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post #46 of 77 Old 08-07-2011, 12:18 AM
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Get rid of the compass... the patriot is more like a jeep, has the jeep identiy to it, maybe combine a few elements of the compass but keep the box shape, make it with a top like the wrangle, offer 2 door version, like a samurai.

For midsize I would go with the older grand cherokees, anything before this 2011 crap... make the grand cherokee and cherokee the same, but one is luxury and one is an offroad version, cheaper and more accesible

For large go with a 7 seater liberty, this would be like jeeps suburban

Wrangler- keep both, the 2 and 4 door both look good and some people need the 4 door version or wouldn't buy a jeep...offer a v8 in atleast the 4 door

Truck- build the jk-8 with a v8 or diesel or some sort, make it sporty and fast and a beast offroad, this is the raptor for offroading in mountains, not deserts, rams are for towing and work, this truck would be for fun and comparable to a tacoma, frontier

For a small pickup, like a chevy canyon, something like the comanche, mayb updated for this day in age, this is a dd pickup, but capable offroad, or something built off the grand cherokee style(pre 2012)

I think chrysler needs to crawl this forum!

02 Jeep WJ I6 220,000 miles and counting
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everyone whines about the wimpy jeeps , but they sell! you have to offer a product that appeals to wide range of buyers, thats why not every BMW is a trackstar because not everyone wants a racecar, so not everyone wants a wrangler

but yes make the jeeps with more offroad packages and keep the whimpy jeeps for volume sales V-8 please lol

until a v-8 wrangler is offferd from the factory I will be happy making my cj a v-8 beast

Victory Loves Preparation
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Had on Down to your nearest Fiat dealer and see the NEW Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / RAM products ! ! !


1953 Studebaker M275 / 1962 GMC 4500 / 1969 AMC AMX-390 / 1977 Ford F350 / 1982 AM-Eagle SX/290 .

1982 AM-Jeep J-5500 / 1988 AM-Jeep MJ-343 / 1992 GTA Trans AM / 2007 Honda Rubicon.
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First off, anyone whom thinks they are going to axe the Wrangler Unlimited, get over it, they aren't going to cut it, they are selling WAY to many of those to lose that part of the market.

As far as cutting costs, lets try and re-use parts across the board as much as possible, and I don't meant radio's and cup holders.

Also ramp up what Mopar is putting out for dealer accessories, a lot of people would rather buy those at time of purchase and put it in their loan. maybe get jeep their own division of Mopar.

Wrangler: Current line up isn't bad, except for the engine. Give us a real V-6, 250-275 hp and around the same for Tq, then give us a V-8 option, and a diesel, look at what Cummins the DOE and Nissan are working on as a good starting point. Also wouldn't it be cheaper in the long run to just off one axle choice? D44 please, and give us 2-3 gear choices if your going to fret over choices.

Jeep Liberty: I know there is a huge cost savings by utilizing the Dodge Nitro platform, but lets go a different direction, use the unlimited frame and solid axles, full time hard top, selectable transfer case, wait i think they used to sell something like this, called a Cherokee. Make them again. Same engine choices as the Wrangler.

Jeep Pickup (Brute/Gladiator/MJ)- its really easy here folks, use the same frame for the last 2, stretch it a bit if you have to, like it or not your going to have to give an extended cab and possibly a crew cab configuration if you want to sell them. Still the same engine choices.

Jeep Pickup (M715/J-10/J-20 type)- as awesome as this would be, I don't see the folks at Ram letting this one pass. If they did it would be real easy, keep the choices down, know your not going to be the best selling pickup on the market, go for the niche, think Nissan Titan type sales. You can stick with the same engines here too, maybe have an High Output version of the V8 and diesel since your selling a bigger truck here. I would say a 1/2 ton and a maybe a 3/4 ton if you felt froggy, but thats it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: It's doing pretty good now, why mess with it, other than it would be different components than the rest of the line up.

Jeep Wagoneer: base it off of the bigger Jeep pick up and make it a fullsize SUV with solid axles and 3-4 package choices from pretty sparse and utilitarian all the way up to super luxe.

Any other Jeep models not mentioned, were not mentioned for a reason.

overall, keep the brand geared to the off-road crowd while still drawing enough of the poseurs to keep the lights on. Which I know is what jeep says it is trying to do now. just need a bit more edge.

2012 JKU Black, Soft Top. Next mods are a 2.5" lift, 35" Tires, and either 4.10 or 4.56 gears.
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Yep, I see more push on Jeep for a truck with Fiat involved ;-)


1953 Studebaker M275 / 1962 GMC 4500 / 1969 AMC AMX-390 / 1977 Ford F350 / 1982 AM-Eagle SX/290 .

1982 AM-Jeep J-5500 / 1988 AM-Jeep MJ-343 / 1992 GTA Trans AM / 2007 Honda Rubicon.
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I wouldn't do anything too drastic. But here would be my plans. Don't care if they would be realistic or not:

First and foremost. Revive the 4.0 in 2012.

