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exactly- love the 78

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Good Day,

As been reading this post I wish they can keep Jeeps simple, but I agree with XJ2 Timer, the government does tell the automakers about the certain systems that they are required to have in their vehicles. Unfortunately, you are not only paying for the extra gizmos but also all of the extra governmental certifications. In the meatime, they cut corners like permanently attaching the headers to the engine heads and adding more plastic around you.

I own a KK it's my 1st Jeep and have to say the vehicle is solid. I wish it had a posi, limited slip or optional air locker verses the tractional control; a 5spd trans; a 6cyl Diesel engine option like on the current GC's in everywhere else in the world. A bare bones model with basic safety features would be great on all models. On the other hand, I do like the anti-lock brakes, just because people here on the east coast drive very aggressively.

I wonder what 2013 will bring?
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quadratrac 8: it does everything for ya except texting and makeup.
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The problem is this. In the mind of the corporate exec's, the XJ IS the KK. They designed the KJ to replace the XJ, whether we all like it or not.

There's your new XJ. The chances of them going back to a vehicle like the XJ, with limited electronics and solid axles, is slim. Look at how the ZJ turned into the WJ. Less ease of modification, more computer controls, more luxury and less truck. Then look at the WJ to the WK...even less truck, more luxury. WK2? There was no truck to deduct from in the WK, so I guess the WK2 doesn't loose any more truck points??

90% of people will never take these vehicles off the road, let alone ever use their 4x4. The company sells for the 90%, not the 10% sad to say.

I drive an old Wagoneer, a truck that virtually didn't change in almost 30 years of it's existence. In todays day and age, that would never happen. People want a new model every 4 years and in our wasteful society we are willing to pay for it.

Not trying to be a nay-sayer, but if you want a new XJ...go out and restore an old one. Because if they made a 'new' Cherokee, it wouldn't honor the old one.

1990 Grand Wagoneer.

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when i retired my xj from dd service my dad told me i either sell it or scrap it. i said neither i want to keep it. its been im my family since i was 9yrs old now im almost 21 so that says someting. been through 1 4.0 engine and 1 rearend but the aw4 nvr been rebuilt. i ran that jeep hot it nvr failed, ran the tranny low on fluid nvr failed, the jeep body and tranny has almost 400k miles now. i pulled friends lifted truck out of mud, i even raced the thing against my friends v8 chevys,dodges, and ford(90s 5.7, 5.2, 4.6 v8 repectively) and won. i nvr got it stuck even though i tried and yeah it was stock. anyways that thing was tough as tough gets. yep next to the wrangler the xj is the most iconic modern jeep ever made. if chrysler in the future announces to replace the KK liberty and revive the xj i celebrate and order 1 the day they roll off the assembly line. hey its been done GM revived the camaro, ford updated the mustang to look like its 60s counterpart, chrysler brought the challenger back so jeep its your turn give us jeepers back the xj!!. but for now im keeping my xj and making it a trail rig

"Its a Jeeps World, other 4x4s just get stuck in it."
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A new XJ would be great, a new XJ that didn't cost more than my house would be even better (WTF is up with all of these standard SUVs costing 40K+?!?!).

Even better if we could get the 06 that was made in China, have GM grow a set and tell California that they arent getting one, and let the rest of America have a car that is made in good old Toledo Ohio. I bet Ohio would get behind it, and at least 1/2 the country would get behind a company that tells Cali and their outrageous regulations (not laws, those are voted on) to go stuff it.

Heck, if Jeep did that, i might just buy a new vehicle. Till then, Im going to keep both of my XJs running. They work great, were built solidly here, and make one heck of an offroad machine.

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Ive been waiting since 2007 for the unlimiteds to depreciate but they don't. The new ones just get more expensive. I stopped by the dealer to look at new ones and a sahara was 38k. Crazy!

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Rob K
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Originally Posted by 1slosvt View Post
a sahara was 38k. Crazy!
Does that put in the luxury class? Agreed, crazy.
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Originally Posted by Rob K View Post
Does that put in the luxury class? Agreed, crazy.
Considering the average transaction price of a new car in the USA is slightly over $30,000, not even close.

Wranglers are getting pricier with inflation.

In 2000, a TJ Sahara retailed for about $21,000 + options. Inflation would make that about $27,000 today. Coincidentally, the price of a base JK SWB Sahara is about $27,000 on

And, for that extra $7000, completely disregarding that the actual value of the money is the same, you get a nicer interior, more powerful engine and an actual decent speaker system.

Congratulations: Anybody who thinks they're jacking up the price for giggles is officially old.

Yeah, you can get it to $38,000 (exactly, actually), if you [i]give it literally every single option available. That's with chrome packages, power options, body-coloured hard top, the whole pile. Any Jeep you'd actually want to wheel and not just pose around in is considerably less.

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it would not be an XJ without the 4.0 imho. however i do agree that they should bring it back
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Originally Posted by tankinyj View Post
it would not be an XJ without the 4.0 imho. however i do agree that they should bring it back
I disagree. Jeep wants to survive, if the Cherokee were to return as their original form, as people here have requested, I cannot see them being in high demand. The masses want a vehicle with great mpg, somewhat luxurious, a smooth ride, toss-awayable after 4 years or so. Not a decent mpg vehicle, that remains as basic as can be, and doesn't have the smoothest ride. If someone wants a cheap vehicle, they could go out and get a Honda, which is just as reliable.

I wonder, if the Cherokee was on it's last legs in 2001. Sure it was selling well, but it has remained the same for years, would it still be selling well today?

My recommendation: Get a Cherokee right now and start fixing her up. Because 10 years from now when one might want to work on a Cherokee, it will be even harder to find a decent one.

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im gona draw up what i think the new xj should be then post it with specs should be done in a day or two
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China was still (and might still be) producing the XJ. Looks pretty nice too. You guys can just do a front end conversion and Voila!!
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Rob K
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Originally Posted by Jeepsman View Post
I wonder, if the Cherokee was on it's last legs in 2001. Sure it was selling well, but it has remained the same for years, would it still be selling well today?
I'm pretty sure they still would be selling well where I live. I see a lot of them around still. My friends just bought a new KK Liberty. They are the type that never drive off road. The dealer said he would love to have their 2001 XJ. He would have no problem selling it. They ended up selling it to a lucky friend. Fast forward 2-3 months and the same friends wish they still had their XJ. lol They are in demand here and the used ones sell pretty fast. They also come and go fast at the salvage yard. There seems to be a high demand for salvage parts. Typically the parts stores have in stock whatever I need for mine. People like the XJ and I suspect they would be selling well, especially if they were still reasonably priced. Unlike the suv's of today.
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A new 2013 XJ?

Would be nice!

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