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Originally Posted by geopa View Post
They may not be typical Jeeps when compared to Jeeps of times past but this is going to be a new, very unforgiving economic environment and clinging to the past will be a quick ticket to Chapter 11. You take your sales wherever you can get them, Wife was trading in a 92 Cherokee for a new SUV, WK was not in the running due to poor gas milage and previous experience ( had a ZJ and WJ that both had blown trannys). Liberty was looked at but had really bad rear visibility and again the gas milage. If Compass/Patriot was not available it would have been either s Saburu or a Tucson.
As for the off road issue, I would bet more than 75% of all Jeeps (with the exception of Wrangler) never leaves a paved road. They are all parked at Walmart or the Mall
that is funny

jeeps, that are jeeps by name only, parked at walmart buying cheap products that look like better products.

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There is alot of Compass/Patriot bashing.

When equiped the compass/patriot make great little 4x4. No they are not going to be doing some the great stunts that I seen TJ and old CJ5 and XJ and ZJ jacked up with preformance offroad parts would do but again they were not designed to be that. They were designed to be a daily driver. I love all my jeeps even my compass. Right now I own a I got a 87 wrangler that I do my fun with when I can get upnorth for good trails. I also have been restoring a real 54 M38A1 not a CJ5 made to look like a M38A1. I just got done putting rear lockers on it. Which is the only thing that not going to be as spec as I am restoring it. Orginal tub with it orginal Willys VID Tag on it. I take alot of pride in something that is such a great american millitary icon.
But as much love and care I put into restoring it and making that Hurricane engine purr like the day she came off the line, I love my compass just as much. So instead of bashin the MKs why dont you all just pick on one of those goofy looking H3s or pick on the ugly HHR ( tons of config options form chevy but still ugly ) Leave the jeep on jeep hate at the door.
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sorry for the anger my last post put across.

but again, the compass is an all wheel drive vehicle, a tricked out caliber. not a 4X4.

i dont need to have a jeep if a jeep isnt going to be the best vehicle for my purpose. if i want economy that is actually the best there is. a quiet ride and an excellent fit and finish.

jeep, HELL chrysler in general is not going to be my first choice.

it seems to me the only thing they build well is FUN.

but back on topic. if GM takes on chrysler what should stay? i would chose the vehicles that dont compete with the same demographics as my own. that they dont already make a better alternative for.

and in jeep that means wrangler and MAYBE grand cherokee

dodge means the LX platform(s) and maybe the minivan. god i hope we could keep the trucks!

and chrysler also means the LX, the van. and besides that what else?!?

the fact of the matter is that chrysler has only had success on its boutique/niche products!

so if they become just 3 more nameplates on the GMasaurus. i would rather see my wrangler than your compass. sorry!

Unlimiteds look like hummers, like mustangs look like camaros.
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I think the whole murger thing is for making money and in the end the beancounters do not care about me or you. In the end they want to make money...personnally I would not buy a domestic small car since I am not impressed with their durability, there fuel economy, or there fit and finish. I think they are still a decade behind in the engineering. The domestic manufacturers were counting on the pride in our countries to sell cars. How many people have you heard say, "I am not buying that crap, I am keeping the money here".

I have owned vehicles from all the big 3 and imports as well. I will still own a domestic truck, however my daily driver will be from a foreign manufacturer. Which will probably be still built in North America. My 2 cents worth.

2006 Libby CRD. Wifes Daily Driver.
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A couple bikes which are my therapists.
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Originally Posted by EdwinALink View Post
you can tell thats not what im saying. so stop giving me cheap excuses, your cars a bad choice for anyone regardless.

it should have been a subaru. especially if you like better fuel economy, ride quality and getting 300,000 miles out of it.

dont glom onto a name so you can take the tag of JEEPER. you own a jeep product, there is a differance.

do you get better mileage than me, yes. but the mileage you get is terrible for an economy car, and the screaming of your cheap CVT isnt helping it.

and on the other side of your statement, no ones ever bought the commander, its been a lead baloon since its inception, even though its on a decent chassis.

