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Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:14 PM

2012 YJOTY End of the World Contest!!!
Alright ladies and gents, here is the day we have been waiting for... The contest!! Not the end of the world. If the Mayans were so smart then why are they extinct? Silly Dinosaur people!! We have the lineup that y'all have chosen throughout the year so dont complain about the lineup. Unless you took the time to vote for someone else. Wink Wink. Our contest has multiple sponsors starting with JeepForum by donating a lifetime membership to the victor of this contest. Second, we have a bikini top donated by gunshw301 and the rest of the participants will receive a JeepForum sticker and a special something from PhilipB. Sdotcarter has offered some Cepek Baha Laser 100's NIB as well. I would like to thank Metalcloak for their support throughout the year and if you didn't redeem your certificate from them, just PM Matsonian with your real name and email address and he will have it sent out.

Best of luck to all and I'm sorry to anyone who saw the process of putting this together. I literally went through 60 pages of PM's to get all the info correct. If anything is awry, let me know and I will remedy it post haste.

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:17 PM


I'm just a senior in highschool who has always loved Jeeps and the
outdoors. This Jeep has been a major learning process that I have
enjoyed working on, wheeling, and driving every day.
Vehicle: 1995 Jeep Wrangler Rio Grande. 144,xxx on the original
Specs: SOA on OEM springs with Rancho rs9000's
33" MTR's on 15x8 mocklocks
Warn Sliders
Warn Bumpers
Warn 8000lb winch
4.88 gears with detroit lockers in stock axles front/rear
Solid XJ shafts upfront with vacuum delete
Quick Disconnects
Tuffy Console
Custom Hi-Steer

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:18 PM


I got into jeeps after one of our close family friends passed away (Vietnam vet) really great guy, and we purchased his jeep from his family. after that i just had to have one. my dad and i picked my yj up with a 4 cyl and 33s and I thought it was the coolest thing i ever saw. well, a few engines and transmissions later heres how it sits.
6.0l v8
4l60e with a shift kit
np231 with sye and 1350 yoke
f/r dana44 locked
37x12.5 interco trxxus M/T
16.5" unique rims
tomwoods driveshafts
rear double triangulated 4 link on xj coils stretched 10"
front shackle reversal stretched 6"
outboarded shocks
metalcloak front arched fenders
a to z Rocker guards
custom rear crossmember with hitch
alpine stereo with a bazooka tube
(soon to be) sniper fab rear comp corners
its not driving quite yet i did both the stretches and the 4 link in less than a week so im still waiting on driveshafts and my pcm back, i just wanted to get it rolling for the contest
lots of stickers and too many other things to list since im trying to write this fast so i can get it to anticanman on time

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:18 PM


94 YJ, 4.0L 115,000 miles, AX-15 5 speed. Klune V 4-1, Dana 20 TC 2.31-1, twin sticks
D30 front, Ford 8.8 rear, new rotors and black magic pads
ARB's front and rear w ARB dual compressors
Chromo's front and rear.
wheel spacers front and rear
37" Good Year MTR w Kevlar on 17x9 DC2 wheels
ARB Bull Bar, Warn 8000 winch, Viking SL black.
IPF fogs n driving lights, HID conversion head lights
Engine mods:
Jet level 1 chip
Turbo City intake + KnN filter
Borla header, custom exhaust w High flow cat
DUI ingnition, coil and wires w .65 plug gap
Jeepers n Creepers 62mm TB
aluminum 2 row radiator
aftermarket AC
Dual Optima Yellow Tops
ARB fridge
Corbeau Baja XRS seats
Tuffy security console
Cobra CB
Smitty Built tube fenders
Genright stretch rockers
Genright stretch alumimum fenders +3" flares
Genright stretch tank
Tera flex hydro bump stops rear
JSK switch Blade up front and Currie Antirock in rear
Body Armor rear tire carrier w high light and 2 Jerry cans
Riddler 8.8 diff cover and Warn D30 diff cover
custom rack on rear tire carrier (being fabbed as we speak)
Fulkerson Fabrication 50" bowed light bar (being mounted as we speak)
Rock Krawler coil conversion, stretch w 100" wheel base.
Rock Krawler coil over shocks up front and Rancho RX9000 adjustable shocks rear.
Rampage soft top w black tinted windows
Best top tube doors w skins and full doors
2 gallon air tank.

