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The Commander is almost twice the size of a Cherokee.

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Originally Posted by Jeepsman View Post
I wonder, if the Cherokee was on it's last legs in 2001. Sure it was selling well, but it has remained the same for years, would it still be selling well today?

My recommendation: Get a Cherokee right now and start fixing her up. Because 10 years from now when one might want to work on a Cherokee, it will be even harder to find a decent one.
I wonder that as well. you wouldnt have R&D to deal with, as the design and engine were solid. But an engine that lasts till 500K or more doent make for great repeat buisness. I think the savings would translate into something beter than the Fiat Panda, and its a brand that the US already greatly embraced. There is something to say for people purchasing the safe bet, the pair of jeans they know will last and be comfortable.

Cash for clunkers already made them hard to find. The governemtn paid people to throw away a perfectly good vehicle, one that they probably already paid off, and have it destroyed and sent to china (whom they borrowd the money for the program from ) to get scrapped and fed to their industrial revolution.

Want to blame the real shortage of XJs from now till they all vanish? Blame Washington. (well, thats easy, blame them for lots of things)

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owned an XJ from 1998 until 2010, sold it with 395,000 km later, original tranny and engine! Now into a nice lifted 2007 WK diesel and Have never looked back. I am now 44 and enjoy the luxury! Xj was a cllassic and you still see alot of them from early 90's on the road here in toronto, never see any older explorers LOL! I jsut dont see the old 4.0 litre competing with the milage this new 3.6 engine gets.
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A replacement XJ is never gonna happen. If you want an XJ that is newish...better just buy a straight body and slap a ton of brand new parts on the old one. A kind of Resto-mod. Disc Brakes all around (I do like ABS myself on DDs), new motor (upgraded), full driveline upgrade, full exhaust upgrade, frame/body reinforcing, new interior, etc. Let's consider what a new XJ would like retail for....$25,000 base and reaching into the $37,000 territory. With that kind of money, you could have an XJ built to be better than anything Jeep offers new really, just won't come with the warranty bit and would lack a lot of the modern tech and would still be horrible in an IIHS/Government style crash.

To me, the 4 door Wranglers are the next best option (new) if you have to stick with Jeep, otherwise the Xterra is the way to go. I don't see there being much out there in the same relm.
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a new XJ would be nice and probably will never happen, but heres my thought.

Yes, the XJ is "small" compared to todays soccer mom suv's. But thats what makes it so good. its a small, simple vehicle that can handle any task you throw at it. They've been proven to run flawlessly for over 300k miles, they have good power, and they handle good because they are such a light vehicle. if they could build a bare bones XJ for under $15k, offer it with the 4.0L (i wish), or even a small turbo diesel (i really wish). with the TD it would get great mileage and have good power, the 4.0L is proven and powerful, plus it has a history and heritage with the XJ that cannot be beaten.

All we want is a simple, cheap, reliable, capable vehicle. Like the Jeeps that America used to build, the vehicles that made Jeep so big, is it so hard to go back to basics?

to hell with crash testing, emissions, and all the other government BS, we want the Jeep we know and love back!

so many toys, so little money.
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even if they made a new "XJ" which they already did in the form of the commander, i dont think i will ever buy this for myself. I would instead put that money into beefin out my XJ with new and improved drivetrain and custom interior so the noise of old crackly plastic doesnt piss me off anymore.

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the commander was not an XJ replacement...

i wish they'd go back to the 2001 XJ design and start from there....

give it a reliable diesel engine (with a biodiesel option)

give it standard ARB Air Lockers

give it no option for 2WD

make the steering wheel be able to tilt down "straight" like the pre-97 models

give it much improved interior "storage space" thinking ahead for custom car stereo's and that type of thing (JL Vantage Box for example is an awesome stealth subwoofer).

SEAL the doors like on the mercedes G class, built-in snorkel etc...

make it more like the Land Rover Defender, in the sense that you can customize that thing to no end...

basically... MAKE A REAL JEEP AGAIN.... stop with this luxery crap.

LINE-X liner everywhere.... RUST-PROOF....

maybe get Old Man Emu or Bilstein "standard" suspension & shocks...

make a cheapest one available, still a trail-beast

and sell it for $15,000

lol yeah right.
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^^ forgot a few things....

standard hanson bumpers with d-rings and hooks.... winch.... killer roof rack and PIAA lights....

wheels with beadlocks.... and a free blonde girlfriend from sweden with every purchase

again, all this for....$15,000
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i'd be happy if they just made another 96 exactly how it was made back then. just without the crappy slip yoke output shaft.

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I think if they took the Patriot, increased the ground clearnce, added a real transfer case, and the 3.7L V6 they would have a home run.

If the Patriots came from he factory looking like this it would be a great seller. A realistic basic sub 25k 4x4.

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wish i could get ahold of one of these "Jeep 2500" its exacly the new XJ yall are looking for may be old news but check it out

Oh and i read an article that these are selling in china at a starting price of around $12k us dollars.

EDIT: ewww i guess they are now called Qishi
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Originally Posted by onegoodpunk
wish i could get ahold of one of these "Jeep 2500" its exacly the new XJ yall are looking for may be old news but check it out

Oh and i read an article that these are selling in china at a starting price of around $12k us dollars.

EDIT: ewww i guess they are now called Qishi
I don't see anything special about it to make me want one. The headlights don't look right for the body style. It looks kind of like a cross between the Patriot and the Commander. I see some resemblances with the classic XJ but I believe the XJ isn't coming back. It was a great vehicle. They lasted a long time, took a beating and kept on going and going outlasting the Energizer Bunny. But anymore these days, none of the manufacturers are building a vehicle to make it last decades. It's gonna be rare these newer ones last a decade or 12 years and the whole drive train will basically be junk. I think the kind of quality that makes a good vehicle last are gone. Everything now is basically equivalent to a Ford or worse if possible!
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Anybody have the specs on the 2500. Wonder what axles it is running? I love xj's. I agree Jeep should bring it back.
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have to admit i'm somewhat intrigued...

but a JEEP made in China just seems wrong to me, and the headlights and tail lights on that thing are UGLY

looks too much like a grand cherokee, if they are going to change it, maybe try the classic round wrangler style

i do like the sexy girl in the cowboy hat though

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Come on guys, the Commander was the reincarnation of the (i know I'm going to be blasted for saying this) wagoneere plane and simple. put them side by side and you can draw some simpilatrities in size and intention. wagoneere was designed to be a large family vehicle that is very off road capable. as was the commander. The cherokee is alive and well it just has a new name. The liberty is the cherokee. If you notice in the late 80's and 90's chrysler llc was making vehicles and grand versions of the vehicles. after a while no one wanted to not grand version so it became pointless to offer them. So they gave it a huge face lift a new name and it again became a salable.

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