and anyone who knows how to drive the hemi MDS gets about 30-35 miles per gallon. so thirsty...overstatement.

i personally would get 8.
Looked at the Sabaru Forester but wife did not like how it handeled

Mileage might not be all that good for a economy car but it's good for a AWD

Commander is not only the lead balloon at the dealers lot--- Grands are out there collecting a lot of road dust-- just siting there no one buying them,

30-35 mpg ?? quit your day job-- jeep can have you do driving classes all across the country and the auto industry can shut down all hybrid development

Bottom line is that if Jeep does not have fuel efficient vehicles like Compass and Patriot it might end up as a very nitch player like Rover no one really wants to see that happen.
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I would love to see that happen. purpose built 4x4s, with options out the wazoo

and even the cute little grocery getter is oddly capable!

though land rover sells TONS of vehicles. just not a lot in the US.

Unlimiteds look like hummers, like mustangs look like camaros.
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So rumor now is (I live in Toledo) that Chrysler wants to idle its second shift at the North plant (Nitro and what not, but NOT Wrangler) lines. They say they could announce it as soon as tomorrow.


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GM+Mopar= LS* w/ Hemi heads?!

The merger sounds like an interesting idea, but I see a lot of product lines steping on each others toes:

and not to mention the Corvette/Viper rival

Replace Buick with Chrysler, cut Chrysler down to the 300 and mini vans, maybe another mid size car to replace the Sebring, and maybe something off of the next Gen Kapa(Solstice) platform as the equivalent to the Crossfire. I think Buick is only being held together by their Chinese market and old people, I hate to say it, but Buick needs to be put to bed, as well as Saturn. Lets face it the only thing they make that sticks out are the Sky and Aura, and the Aura just got trumped by the new Malibu. Sky is a cool car, but GM has the Solstice and Dodge has the Demon concept, and they already sell the Sky in Europe as an Opal GT. Dodge Caliber and Poniac Vibe move to the same platform. Next gen Dodge Journey, Chevy Traverse, and GMC Arcadia move to the same platform with a Chrysler version to take the spot of the Buick Enclave. HHR and PT Cruzer cancel eachother out so one or both go away. Dodge Chevy and GMC trucks are just going to have to duke it out for who stays and who goes.

I think the LX, Sigma, and Zeta platforms could share some technology and make for some cool rear wheel drive options in the future. Camaro Vs. Challenger no longer an issue, think of the Challenger as a replacement for the last gen GTO. As fars as names/styling/heritage go yes the Camaro and Challenger are competition, but if you look at size, and performance they seporate themselfs. The Camaros arch rival has always been the Mustang. I don't think of Dodge(cars) being direct competition to Chevy(cars), not with their current line up, the Impalla is no competition for the Charger, but the Pontiac G8 is. Though the Malibu blows the Avenger out of the water, and Cobalt/Calliber are not really after the same demographic.

The Jeep/Hummer part could even work out, with the exception of the JK unlimited/H3, JK/H4 match up. Even still, it could be done if they piggy back off of each other. Jeep cuts the Compass and Patroit, Libery, and Commander, and focus on smaller off-road orented vehicals like the Wrangler and XJ Cherokee, maybe even a compact size Wrangler about the size of a Samurai, and call it the Willys MB? Grand Cherokee gets a solid front axle again and a little less plush, with more off road options like lockers and BFG All-terrains. Let Hummer take the load of the plush upscale off road vehicals that are more likely to see malls than dirt.
Now here is the tricky one, Wrangler/H4(HX). Wrangler drops the Sahara, brings back the Sport, X keeps the 3.8 V6, Sport and Rubicon get GM's I-5(it's no I-6 but it's better than the 3.8) with a V8 as an option(Insert LS* w/Hemi heads), and even get the new Duramax 5.3L as an option. H4 base model starts at Sahara level and gets the full array of GPS, power windows, locks, (all that mall-crawler stuff). H4 Alpha about $5K more than the Rubicon. The H4 is larger than the Wrangler, closer to the size of the 110" wheelbase JK concept I think.

