handy!
Since I am moving I have to bring my full soft top. It would be nice open air, but I have no place to store my top AND it will be extremely noisy without it. Ear plugs will be number 1 on my checklist.

Originally Posted by pat8942
I was pulling a trailer so I didn't use 5th gear and did around 65-70 at 3K with no problems.
This is good to know, makes me feel better.

Thanks again guys!
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Corripe Cervisiam
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Originally Posted by Kastraelie View Post
Wow! So many helpful and encouraging posts! This is why I come here. Looks like my subscription ran out, better kick it in again....Thanks again guys!
By the time this thread is over, you're going to need a trailer for all of the spare parts and other stuff you'll need to bring
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with the 2.5 your best bet is to draft behind as many simi trucks as you can ,as often as you can
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Hey Kastraelie, I'm making a similar length trip in May - Seattle to Detroit. That requires going over the Cascades and Rockies. I'm getting all repairs and maintenance like fluids, hoses, etc., done before the trip so my son and I will be driving the 2,400 some miles. We're going to take our time and try to see some cool stuff like Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Maybe take a side trip to Yellowstone.

I'll be bringing along a multi-tool, electrical tape, duct tape, spare fuses and make sure that there is a jack and tire iron and that the spare has air. Maybe a basic set of sockets, too.
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Wow, looking at some of my old threads from years gone by....

I've done the trip twice, and boy oh boy both times were incredible adventures.

Driving across the US in a 4 bangr YJ with only a bikini top and half doors is very similar to riding on a motorcycle, or even bicycle in some regards. I had to go slow, as 60 in my 2.4 was really pushing it, and if there was wind coming from the opposite direction (as there often was in AZ and NM) I was lucky to hit 45! But seeing the things I saw and weathering the weather (including a five hour jaunt at 15 degrees in UT) is something that I am glad I got to do.

My Jeep was quite faithful and did not need much to keep her going. I brought extra water for myself, as I spent almost 1000 miles in US desert. I SHOULD have brought a 5 gallon tank of gas, as there were several instances where I literally rolled into the next gas station...very scary out in the middle of nowhere texas and when its over 105 outside...Oh, ALSO I WISH I HAD A CAMERA!!! I had a crappy flip phone at the time and the pictures were trash.

My starter gave out on the second trip, and there were many push-starts to be had until I replaced it in the parking lot along with spark plugs.

I have since sold my YJ and I miss it dearly, but it did allow me to take on another adventure of a lifetime--building a CJ from rusty bolts all the way up!

Building out a Jeep is like trying to smother a fire with twenty-dollar bills. You just never have enough at once to put it out...

My Frame-Off
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Originally Posted by stillen View Post
drive it, that way you'l appreciate it more on the shorter trips..

bring a AAA card, cell phone... any other spare parts you can cram in there..... bring a good floor jack and grab a four way tire iron, an empty gas can for when you run out of fuel. PUT a spare key somewhere in the beast, and have a charged up booster pack on stand by...Maybe a few extra fuses, some duct tape, a few granola bars, a blanket, two way radio (truckers are always willing to help), spare 1157 bulbs, a head light, TWO spare tires if you can find room, matches, spare belt, maybe a wally world ratchet set, coolant, water jug..........

wow thats a ton to fit in a jeep, If this was me, I'd be bringing my G27 with a few clips of hollow points
Magazines, Please, you guys are killing me. Clips are for your M1 and revolvers.
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Made a few 800 mile trips in my '94 2.5 YJ. Once with a shackle lift and 33s and another with 4.5" and 33s. Both times on a stock dana 35. I didn't see much of 5th gear. The first time I did it, I had "swapped" in power steering 2 days prior from junk yard parts... it was... "untested".


'94 YJ on 35s

Sept '14 YJOTM
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Having successfully completed some long trips about 10 years ago in a late sixties VW bus I drove just for the fun and adventure of it, I would want all my basic tools to rebuild ANYTHING that broke on the road. I never really needed all those tools and the spares but the peace of mind knowing I could fix anything along the way was priceless. I assembled the thing from scrap pile and swap meet pieces and got the cheapest engine rebuild kit I could find online.

I think I would travel fairly heavy for tools and certain parts if I was going to long distance a jeep just the same. The little road-trip fixes of the past that didn't seem that big of a deal would have been very inconvenient and potentially very expensive if I was dependent on some random mechanic and unknown parts availability.

But that's my opinion. I think you will be fine but then again, being over-prepared has never left me stranded a 2am on a lonely road with no fix or help in sight!

About 1984 I found myself broken down and fixing a timing chain at 3am on the Tappan zee bridge. Had it all dissassembled and ready - asked a cop who stopped where the nearest auto parts store was, and walked the 5 miles or so. I was waiting at the door when they opened. Same cop saw me leave the store (getting off his shift) and drove me back to my car. Was on the road by 9am. A tow and a mechanic wouldn't have left me enough cash to get back home...

Enjoy the trip. I personally am looking forward to another VW bus trip and have wondered about taking the YJ to Colorado for some 'wheeling once I prove my rebuild dependable. A little envious here
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I drove my 95 from MD to Texas while towing a small uhaul trailer. The Jeep was on 33's and regeared to 4.88 but it struggled in the Appalachian mountains. Once I got to the plain states it wasn't too bad. But I spent the whole trip in 4th gear

Next time I would use a uhaul truck and tow the Jeep

'89 YJ The Smurf Build Thread
'99 XJ Black Betty Build Thread
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Originally Posted by Ebolamonkey View Post
I Moved To Fl And Have 160000 On My 92 I Put It On The Train And Again Moving Back To Pa. I Would Look Into Shipping It. Or Rent A Uhall And A Carrier

Lewisburg Ehh

1992 YJ
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