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XJ lift setups (read first post before replying!!!)

In order to try to cut down on the repeat questions we get about lifts, this thread has been created. This thread will be made a sticky and edited for content. If you have a question for someone about their setup please PM them. Anything not fitting the format will most likely be edited/deleted by the Moderator.

Try to keep it to stuff that pertains the the suspension & tire fitment only. If you want to put what type of bumpers as a weight or tire fitment issue that is fine but please do not list mods that do not pertain to the lift/tire fitment issues. Remember this is not a registry section, so unnecessary information will be edited/deleted. IE stereo, or performance mods, lockers or what type of seats you have should not be posted here.

When viewing this thread, please keep in mind that the information listed here should be used only as reference and that XJs can vary from year to year or even within the same year. Some people get vibes etc at certain heights & some don't so be prepared for these differences.

Lift height (listed & actual):
Shocks: (brand or part # or what height lift they are made for)
Tire size (Listed & actual):
Wheel Size & backspacing:
Notes=Add a short description as if trimming was needed how much. Please remember to include other details that may be important such as SYE's, bumpstop extensions & if it rubs, where.... but try to keep it as short as possible.

Post 2 (no more than 2) pics of your jeep, one on level ground and one flexed up (or at least from a different angle).

Here's an example for ya:
Year: 2000
Lift kit: 2" Rustys BB (actual 1.75")
Shocks: Stock sizes
Tire size: 235 75 R15 Dunlop ATs (actual 28.8 x 9.3)
Wheel size & backspacing: Stock Eccos 15x7 with 5.25" BS
Notes: No rubbing, rear sway bar removed, front sway bar DQ'd.

... an no sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

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Year: 2000
Lift kit: 3" composite BB (actual 3.25" front 2.75" rear) - combo of Rustys 2" BB, 1" block for rear & 2 extar coil isolators (.75" each)
Shocks: RE suggested size for 3.5" lift
Tire size: 31x10.5 Futura enforcers (actual 30.5x11.06)
Wheel size & backspacing: Stock Eccos 15x7 with 5.25" BS
Notes: Rubs the coil spring towers (lightly at full stuff), LCAs at full lock (lightly) and the flares mildly before removal (Fender trimmed approx 1.5" & flares removed in second pic) rear sway bar removed, front sway bar DQ'd. Front bumpstops extended 2", rear bumpstops extended 1.25". Brake lines extended 6"

Year: 2000
Lift kit: RE 5.5" Short Arm with Control Arm drops & leaf packs. 2 Extra Isolators up front.
Shocks: RE suggested size for 5.5" lift
Tire size: 33x12.5 BFG MTs
Wheel size & backspacing: AR-767 8" with 4.75" BS
Notes: Fenders trimmed approx 1.5" & flares removed. Rear sway bar removed, front sway bar DQ'd. Front bumpstops extended 3", rear bumpstops extended 3.25". Brake lines extended 6", SYE

Year: 2000
Lift kit: Front Alcan packs (for YJ), rear RE 5.5" leaf packs.
Shocks: RE suggested size for 5.5" lift
Tire size: 33x12.5 BFG MTs
Wheel size & backspacing: AR-767 8" with 4.75" BS
Notes: Fenders trimmed approx 1.5" & flares removed. Rear sway bar removed, front sway bar DQ'd. Front bumpstops extended 3", rear bumpstops extended 3.25". Brake lines extended 6", SYE, MORE Crossover Steering.

... an no sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

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1998 Sport 2 Door

-RE 5.5 E-Duty (actual 6.5")
-Old Man Emu Extended
-BFG AT's 305/70R16 (actual 33" x 12.2")
-16" x 8" American Racing aluminum "Breakers" with 5" BS
- Dana 30 HP Front with ARB air locker and Warn axle shafts
- Chrysler 8.25 rear with PowerTrax No-Slip locker
- Yukon 4.56 gears
-Rock Lizard Monitor Lizard Front Bumper
-BPI Trail Tuff rear bumper with tire carrier.
-DPG Rock Attack T-Case skid from Rock Lizard
-Rock Lizard Gas Tank Skid
-C-Rok inner steering box plate.
-Custom Rocker Panel/Rails from Fourward Momentum.
-Poison Spyder HD Steering
-Performance Metal Works Door Guards.
-Tires slightly rub lower control arms on both sides at full lock.
-Trimed rear quarter behind wheel and front fendor flare to stop body rubbing.
-JKS Quicker Disconnects
-RE "Hack & Tap" SYE with RE CV driveshaft and 4* shims on rear.
-PowerTank CO2 System with ARB kit
-Gulf Coast Rovers pneumatic switches
-IPF 868 Lights
-Drivetrain Direct axle tube seals
-Rocky Road Outfitters cross drilled brake rotors
-35% Window Tinting