Who knows it could work out well, with some trimming on both sides of the merger.

96 XJ:
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Originally Posted by Apex View Post
***** inches...
Good god man. Indyorv :rofl: d**k and fart jokes. :rofl:

Last edited by RockRodHooligan; 11-04-2008 at 09:58 PM.
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i agree with, and have stated almost everything you have said... but with far less tact!

buick is dead, so chrysler replacing them will only bug the elderly and the stubborn!
definately the HHR. its a good platform regardless of the divisive looks!

i also agree the challenger and camaro arent in real competition. and i think the viper/corvette differances are so drastic they could even get along!

and hummer being luxury bling-ified jeeps is iffy.

why not have jeep be a hardcore, simplistic 4x4 brand. making all sorts of really durable offroaders. but at a lower price bracket (namely 18,000 to35,000) and yeah, coarsen up the grand. and make the next gen just "cherokee"!

and have hummer hit the 31,000 to 90,000 upscale consumers. producing the only real domestic luxo-utes out there!

Unlimiteds look like hummers, like mustangs look like camaros.
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Dump Oldsmobile & Buick for obvious reasons already well-stated.

Kill GMC truck brand and just go Chevy for med-light and Ram for med-HD

Death to Hummer and just refine the Jeep line...

I really love the idea of a mini Wrangler in the mold of the old Samurai. I had one of those, and despite all the hubbub at the time, it was a cheap to own, reliable as hell and a total blast to drive... and it eventually got me into the "bigger" real deal Jeeps (CJ, then XJ). With fuel MPG being a top concern and strong selling point for the immediate future (and perhaps far longer), that concept would have a terrific sales advantage, and looking back to Jeep's roots and fashioning it as a reborn Willy's MB idea is a stroke of genius. I'd be willing to bet a TON of these would sell to the high school & college crowd. I like this idea far more so than Jeep's current hideous "Pacer for the new millennium" Compass (sorry Comp owners!).
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i like the killing gmc idea. since those trucks pretty much match the chevy versions. just slap a few of the GMC options into the chevy versions.

and anyone who drives or has driven heavy trucks (i know i've driven quite a few) knows that the dodge is the better of the two... though i have driven a few GM trucks that were more comfortable, i would still go for the dodge!

Unlimiteds look like hummers, like mustangs look like camaros.
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I agree with most of it except.

Get rid of the caliber

Get rid of the patriot or compass NOT BOTH! ( I just dont think we need 2 jeeps that are the same but a different body design. I think the compass has a better look then the patriot. But I really like the patriot )

Can the H2 - dont need that pos either.

Get rid of the giant box on wheels on know as the Wrangler Unlimted! If you want a 4 door suv go buy a WK.

Yeah bring back the solid axle on the grands there is enough crappy luxary ride suvs. Bring back the solid axle and stiffer ride that I loved on my WJ Limited.

I would love to see a custom order jeep that looks like a cj2a or a cj5 real vintage jeep look.

As mux as I like to see a update version of the XJ I rather see one of the jeep concepts out there come to market.

I think that the jeep line up should have a little bit of everything hence why either teh pat or compass should stay and why the Unlimted can go to the grave yard.
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*in a singsong voice*
you look like a troll...
...and you spell like one too! (to?...ah crap...)

Unlimiteds look like hummers, like mustangs look like camaros.
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Originally Posted by Hakaida View Post
Dump Oldsmobile & Buick for obvious reasons already well-stated.
Oldsmobile has been dumped for awhile now.
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And like so many celebrities of yesteryear.... no one even noticed their passing...

though a few months back my neighbor told me she was going to buy a new Bravada. since she loved her old one so much

i explained to her it hadnt been made in almost six (2003 right?) years. she wouldnt belive me, and got very angry with me "disrespecting" the fine name of oldsmobile...

2 days later she had a brand new trailblazer in her driveway... she wont talk to me anymore....

so it all works out!

Unlimiteds look like hummers, like mustangs look like camaros.
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