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:19 PM

'92 vegas YJ

-'92 YJ
-4.0L with airaid air intake
-1" Brown dog MML
-NP231 w/ true nuetral plate and Advance Adapters SYE
-aprrox. 98" Wheelbase
-SOA front with waggy springs plus offset perches for a 3" front stretch
-SOA rear with bastard pack springs made up of stock and some procomp lift springs to help keep some arch, 1" rear stretch
-1/2" BESRK boomerang shackles F/R
-Bilstien 14" 5125 front shocks(welding in my hoops next week)
-Doetsch Tech rear shocks
-D30 front axle, trussed, sleeved passenger side to remove whole vacuum assembly, u-bolt delete, running TJ shafts, (write-up by Joe Dillard
-4.56 gears
-Spartan locker
-SOLID diff cover
-Ford 8.8 rear axle w/ disk brakes
-4.56 gears
-welded tubes
-welded spiders
-SOLID diff cover
-35x12.50r15 Goodyear MTR
-15x8 cragar black steel wheels
-custom shortened "stubby" front procomp bumper
-Rear Smittybilt bumper tire carrier w/ fullsize spare
-M.O.R.E. hi-steer bracket with custom drag link & Tie rod
-Tatton front Drive shaft that allows for stretch
-Poison Spyder aluminum crusher corners
-4 1/2" LED tail lights
-Teraflex rear shock bar
-Warn m8000
-A/C converted to OBA w/ 3 gallon tank mounted in trunk area
-Herculined interior
-thumb throttle
-Sony CD player/radio
-Sony 6x9 speakers mounted on rear wheelwells
-VDP center console
-GT Grant steering wheel
-roll cage mounted fire extinguisher
-rear parts box for spare parts, tools and first aid kit
-Hi-lift jack
-Rock lights
-daystar interior switches for accessories
-Flowmaster exhaust beat up from trails
-body damage

DIY parts made solely by me
-Tube fenders using stock inner fenders w/ Genright mesh side louvers
-rocker guards
-oil pan skid
-1/4 belly up flat skid
-transfer case removable crossmember
-traction bar made from 1.5x.250 DOM with ruffstuff heims and poly bushings
-traction bar mount and custom made shackle
-steering using 1.5x.250 DOM w/ Ruffstuff 5/8 hiems
-front and rear sport cage from 1.75x.120 DOM
-Cut down XJ shaft for rear CV shaft using 3"x.250 4130 Chromolly(made w/ the help of Joe Dillard)
-Steering box brace
-license plate relocation mount

I bought this jeep when I was 16 yrs old. I've tried to slowly build it through the yrs. I usually upgrade as needed but sometimes do it just because. Being in the military I've had an opportunity to wheel around a lot of the country, but also because of the military I dont have as much time to wheel as I would like. My jeep means everything to me. I have literally put my blood, sweat and tears into it. 99% of the work has been done by me ALONE, either in a driveway or 2 car garage. No friends helping out. Thank you ALL for nominating me as April YJOTM and thank you Nick for letting my be a part of YJOTY.

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:19 PM


1987 Wrangler
Drivetrain -
4.2 w/ Howell EFI, HEI, t18/Dana 20.

Axles -
Dana 44 front, Aussie locker, Parts Mike x-over steering, 1.5"x.25" tie-rod w/ 7/8" heims, Nitro chromoly shafts, Longfield 300m joints, Trail Gear hydro assist, PSC extreme box.
Dana 44 rear, No-Slip locker, Disk brakes w/ Monte Carlo calipers, trussed, Alloy USA chromoly shafts, 4.56 f/r

Suspension -
Front, SOA on RE 1.5" springs, HV1 shocks.
Rear, custom 4-link, 14" radflo coilovers, 105" wb
Tires -
37" Iroks on 15x8 steel beadlocks (MRW weld-on kit)

Recovery -
T-Max 9000lb winch, 12v guy winch control, High-Lift.

Safety -
Corbeau Ultra SS seats, 5pt harnesses, 2 2.5lb fire extinguishers, first aid kit.

Armor and Misc -
Steel corner guards, homemade rocker guards, off-road tech front bumper, Custom flat skid plate and trans x-member, 1" JKS BL, Rev111 fenders
Full roll cage, frame backhalved w/ 1.75" tube, Brown Dog MML, 20#co2, home made interior storage rack, 16gal fuel cell, Ammo box tool/spare storage, rock lights, grand marquis brake master, aluminum radiator, Taurus fan.

That's most everything. I bought this Jeep as a DD in ~1998 with a 4" SUA lift, 33s, and otherwise stock. I drove it just like that for a few years before I really started building. What you see now is the culmination of a slow build over the last 8 years. In that time I've gone through the axle and trans swaps. The suspension has been though SUA on YJ springs, SUA on Waggy springs, SUA rear and SOA front with various spring and shackle configurations, to the current configuration with the rear 4-link. The performance is unreal compared to any of my previous setups and my only immediate plan is to stretch the front wheelbase another inch or 2.
The Jeep is still tagged and insured, and I still drive it around town on occasion, but it's primarily an offroad toy at this point and it works great for that purpose.

