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post #106 of 495 Old 02-06-2006, 06:41 PM
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Nebraska
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Year: 96 sport
Lift height listed at 4.5, actual 5" in front 5.5" in rear
Shocks: procomp, looking for new shocks, these are junk
Tire size 32/11.50/15 BFG AT
Wheel Size & backspacing: I think AR767, 4" bs with factory jeep center caps
RE HnT, front DS for rear, RE HD trackbar/brckt, RE trackbar brace, jks QD, RE SF adj uppers, the frnt springs/leaf springs are rusty's with LCA ,working on recovery points right now, tow hooks, have a rear hitch.(I do have the recovery gear though)

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2001 XJ Cherokee 
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After countless times of me looking through the lift setups....I finally get to post mine

1987 Cherokee Pioneer
Front: 2" coil spacers
Rear: Black Diamond 2" AAL
KYB GR2 shocks (stock lenght)
30x9.50r15 Kumho MT's
Stock wheels

No trimming needed for the 30's, but I'll be going up to 31's soon, so I'll be trimming up a bit.. Very happy with the kit, no vibes. Spent $107 total, shipped. The AAl kit came with new centering pins and 3 spring clamps per side. AAl rides stiff though, but I was expecting that anyways. Took 2 ppl, myself and friend, 4 hours and we ran into a few problems along the way. Driver side was a pain, and I had 5 stripped lug nuts.

And now for the pics



Recently purchased bone stock silverstone '01 XJ 4.0 4x4. Overland project to come.....

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Year: 1989
Lift Height: 3"ish
Shocks: Monroe-front=32219
Tires: 265/75R16s (roughly 32"x10.5")
Rims: 16x8 MB Motoring Rockers 5 on 5" with 5.25" of BS
so I installed using 1.25" adapter spacers for 4" of BS
rims that I could use, I went through this trouble because
I got the set of four for $500 and they were like new.

Notes: Lift on the front, I used 2.125" R.E. poly spacers with 3 extra isolators on each side, extended the bumpstops by using a 3" hole saw and drilled through two 2x4s and took the "doughnut holes" as it were and siliconed two together for each side and then Primered them gray and siliconed them onto the spring perches. I also trimmed up to where the flare top was because until I bumpstopped I kept hitting my fender on the passenger side. No other rubbing.
Lift for the rear consists of integrating a used set of donor XJ leafs and stacking all layer from both pairs, it makes for a stiff ride(fights body roll on the road), but I'm used to it and it does flex alright. For rear bumpstops I traced the factory bumpstops onto birch 2x2 and a 1x2 and used a combination of the two for a 3" extension on each side. I also trimmed up to the spot welds, then bent about a 1/2" up beyond that. No rubbing. I have no sway bars anywhere on my XJ.
Attached Images

'89 XJ Limited
204,XXX miles
Leather, Loaded

4L Selec-trac
3"-4.5"ish Homebrew lift
16x8 MB Motoring Rockers
265/75R16(31ish"X10.4") Goodyear Wrangler M/TRs
Trimmed w/ Bushwackers
Stock 3:55 gears

sans big audio
Homebrew intake w/cone filter
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Before and after

I finally got my lift complete

Here's the specs now...
RE 3.5" Superflex with full packs
Rusty's adjustable trackbar
Rusty's tie rod conversion
Yokohama Geolander MT+ 31x10.50/15
Mickey Thompson Classic II 15x8



The lift netted me 5.5" of lift, with the total height change being about 7" including the larger tires. She's pretty stiff right now, but seems to be softening as I drive more.

I did find one thing, when you lift your XJ, don't forget to loosen up the parking brake cables a bit at the adjuster underneath where the cables split out to each wheel. My parking brake was binding a bit after the lift and causing a clunk, clunk, clunk in the right rear wheel when driving slowly. I loosened the adjuster a bit and had to take my drum off and pound the lever back to get rid of the clunk, the cable is rusted and sticks

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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Fairfax, VA/Harrisonburg, VA
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Year: 96 classic
Lift: 3" Rustys with new coils and AALs
Tires: 31x10.50 Dunlop mud rovers
Wheels: 15x8 AR-767 4.5" BS
Notes: With the new tires it has come very close to rubbing while flexing, but not yet. It rubbed turning at full lock so I trimmed things up a bit and it's fine now. There is slight driveline vibes at higher rpms.

well the pictures aren't working right, but they show up in the post when I preview it . . . ?
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1988 XJ Cherokee 
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here ya go man

88 XJ Red

| 5" of lift | Custom Bumpers | Black Rockcrawlers with 35x12.50 BFG MT's | Custom Rock Rails | Homebrewed OBA | Custom Roof Rack Loaded | Tube Doors |

Play 4x4Country.
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2001 XJ Cherokee 
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Location: Marin Co.
Posts: 1,265
2" BB
Front: 2" Coil spacers
Rear: 2 leafs swapped in from S-10 pack.
2nd leaf in S-10 pack used as AAL, 3rd leaf in place of stock XJ 2nd leaf.