Click on sig. for more info and pics....!

98 Cherokee Sport with RE 5.5 E-Duty (click for specs)
05 Grand Cherokee Limited

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Year: 1995
Lift height: Daystar 1.75" Spacers and Shackles
Shocks: Stock shocks. (Replacements available at any Auto Parts store)
Tire size: BFG All Terrain LT30x9.50
Wheel Size & backspacing: Stock and stock
Notes: No more rubbing (rubbed with 30's and no lift) better ride quality than with stock.
Attached Images

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Old setup - see ericsxj.com for current specs

Year:[/B] 2000
Lift height: listed - RE 4.5" kit actual - currently sitting at 5" (see notes)
Tire size: 31x10.50 MT/R's (actual diameter = 30.8")
Wheels: 15x8 Tech 1's with 4.5" backspace
Notes: I ordered the 4.5" leaf pack (RE1462's) with this kit and added a 3/4" coil spacer to level the front with the rear. This setup rubbed front bumper endcap (now have different bumper) and slight rubbing of fender flare at full stuff. I have done no fender trimming with this setup.

For other flex pics and information just see my site (link in sig).

2000 XJ "PROJECT RUBICON" 3-link front / 4-link rear / coilovers / running 37's on Dana 60s
My website - EricsXJ.com

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Year: 1991
Lift height: Rough Country 3"
Tires: 31x10.50 Goodyear ATs
Wheels: 15x8 Allied Daytonas
Notes: Should be sittin 6.5" with trimmed fenders in a week. and bigger tires (34-35") once i can afford em, then the SYE

**edit** guess im to stupid to attach a pic


91 XJ Laredo
6.5" Rustys, RR Adj Trac Bar, RE Adj UCAs/LCAs, DT3000, M.O.R.E steering box brace, Rancho steering stabalizer, custom cone intake, Poweraid TB spacer, home-brew roof rack, lights everywhere, +10 HP Jeep Seatbelt pads, hole in the fender from previous snorkel, plus a lot more crap
RJC #42

Old XJ pics

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Year: 1995
Lift height: 4 1/2 rustys coils with dodge dakota rear springs and 1.5 shackle
Shocks: rustys shocks
Tire size: 32 9.50 TSLs (actual 32")
Wheel Size & backspacing: procomp knock off rock crawlers 15X7
Notes: Do not buy the adaleaf its not worth saving $100

95 4.0
4 1/2 lift
32 TSLs

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1999 XJ Cherokee 
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Location: Sacramento, CA
Posts: 855
Year: 1997
Lift height: 3" Black Diamond + RE 2" BB (5" Actual)
Shocks: Black Diamond AT
Tire size: 32x11.5" Dunlop Mud Rovers
Wheel Size: 15x8" Unique "StreetLocks"
Extras: BVG Basket, Homemade Lightbar, C4X4 Rock Rails, LeBaron Hood Vents, Flowmaster 40 Series...

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Year: 1996
Lift kit:3" Rusty's (actual 3 front, 4" rear")
Shocks: Rustys
Tire size: 30X9.5X15 Goodyear MT/R's
Wheel size & backspacing: Stock 15x7 AR 767
Notes: LOVE IT


WHITE JEEP CLUB #21=====96 XJ, 30" Goodyear MT/R's on 15 X 7 AR 767's, Rusty 3" Lift and AirTube with K&N, Class III Hitch, SilverStars, Plus a 3G system..Future Upgrades Come check out my Jeep!!!!

