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Redshirt 08-14-2013 05:36 PM

Underside armor stages for newb
I am looking to protect the underside of my XJ from rocks, stumps, etc. Which is the most vulnerable and needs protection first if going in stages? We're talking moderate wheeling to test the limits of my stock Jeep before deciding on a lift / tire combination for the future. During this time, I want to make sure I'm limiting underside damage.

Looking for middle of the road do-it-yourself bolt on protection. So far I have seen skid plates, tranfer case protection, diff covers, etc. Hard to know where to start...

From the communities view point and personal experience, what would the most important pieces of armor down to the least be for an XJ? There isn't a number limit to this and my hope is not to endorse one armor company over another but it would be very helpful to know what everyone here uses or recommends and who makes good/bad pieces. And you don't need to stick to underside armor if there's some other piece of hardware that you think is more important.

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CJ7-Tim 08-14-2013 05:46 PM

You need safe and secure recovery points such as tow hooks and a Class III receiver hitch, a gas tank skid, and a transfer case skid. All of these can be found in the junkyard for a reasonable price.

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