Updating to show 31"x10.50 BFG AT's... and lift updates.

a little action pic

Recently purchased bone stock silverstone '01 XJ 4.0 4x4. Overland project to come.....

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Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 73
Year: 96 classic or sport not sure... X sheriff jeep
Lift: Rusty's 4.5 " full pack, LCA's, Adj. Trac bar
Tires: 32X11.5 Procomp MudTerrains
Wheels: 15x8 RockCrawler streetlocks 3.75" BS
Notes: it rubs a bit now under full tilt and minor wheeling. Need to trim it up. New flares are coming soon to help out



1996 XJ stock ex sheriff jeep no longer....
4.5" Rusty's full pack, adj trac bar, beefy LCA's, K&N panel filter, flowmaster delta 40
Pro Comp 32" Mud Terrains on "Street lock" black Rock Krawlers 3.75" BS... and a much needed paint job
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post #114 of 495 Old 03-16-2006, 01:26 PM
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'01 Xj Re 4.5"

2001 Cherokee Limited
4.5" RE
31x10.50-15 BFG MT's


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1998 XJ Cherokee 
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Location: Reno, NV
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98 XJ Sport

Year: 1998
Lift Height: RE6130 4.5" lift actual: 5" front 6" back with full leaves, stock shackles
Shocks : DT3000
Tire/Wheel Size 33 x 12.50 x 15 on 15 x 10, 3.75" BS rims
Notes: No sway bars, No Front Fender Flares, TC Drop kit, 4.5" leaves, Adj TB & HD Bracket, etc
Future Plans : TRIMMING! HnT/SYE, lift 2 more inches, Tougher Tie Rods, Regear, Supercharger, Armors, More lights, etc...

Those of you who plan on lifting their own jeeps... feel free to ask me anything

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94 xj 2dr se 4.0 HO I6 aw4 auto tranny

interior mods;
full gauge cluster

suspension mods;
ultra cheap homebrew lift
3" lift actual 3" front 2" rear to level it out (actually still sits a little higher in rear)
Homebrew coil spacers ala madxj
rear blocks (for now)
31x10.50x15 used tires
stock steel 15x7 rims (painted black)
super trick washers behind the steering stops
stock shocks with (once again) homebrew extensions
homebrew 1" t-case drop

Engine mods; 3/4" homemade throttle body spacer,
homemade cold air intake including airtube, cone filter, and heat shroud.
relocated IAT sensor to air intake tube.

To DO list; (soon)
15x8 black steelies w/4 - 4.5 bs
dakota or s-10 springs , along with either v8 ZJ or HD Xj coils and less spacer to get around 4.5" all around.
new shocks
remount track bar or get an adjustable one
trim fenders
upgrade headlight wiring harness
upgrade ignition wires, coil , cap

bigger tires
stroker kit

the list goes on (can't leave anything be)

Added back yard poser pic

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2000 XJ Cherokee 
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Bay Area, CA
Posts: 374

Year: 2000 (39,000 miles to date)
Rig: I6 AW4
Lift: Old Man Emu kit (leaf Jc2B aka ~OME035B) & TeraFlex BB
Shoes: 15x8 Cragar Soft 8 - 4" bs, 31x10.5 BFG Mud Terrain.
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post #118 of 495 Old 04-04-2006, 09:15 AM
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1988 YJ Wrangler 
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Location: forks township, pa
Posts: 119
Almost Done

here are some before after shots.
4.5 RE
32x11.5" BFGMT's
AA sye/dv
Gibson Aluminum catback exhaust

thanks to everyone for their input. I still gotta do some trimming though, which i have started, to stop the rubbing.
Attached Images

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1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport
Engine: 4.0 H.O.
Drivetrain: AX15, NP231, D30, D35
Lift: 5" total, 3" Skyjacker, 2" RockyRoad BB
Actual Lift: 6"
Summer: 34x10.50 R15 LTB's on 15x8 RockCrawlers(chrome) 3.75b.s.
Winter: 31x 11.50 R16 LTB's on Eagle Alloys
Recovery: Front C4x4 Tow Hooks, Rear OEM tow hook
Lighting: 5 x 150watt long range KC daylighters, 2 x baja fogs, silverstars
misc.: skyjacker drop t-case, skyjacker drop pitman, slightly trimmed, extended brake lines(f&r), Diamond plate rockers

93 Cherokee Sport 4.0
5 speed(ax15), np231
8" Lift
36" TSL's on RockCrawler rims

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post #120 of 495 Old 04-18-2006, 08:54 AM
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Location: Montana
Posts: 23
Year: 86
Lift height (listed & actual): 7" front from a combo of 4.5" RE plus 1.75" RE coil spacers, 8" rear - 5.5" RE plus homemade extended shackles
Shocks: Rubicon Express
Tire size (Listed & actual): 33x12.5

Notes=Removed stock fender flares from the front - tapped the front drivers side on the first test this weekend so need to trim about 2" around the wells to fully clear.
Need dropped pitman arm as I experience extreme death wobble at 40-45 mph.

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