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VIVI 08-20-2004 01:55 PM

Trackbar question (checked tech faqs and searched)
This is the final weekend, I finish all the welding and mechanical this weekend to get her on the road.
Here is the question:

Trackbar is broken at the mount under the drivers side. Whatever attaches the bar to the mount is broken. This is probably one of the few things on a vehicle that I know nothing about.
Do I need a whole new bar or just whatever connects the bar to the mount?
I need to do this as cheap as possible so it can pass a government safety inspection. After the inspection, I get the lift and adjustable bar etc.

With this bar broken at the mount, would this have affected the tie rod ends? I know I have may have to replace the wheel joints as they seem quite sloppy and have play. Though I am not sure what the tolerance is for play in these if any (the U joints...what is the correct name for these?)

Is this going to require anything outside regular tools/breakers etc?


Marc :D

MSHarnett 08-20-2004 02:56 PM

Did you actually break the drop bracket that mounts to the frame, or just the ball joint that is on the trac bar. If you busted to bracket, then this would be a perfect time to get the RE HD adjustable trac bar. It comes with a new bracket that is much stronger, the bar is adjustable and has a johnny joint, instead of heim or ball.
It not cheap, but if yours is busted and you planning a lift in the furture, than totally get this. If you just want a quick temp fix, you can go to a junk yard and get a used bracket, or ask one of the poeple here if they still have there old one from when they bough the HD Trac bar.

VIVI 08-20-2004 03:58 PM

I believe that it's just the balljoint that snapped. The previous owner just coat hangered it up out of the way, it came that way when I bought the truck @ auction. The mount looked ok, but quite honestly, I haven't really even looked at it in over a month, been too busy welding. I would go with the adjustable now, but I have to order it and wait, unfortunately I have to get this truck on the road first. The crappy thing is, if I lift it before the safety it falls into a specialized category for safety and adds a bunch of requirements, but if I safety it, I can do whatever I want to it without having to run it though a safety ever again. :thumbsup:

Too bad I work with a bunch of non gear heads, they just get a blank stare in their eyes when you excitedly tell them about fabricating HD rockers and installing HD floor pans. :brickwall

So I would assume that I can just purchase the balljoint or go to the wrecker and yank a whole trackbar off?

Marc :D

MSHarnett 08-20-2004 04:14 PM

If I remember correctly, you can't replace the ball joint. A new trac bar is needed. Like you said, yank the hole bar off a wrecker or something. I'd give ya mine for free, but again, you'd have to wait, plus the hole shiping to Canada thing doesn't help. There are forum member from canada, maybe one of them is close to you and will give theirs up. Even a yard shoudn't charge much though, so its not to big of a deal. Good Luck with it

VIVI 08-20-2004 05:05 PM

Thanks for the info.
If I can find one at the yard, then it'll probably only run me 15 bux canuk or so.

Off to the wrecker on Saturday......I love that place.

Marc :D

balloo93 08-20-2004 05:11 PM

Take the entire upper bracket off, trac bar and all. I had to mangle the hell out of my factory TRE at the bracket to get the damn thing off.

RRO makes a reasonably price replacement. I've had it on for a couple of months now and had no issues with it.

VIVI 08-26-2004 11:58 AM


Went to the scrapper and found an a trackbar......failed to get it off as even with a breaker bar and torx I could not budge that bolt. So I went to autovalue and used my uncles account and got a plain jane bar for 86 bux canuk.

So last night I whip over to the workspace and start on removing the old bar that busted at the balljoint stud. Pulled the cotter pin, removed the crown nut and spent 10 minutes trying to pound the bloody stud down...nothing.

Break out the drill, start drilling the stud out from the forward 5 minutes....still drilling.....10 minutes...bah. grab BFH use the ball side and start pounding....finally it drops.

AH.....ready for the other side. In anticipation of removal I soaked this bolt a couple times over the past week with some super penatrant.

Someone has already swapped the torx for a regular bolt...sweet.
Break out the trusty breaker and get some arm on moved a little, giver some more, nothing....HUH?!?!?!?

So, I break out the air rachet....I'll show you.....BRRRRRRTTTT....nothing.
So you want it that way....impact gun...BRRRRT BRRT BRRRT nothing. :confused:

Back to the breaker, add foot pushing down.....I hear it crack....FINALLY!

Get back underneath with the bar....nothing.

Back to the impact to try and jostle this loose a bit.... BBRRT BRRT SPIN......

Broke the freaking bolt... :brickwall

Dig through all the spare bolts and nuts that I have...nothing.

All for a bar that probably will be replaced with an adjustable in a month or 2. :thumbsup:

Marc :D

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