Harlan Upper rock garden
Bottom of Mason Jar
Lions Den. between a rock and a hard place

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:20 PM


1999 chevy 350

mild cam

Edelbrock intake


strip/street shift kit


Dana 30

JB cross over steering

Chromoly one peice shafts

Powertrax no slip locker

Ford 8.8 rear

SOA on stock springs

Hurculined tub

Homebrew sliders

Homebrew front bumper

Warn M8000 with solenoids under the hood

When I was 14 I thought jeeps looked cool so I got a job and started saving up for one. By the time I was 15 I bought my 88 yj with 128k completely stock. I knew absolutely nothing about cars, but I thought it looked good so I didnt care about the mechanical condition about 6 months later the clutch went out so I bought a repair manual and taught myself how to do it. After that all hell broke loose and I was constantly working on it... Long story short I have now replaced every part on my jeep besides the body and frame. I can now tell you how just about any part of a car/truck works because ive either replaced it or rebuilt it. Now that im 19 I have my jeep just about where I want it, until I go to full width axles. And I am proud to say Ive never taken my Jeep to a shop, and ive done all the work and mods my self.

When I first bought her

A couple weeks back

awhile ago

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:20 PM


1993 Jeep YJ Sahara
-NP231 w/Tom Woods SYE
-Tom Woods front and rear driveshaft
-Black 15 x 8 Soft 8’s
-33” x 10.5 BFG KM2’s
-3.5” Black Diamond
-Currie Booms
-Front HP D30 w/Yukon 4.10’s & Lock-Right
-Rear Ford 8.8 w/4.10’s & Aussie Locker
-Impact Fabworks front bumper
-Modified Smittybilt rear tire carrier
-Homebrew Rockers
-Homemade rear spring plates
-Rough Country D30 diff guard
-Solid 8.8 diff guard
-Poison Spyder 3” DeFenders
-Rear TJ flares
-CJ-7 Hardtop
-Rebuilt Warn M8000 winch
-Hi-Lift Jack
-Teraflex Hi-Steer Knuckle/Tie rod flip/Shorty Pitman arm/HD tie rod & drag link
-1” Daystar Body Lift
-Taurus E-fan
-Daystar Extended Bumpstops
I got my jeep when I turned 16 for $1,500, bone stock. It was in great shape and I drove it daily for around 7 years through high school and college. I did small mods throughout my college years as I could afford it and since getting a real job I've been able to go wheeling all over the Southeast. I drive it to every park I go to and so far I've been able to drive it back. My ultimate goal is to drive it to Moab, wheel it, and bring it back under its own power.

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:21 PM


-YJ year of production
-Specifications and modifications
Stock 4.0L
Transmission/Transfer Case
Stock AX-15 transmission
Energy Suspension poly Tranny mount
Atlas 2 speed with 5.0 ratio
Centerforce II Clutch
CV rear driveshaft
Custom made square front CV driveshaft
Front axle
Wagoneer D44 axle
Spicer 4.88 gears
ARB locker
CTM u-joints
USA Alloy 4340 Chromoly shafts
Custom Axle truss
Warn Premium lockout hubs
Ballistic Fab D44 knuckle gussets
Rockcrusher Diff cover
Spidertrax 1.5” wheel spacer
Rear Axle
Wagoneer D44 axle
Spicer 4.88 gears
ARB locker
TnT Axle truss
Rockcrusher Diff cover
Spidertrax 1.5” wheel spacer
TSM Mfg. disk brake kit

