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snuffandstuff 08-29-2011 08:29 AM

is it the starter or something else
i have a 96 xj auto and im having problems with getting her started. about a week ago i got back from a trip taking it about 200 miles away and the next day i went to start it to go to work and nothing happened. i got power on the dash and my radio turned on it just wouldnt crank. the battery says its only 2 years old. so i let it sit for a week til i got my paycheck :thumbsup: and yesterday i went to check to see if its the nns i just happened to try to turn it on normally and it started just fine would this be a problem with a starter? i just dont want to go out and start blowing money on parts unnecessarily

bdodge 08-29-2011 08:34 AM

It is possible, those mini's aren't very reliable IMO. The next time it acts up crawl under and rap on the starter a few times with a hammer, normally it's the brush's shorting and the pounding temporarily fixes the short. If it starts right away after that then your starter is more than likely failing and will need to be replaced before it leaves you stranded somewhere.

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