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harokid19 04-08-2013 03:32 PM

whats wrong with my 91 xj?
so im kind of at a loss with whats going on with my 91 xj limited. theres a lot of moisture that got inside after it had been sitting, which i think was a seal around the door, but is it possible it could have been something else? more importantly though, theres a battery draw that kills the battery after about 9-14 hours of not being started. all signs say the alternator is fine... mostly the fact that the battery charges and i dont lose any electrical components as i turn more of them on. was wondering if anyone new of a little trick or something. most importantly however, the death wobble. it happens if i go above about 35, and im sure its ball joints seems how thats all ive heard of that causes it, but is there a potential other problem causing it? and lastly, brakes. the master cylinder keeps going out (ive gone through 3 now), which is simply because it was a bad year for them. has anyone done a conversion to a different master?

to sum it all up my baby is fallin apart and im trying to keep her alive.
-any infamous battery draws?
-ideas on a brake master conversion?
-what could cause death wobble other than ball joints (if anything else could)?
-what could cause moisture gettin inside?

hoping you guys have more ideas. been learning as i go with my rigs, not uneducated just inexperienced.

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