Because they're doing well, let's keep the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee as is. New 4.0, Pentastar and 3.0 Diesel options included.

Put the JK-8 into limited production under the Scrambler name as a pre-made conversion and a modified NuKizer as a Raptor competitor, also in limited production. Only in extended cab configuration for both models.

Minor drivetrain refreshes to the Liberty. All 3 engine options remain.

Kill the Compass and Patriot. The replacement model (Pioneer?) should be a Chevy Tracker type kind of vehicle with 4 doors, ecomonically focused without sacrificing 4x4 capability. A retuned GEMA engine will be the only engine choice.

Finally, my vision of the new Grand Wagoneer will retain the classic style of the original, a modified QuadraLift system, world class interior with Ferrari quality leather, and optional faux wood trim a la PT Cruiser Woody. All of this would be on an extended Durango platform with a Pentastar, Diesel, and Hemi option.

Grand Wagoneer Limited: Pentastar and Diesel options. $59K starting. Loads of options. 2 ELSDs.

Grand Wagoneer Deluxe: Hemi and 3 ELSDs. All other options from the Limited trim. Basically anything you could want in a classic package.
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i like this guy^
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I pretty much agree with everything that said bring back the Cherokee. I kinda like the compass. Its good for the people who CANT modify jeeps and need to get around in the snow and such.

So Im going to agree with the first post and the first 1 on page 4 and h20squirter post.

all pretty much the same but thats how I feel. Atleast with the Cherokee Wrangler And Grand Cherokee part.
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I see a lot of suggestions for multiple Jeep pickups...we only need one. What I would say is for Ram to just give the short bed/reg cab frame over to Jeep. Solid axle the thing and basically modernize the styling of the old Willys pickup (remember when Dodge had the Power Wagon concept: http://www.supercars.net/cars/430.html) release it in 2013 as the Willys '13 with V6, Hemi, and a 4cyl Cummins or Iveco diesel option. A 2wd version would make a nice DD and would appeal to the street rodder as well. But the other side to this would be a new version of the old Willys wagon too, based on the same body shell. Give it a clamshell door setup (like the Honda Element/Toyota FJ) since this would have a lot of appeal to businesses who need an eyecatching delivery rig (think HHR panel) but need or want it to be more rugged and capable. Like the HHR, I think it would be smart to offer it in wagon (with side windows), full panel, and half panel versions. Just swapping rear clamshell doors around would get the half panel cheaply. An offroad capable rig with panel truck styling would be kickass as hell, just like the original Willys panel. Naturally, this would make a few sacrifices in the family-friendly department (so does the traditional Wrangler) in the name of killer style and unmatched versatilty/utility for a more hardcore buyer but thats what would set this thing apart and why it would be all the rage. Besides, the mom-mobile role could be played by the Liberty and GC if someone really wants a jeep instead of a minivan or CUV.

Oh and I got the idea for this, especially the half panel version of the wagon when I saw this youtube vid:
For the 2wd version of both the pickup and wagon, this is kind of the way Id like to see people customize them. Panel 4x4s could be tricked out using a few elements of the old stoner vans just for a little retro action. With unmatched 4x4 ability, that would make the ultimate surf rig, camper, or whatever you wanted it to be.
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if I ran Jeep

The Wrangler: first of all dont hate me guys but for some stupid reason wouldnt change the body I like the 4 doors keep the penstar have a 5.7L as an option and the 3.0L diesel with the 5 speed auto and the 6 speed manual next gen tho would try to bring back the classic CJ look and try to add some sort of scrambler option also make a special edition that includes lockers, big tires, lift and better axles

Cherokee: get rid of the liberty and replace it with this have the penstar and a 4.7 v8, as well as the 3.0L diesel same tranny as above i think i would keep it as a unibody really liked them also include a special edition that will attract the off roaders like the wrangler

Grand Cherokee: like it the way it is would just add the 3.0L diesel

Patriot: again dont bash me again i like these little things i would keep the small engine tho maybe a 2.0L turbo diesel, 2.4L and a turbo version of the 2.4L 5 speed manual and a 5 speed auto would actually try to make this thing get good gas milage

small truck: as well as the cherokee i would bring back the MJ this truck will have the same engine options and tranny options as the cherokee will basically be a cherokee except for a bed would also make an offroad option that has the lift, tires and axles. Like said above try to bring back the scrambler that has the same engine options of the wrangler and trannys

Truck: I would bring back the J-10's and J-20's I love the looks of these trucks anyway have them with the 4.7 v8 standard, 5.7L hemi as an option and a cummins diesel have HD axles in these things a 5spd auto and 6 speed I sound like a broken record player when it comes to this

That is what i would do if i owned jeep also have the option to have the inside of the jeeps all done with bedliner and POR-15 for all them for some help for the people that live where salt is used

2004 Jeep TJ Rubicon- 2"BB with 32" tires- 2nd jeep (current)
1999 jeep TJ SE-1st Jeep. Sold but not forgotten
1991 nissan axxess-First vehicle RIP
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bring back the xj(cherokee), bring back the 4.0L I6 update it to todays standards make it an standard engine for wrangler but add the diesel as a option engine. leave the penatastar engine for the GC. thats all. everything is fine although i wish they still made the commander.

