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papotter 10-08-2012 09:08 PM

1992 YJ starter motor - extra shimming required?
Aloha JeepForumers.

I replaced a failed starter motor on my YJ today. When I took off the old starter motor there was one metal shim that also fell off. The new starter motor came with no additional shims. The folks at the auto parts store told me that a good rule of thumb for replacing starter motors is to simply use the same shimming that came off the old unit.

The installation was successful and I installed the old shim along with the new starter motor. Maybe I'm being paranoid but there does seem to be a grinding sound coming from the engine upon start-up. Could this be because I need to adjust the shimming further, or am I just imagining things? Other than noise is there any other way to identify shimming issues?

If I do need to adjust the shimming, could some one point me in the direction of a good step-by-step for the YJ?

Thanks all!


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