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Jason, aka: Jeepin.com
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1995 XJ Cherokee 
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Lewisville, TX
Posts: 7,208
Year: 1995 Sport
Lift height (listed & actual): RE 5.5", measured 5.5" lift
Shocks: DT3000's that RE send with the kit.
Tire size (Listed & actual): 35x12.5" GY MT/R's, measured 34.5" tall mounted.
Wheel Size & backspacing: Rockcrawler 15x8's with 3.75" backspacing.
Notes: Only changes to the RE lift have been the addition of Daystar extended bumpstops front and rear along with DPG OffRoad's bumpstop plates on the back. Bushwacker flares provide clearance for the tires. Complete specs can be found here: http://jeepin.com/projects/bigred.shtml



Jason West - Jeepin.com | JeepinOutfitters.com
'16 JKUR Hard Rock, RE/Synergy 3.5", 37" GY MTR/Ks
'95 XJ, RE 5.5", 35" MT/Rs, D30 w/hubs & ARB, D44 w/Detroit, 4.56s, C4x4 bumpers, etc, etc.
'00 TJ, SOLD, wife's, RE 4.5" long-arm, 35" MT/Rs, D30+OX, D44+ARB, 4.88s, full cage, winch, C4x4 & Jeeperman bumpers, etc, etc.

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Posts: 597
97 cherokee (All set and ready for the modified COM now.)
(I'm sitting at about 4-5".... I havn't really measured...
-4" Teraflex LA kit (LA's not installed yet).....-Stock rims
-1" coil spacer up front......
-The rear leaf's are actually 3" leaf packs with the Teraflex 2" shackle
-31 BFG AT's
-Trimmed Fenders
-I started taking off all the trim but so far I've only taken off the small section on the front fenders.
-Optima Red Top Battery
-Hidden Hitch
-Took off the wally world lights cause I thought they were ghey.
-ARB front bumper
-Smitty built rear bumper
-Adjustable Trac Bar
-Trail Master Shocks..... (these are some stiff suckers)
-Just put on 15X8 Black steel rims 4" BS

Combat Search and Rescue: If you go down, I'll come.

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Location: Wilmington, NC
Posts: 15
Year: 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L
Lift Height: 2" Tera-Flex Budget Boost
Shocks: Stock
Tire Size: 30x9.50x15 Liberator All-Terrain
Wheel Size and Backspacing: Stock 15x7 Steel 5 Spoke w/ 5.25 BS
Notes: No rubbing. Plan to add one more inch via a block and some more isolators, a soft locker like a Lock-Right, and 31x10.50x15 Bridgestone Dueler MT's.

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport
TeraFlex 2" Lift
30x9.50x15 AT's
Reese Class III Reciever
K&N Drop-In
Hella 500's
Sirius Satellite Radio

Workin on TrueTrac's and MT Claws!!!

My XJ Pictures

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Location: CT.
Posts: 166
96 xj 4.0L 6cyl.
5" custom lift
33x12.5 TSL's on 15x8 rock crawlers
quick discos

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Join Date: Feb 2004
Posts: 296
Year: 2000 Patriot Blue XJ
Lift height: 3" Skyjacker Lift-Kit w/ Super-lift Flex Pak
Shocks: Skyjacker Nitro Shocks
Tire size: 31x10.5 R 15 BFG All Terrains
Wheel Size & backspacing: 15x9.5 (4.5" backspacing) Black wheels
Notes: Ride height is great, now just need to slap the bumper, winch, and roof rack on!!!

Imagestation Album

CarDomain Album Page

--- 2000 JEEP Cherokee XJ ---


()_)' '()_)---)_)

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Posts: 1,256
after the '94 zj springs, front fender trimming, 31's, 15x8 rockcrawlers w/3.75BS, rancho shocks, walmart lightbar, and 4' cb antenna (you cant really see it)

in the mail: rustys 3" aal kit and heckethorn LCA's

2001 2-door XJ prerunner
6.5" RE
33x10.5" BFG A/T KO
15x8" rockcrawlers w/3.75" bs
hannemann 6" bulge flat top fiberglass fenders
bilstein 11" travel 5150's
RE XD trackbar / frame mount
RE adj. LCA/UCA's
beard triple thick limit straps
rusty's steering box brace
truckfarm pre-runner bumper
intake / exhaust
procomp lighting
system... yada yada yada


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