Suspension - Custom spring over axle leaf spring suspension
6” stretch with relocated steering box
Alcan springs using Ruffstuff spring hangers, custom thru the frame shackle hangers, and Ground Pounder Fab boomerang 3/8” thick shackles
Energy Suspension leaf spring poly bushings
Custom 1.5” DOM shock hoops
BBCS 11” travel gas charge shocks
2" Fox air bumps
4” stretch using GenRight Crawler gas tank
Ford Ranger bastard packs using Ruffstuff spring hangers, Ruffstuff Way Back shackle hangers, and Rough Country boomerang 3/8" thick shackles
Energy Suspension leaf spring poly bushings
Poly Performance outboarding shock kit w/ Ballistic Fab gussets
Bilstein 14” travel gas charged 5125 series shock (255/70 valving)
Modified MORE anti-wrap bar
Custom Timbren faux air bumps
Sky Manufacturing tall high steer arms w/ cone washers, and 5/8” stud kit
1.25” x 0.28” wall DOM with 7”-18tpi tapped ends
1 ton GM TREs
MORE steering box brace
Tapped Saginaw steering box for hydro assist
PSC 1.75" hydraulic assist ram assist w/ custom made mounts
Custom made 1.75” tube fenders
Custom made ” thick boatside rockers
Custom made Full 6 point, 1.75” tubing cage
Custom made 2”x4” boxed tube cross member bumper w/ build-in hitch and frame gussets
Custom made front 2”x4” boxed tube stubby bumper w/ custom winch mount
Genright Tub guards
Poison Spyder Comp Cut Crusher Corners with 3” tube flare
Custom made bellyup T-case skid plate
Custom made 1.75” tubing radiator hoop
AEV Oil Pan Skid Plate
Wheel and Tires
15” AR-23s (Spyderlock 17” 6061 T-6 aluminum wheels sitting on the garage shelf)
Yonaka Samurai Synthetic leather racing seats
RCI 5 point harnesses
Custom seat mounts tied to cage
Superwinch EPi9.0 winch
Sanden On Board Air
MORE 1” lift "Bomb Proof" Motor Mounts
Energy Suspension Body mounts
AAI Speed Equipment SS braided brake lines
Advance Adapters SS braided clutch line
Custom cold air intake tube by Hanksville Hot Rod w/ Spectre air filter
Mac Custom tie-down tracks in bed
Herculined interior
Grenade shift knob
CJ swingdown tailgate
40mm ammo can console
QuickFist for spare shaft storage
-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be. (optional)
See my complete build thread
-Three pictures [IMG] tags embedded onto entry

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:21 PM


-1991 YJ
Front Axle
-'79 Ford Dana 60 Front
- Spartan Locker
-5.13 gears
- Homemade .25 Diff Cover with integrated ram mount
-Disc Brake Conversion
Rear Axle
- '93 Ford Sterling 10.25
- Welded by a friends 10yr old daughter
-BTF Cover
- 5.13
- Disc brake conversion
- Ruff Stuff 7/8ths HEIM Kit w/ .25 wall tube
- Astro Van box, tapped for hydro assist
- Home Brew Ram mounts
- .75" High Steer Arms
Drive Train (all YJ at heart)
- 4.0
- AX 15
- NP231 w/ JB super short
- Homemade Drive shafts
-Stretched 13"
-Stretched frame front and rear
-Home Brew "bumpers"
-XJ custom packs
-Took 8 sets of rear XJ springs and made 4 springs
- drilled out center pins with .5" bolts
-Fox Emulsions 14" travel shocks
- Home Brew towers
-Fox Air Bumps
- Home brew mounts
-Front 5" up travel, 9" down
-Rear 7" up travel, 7" down
-Rear anti-wrap
- Full Custom cage, 6 points tied to frame
- Corbeau Baja XP seats
- 3" 5point harnesses
- fire extinguisher in cab
- Hand Throttle
- Stock dash/gauges
- spill proof drink holders :)

-39.5 x 18" Cut Boggers
-TWF Double Beadlocks
-ARB on board air
-custom intake raised 12"
-Warn 9000i Winch
-Functional Stinger (This has saved me and will hold the jeeps weight:eek:)
- Rear mounted gas tank & custom cover

Jeep Envy - This jeep earned its named because of my Jeep Envy. Every jeep I see has something, a part, a detail, custom work... something that I would love to have on mine. One day while driving around my wife told me I had "Jeep Envy" so it stuck.
8 years ago I didn't know what a leaf spring was or how to change engine oil. So I told my wife I wanted to learn, I gave her the choice... "Small & Fast or Big & Slow" I was going to build a ricer and race it, or build a jeep.... you can see what she chose here......
at Big Dogs lookout

