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czjeeper 12-25-2008 09:39 PM

2.5L AX15 swap
I am in the middle of installing a '92 AX15 into my YJ. I'm also using external parts on the slave.
Using a Dakota bellhousing worked great.
I am actually using a chevy clutch from a 6 cyl. nova or something. That camaro part number floating around from Napa has been discontinued.
I installed an SYE on the NP231 while it was out.
Well, after losing power at my dads shop and working by flashlight for two days I've gotten pretty close.
The tranny/clutch is all in.
I need to get an AX15 tranny mount, and have BOTH D-shafts modified.
The rear is from the front of a Cherokee, so that needs to be cut DOWN.
The front is the factory YJ, but needs to be lengthened.
Using the Dakota bellhousing, and the AX15 adds about 3" of length to the entire setup.
Another problem I'm having right now is that extra length is causing the TC shifter to interfere with the floorboard.
So, once we get power back, I've got to cut the floorboard a few inches.

I found out that I need a '92 (AX15 year) torque arm bracket to allow the transmission mount to bolt up. I couldn't find anything used, so the stealership got me for $68. It'll be here tomorrow. Then I can drill new holes for the mount.

Is it okay to pull the rod out of the slave cylinder to make a longer one? Does this damage a seal?

bob082484 12-26-2008 06:15 PM

I think ive heard of guys lengthening the rod but not sure how. There's a write up about it on pirate 4x4 on this swap but its way too much junk to read through. Please do a write up of yer setup. Im very interested in doing this myself.

rick-k9 12-26-2008 06:38 PM

maybe you can help
I have a 88 yj 6cyl with a broken trans. what other tranny can i replace it without to much modifications.

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