"Its a Jeeps World, other 4x4s just get stuck in it."
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post #57 of 77 Old 09-02-2011, 11:58 PM
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If I ran Jeep..,

Most everyone that answered this post had some great ideas. One thing I would do is reduce the payroll on upper level management and put that money back into the engineering and design of all of the vehicles!

Although, I'm new with Jeep and last year bought my first, a 10' Lib and like it a lot. I would keep all of the current models redesign some them to be able to what I listed below, but also bring back the Gladiator and Scrambler and Wagoneer as well as taking the compass redesign so it likes a Mini Cooper on Jeep steroids lol and would love to take some of their sales!

Diesel engines available for models (4,6,8)models
Gas Engines - VVT, DOHC, Cyl deact on all 6 & 8's
Trans - solid 6 speed and7 speed auto and 6 spd man
Axles - IFS or SFS options on all models (limited slip) and air lockers as options
Body - Body on Frame on as many as models as possible
Full size spare tires & tow hooks on all models
250lb or more roof rack capacity for all solid roof vehicles
Analog gauges for fuel, oil, water, battery, vacuum, speed, compass mostly and some electronical gauges such as trip odometer, mileage range and mpg etc.
Marine style radios and speakers & waterproof wiring
All models can water ford a minimum of 20" and tow a minimum of 2700lbs.

Lastly, offer the working class guy like myself or recent grad; a contractor grade / fleet vehicle for all models basically all bare bones model so they can save a few bucks in the begining and add stuff later on. On the other hand, offer fully loaded models with the latest tech and comfort for those who want it.
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Ponch--I like the idea of the Compass being modeled after the Minicooper, especially if youre referring to the Countryman. For a CUV, I think that thing is great! They run them in WRC which gives it the street creds, and where most CUVs have gone down the 'minvan-in-suv-wrapper' path, the Countryman still offers style and perforamnce in a fun to drive overall package.

One thing I might add is this: I hear a lot of people saying to ax the 4-door Wrangler and I think that would be a VERY bad move. Those things are selling as fast as they can build them, so biting the hand thats feeding you is a bad move. Theyre selling because clearly there IS a market for a rugged, offroad capable rig thats fairly simple as opposed to a luxo-barge but with the added convenience/room/utility of the longer body and 4-doors that the 'true' wrangler just cant touch. Ive always felt that the JK's overall body style looks like it was meant to be a 4-door and that the 2-door version looks a bit 'off' in some ways. If I had my way, Id keep the 2-door JK frame and running gear (upgraded with hemi and deisel options, of course) but design an all-new bodystyle that shared nothing with the 4-door. Id basically take the Willys flatfender front clip combine with the TJ rear section, lengthen and widen it a bit to mate with the short JK chassis, keep the interior Very simple and free of luxury bits, bring back the 'correct' syle rollcage with the slant-back triangular rear section, and make it as true to the original roots of the CJ as possible. Ill tell you something else Id do: Id tweak the Bestop Element doors (for those who arent familiar http://www.quadratec.com/showcases/b...element_Doors/) to make them fully weather-proof and use these as the standard doors since this is the way to go if youre always taking the doors off and on, they dont beat up as easily and are just a better option overall.
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post #59 of 77 Old 09-04-2011, 09:42 PM
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Thanks Badash, I would rather see Jeep come out with more models than axeing them and providing more options and variety, the more options they have the more it will attract new and repeat buyers. And hopefully keep more Americans employed
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I've owned Commanders to Patriots. My take if I ran Jeep USA would be:

Grand Wagoneer/Commander - to compete with the Suburban/Tahoe/Expedition. Need to be Jeep Trail Rated and not grocery getters/soccer mom SUVs like the other brands. Tough bill to fill though.

Grand Cherokee - Keep the same. Maybe add Diesel option.

Liberty - To keep this model, it must have the 3.6L. Fix Sky Slider issues (wind noise) or lose option and just have sun roof or add dual-pane.

Patriot/Compass - One has to go. They kinda compete against each other.

Wrangler and Unlimited - with the new 3.6l in the 2012, keep as is. Add Diesel option.

Even though a truck version (Comanche) would be cool, I'd leave the trucks to the Ram Dept.

Keep all models to Jeep Tradition and don't add European looks to any of them.
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