Driver seat picture from last weekend

Older flex Pic - she can stretch her legs

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:22 PM


1993 YJ
1.9L Volkswagen TDI turbo diesel
-Toyota G52 transmission
-Dual Toyota transfer cases, one at 2.28:1 and one at 4.7:1
-Twin stick rear case for 2Low
-Toyota 8” IFS rear axle: spool
-Toyota 8” front axle: IFS hubs and calipers, Tacoma rotors, lock-right, Yukon birfield eliminator chromoly shafts with Dana 44 U-joints
-4.88 gears with 35” Mickey Thompson MTZ
-No lift
-Toyota rear offset leafs front and rear
-Front anti stretch, and rear stretch totaling ~98” wheelbase
-Toyota IFS V6 steering box, DOM and heim joint linkage
-High lined stock front fenders, aggressively trimmed to 2” following the curve of the hood
-High lined rear, custom inner fender wells
-Boat sides
-Custom Flat skid plate
-Custom transmission tunnel to allow for flat belly without body lift
-Frame shortened about 7 inches in front
-Raked grill, pushed out on the bottom
-Cage it
-Re-mount winch behind bumper/grill
-Custom aluminum front fenders and rear flares
-Spring over in rear without lifting the jeep
-Custom rear cross member/bumper with aluminum swing up tire carrier
I had built my YJ to 35’s and ~5” lift and was heading towards tons and a Cummins. After some time wheeling it hard, and retiring it from DD duty due to the 12mpg, I decided to take it in a unique direction. My goal was to lower it substantially while minimizing the downsides of the LCG build. I wanted a Jeep that would be capable of hardcore trails yet still reasonably pleasant on the road and affordable enough to make my DD again. My jeep now rides and handles significantly better and gets 27mpg. The only thing stock is the brake master cylinder (for now) and the square headlights (forever)!

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:22 PM


-YJ year of production: 1993
-Specifications and modifications:
4.0L 5spd, Stak Tcase 2.97:, 5.22:1 Low. Super Dana 30 with Eton E locker 4.56 gears 30 spline molly axles, Dana 44 Eton E locker 4.56 molly shafts.
1.5" SOA, Teraflex passenger side knuckle, Custom chomolly tie rod and drag link.
Metal Cloak Arch front fenders, rear corners with 6in flare. Metalcloak rocker panles. Custom front bumper with 170 Lightforce 55W HID, Ruggedridge Dual LED. Custom Rear with tire carrier.
Tire/Wheels: Custom 16.5 HWWMV Double sided bead locks with 37 12.50 Goodyear MT's, 37 12.50 16.5 Goodyear MT/R's (old school), 37 12.50 17R Goodyear MT/R's (new style) MB72's . I like options

-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be. (optional). Bought as a wreck for 1700$

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:23 PM


-YJ year of production: 1993
-Specifications and modifications:
I built my Jeep to be essentially a YJ unlimited. I stretched the body and frame 14 7/8". My YJ frame was trashed, the Jeep now sits on a modified TJ frame. I am using an LJ roll bar and soft top along with modified TJ uppers to work with the YJ lower doors. In order to use the TJ frame I also had to swap in a TJ fuel tank and pump.
My jeep is equipped with the factory 4.0L engine, ax15 transmission, np231j transfer case with a slip yoke eliminator.
Rolling stock is made up of (5) 35x12.5x15 BF Goodrich Mud T/A KM2's on 15x8 American Racing baja wheels (for now, plan to buy some bead locks soon)
Rear axle is a Ford 8.8 with an Artec industries TJ swap Truss, front is a HP Dana 30 front out of an XJ. Gearing is 4.10.
During the suspension and frame swap I built a custom belly up skid plate to achieve maximum ground clearance.
I built the rear suspension myself. It is a triangulated 4 link. Lowers are 2" DOM tubing while the uppers are 2x2 square tube. Both are .250" wall. I am using Currie johnny joints on both ends of the uppers and lowers. 3" lift springs front and rear. Currently the front is stock TJ uppers/lowers and track bar. I plan to eventually build a 3 link to compliment my rear suspension.
There has been a ton of body work done to this jeep. I replaced all of the floor pans using the Key parts product. I spliced 2 YJ tubs together to achieve my stretch. I boat sided my rocker panels during my rust repair and floor replacement. The rear corners and rockers are covered in body armor that I built using 3/16" plate. I flush mounted the factory tail lights to the tub. I also replaced the YJ tailgate with one from a CJ-7
Both front and rear HiLine fenders are custom one of pieces that I built.
I raked the grill back by moving the lower mounting point out about 4 inches.
For recovery I have mounted a SuperWinch EPi9.0 winch on a home made winch mount.

-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be. (optional)
I bought this Jeep as a rust bucket with every intention of repairing and selling it for a profit. The jeep was a mess, frame was junk, floors were non existant, rocker panels were rotted out, rear corners were rotten. Really it was not even a good parts vehicle! I have been building jeeps for 17 years and I was driving a JK unlimited on 37's at the time.
I stumbled upon a build of a YJ unlimited and fell in love. I immediately began gathering parts to build this into one.
It is still a huge work in progress with many planned upgrades. This is strictly a toy for me which is great as I can wheel the heck out of it with no worries about breaking!
-Three pictures [IMG] tags embedded onto entry

Anticanman 12-21-2012 08:23 PM

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G30SFF250 12-21-2012 08:27 PM

It's like watching a bad wreck, I cant turn away!

The time now is 01:52 AM.

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