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EricsXJ 10-10-2002 11:36 PM

Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to the Cherokee Forum. The topics discussed here are about the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) in production 1984 - 2001. This post is to inform you of what is allowed, and not allowed, and to give you some helpful suggestions to making your experience here a good one.


Etiquette - Flaming, name calling, or other personal attacks will not be tolerated. Everyone has opinions, and if you disagree with someone please feel free to voice your disagreement but do so in a respectful manner. Jeep Forums is a PG-13 forum, so swearing is to be kept at a minimum. Certain words are prohibited, and will be filtered out automatically or edited. Do not push this policy. Posting nudity, porn or posts with sexual content is prohibited and will be strictly enforced. Abusers of this policy (or the other rules that follow) will have their login-IDs or IP addresses banned from using

OT - Off Topic posts are not allowed. Please find an appropriate forum for topics not related to the Cherokee. If not Jeep related at all, use the General Discussion Forum if appropriate. Keep the threads on-topic as much as possible. For example, please don't jump in the middle of a thread on lift installation, and ask a poster about what CB he has. Instead start a new topic, or use a private message (PM). Also, in most cases it is inappropriate to post the same question in multiple forums. Pick the most appropriate forum and see what kind of response you get.

For Sale - "For Sale" posts are not allowed in the Cherokee Forum. Everyone has parts for sale and there is an appropriate forum for just that - the For Sale Forum. Using the For Sale and Wanted Forums can be quite effective if used properly. It is OK to let someone know you have a part for sale when posted as a reply to a need someone has.

Padding - "Padding" which is posting nonsense or one-liners simply to increase your post count is not allowed in the Cherokee section.


FAQ - This can help answer your questions about the different features of Jeep Forums.

Search feature - USE THE SEARCH FEATURE! Please use the search feature especially before asking the most common questions. Chances are your question has been asked, and answered before. By all means if using the search feature doesn't help you, go ahead and ask. Sometimes its good to bring up a topic that hasn't been discussed in a while, or feel free to add to an on-going thread. One tip to remember is that the search defaults to the "Admin" page when starting another search, so don't forget to select "Cherokee Forum" or the forum you want to search in. Also for information on stock specs, please refer to the Cherokee stock specs post which may answer many of your questions.

Sig lines - Your signature line can be a useful tool to others using the forum by giving important information about your jeep, such as the year and modifications you have added. This information is often needed so others can give you a correct answer to a question or they can see that you may have experience with a certain modification. If you are going to list modifications in your sig line, consider posting them horizontally and not as a list with one modification per line taking up half a page. Try to be brief - you don't have to list EVERY modification if you have a lot. Links to personal websites or e-mail is also welcome in a sig line.

Pictures - One frequently asked question is "How do I post pictures of my jeep?" Refer to the guidelines for posting pictures in the Jeep Registry which explains how you can post a picture. Or read this step-by-step tutorial Posting Pictures on Note: Imagestation no longer allows linking to pics hosted there. At least people have been having problems with it.

BTT - Posting BTT ("back to top") to move your question back to the top of the list is OK as long as its not over-used. Some questions simply won't get answered right away, so please be patient. If your question goes several days to a week without a response, it would be better to BTT it rather than post the same question again. Keep in mind, the members of the forum (mostly) are not professional mechanics, know-it-alls, or answering machines. Rather we are a bunch of enthusiasts with varying skill levels, as are you. Don't get upset if your question never gets answered either. If you show a poor attitude in not getting a quick response, some people may be less inclined to help you. Remember that this is a forum for sharing information as well as opinions, not just to get answers. If you find the answer elsewhere, please share it here so we can all learn from it.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the forum.

EricsXJ 05-13-2008 10:31 PM

No more 'Picture Request' threads unless they contain real tech content
Tonight I moved or closed 4 or 5 'Picture Requests' that were posted just today or yesterday. 2 of which were asking for pics of 3" lift and 31's "just because I'd like to see what it would look like".


We have plenty of picture threads already, many of which are stickies.

We have a XJ Lift Setups thread which already has just about every lift and tire combination known to man.

If you want to see what x product looks on an XJ, I suggest first looking at that manufacturers website. They probably already have a pic of it there for you. If you want more, use the Search feature. If you do not know what the Search feature is, here is a video tutorial.

Lastly if none of this works for you, you can post your Picture Request in the Picture Request section.

Also since I am on the subject, tire reviews such as "BFG M/T vs ProComp M/T" and like threads are not Cherokee specific and we seem to get quite a few. Post those threads in the Lifts/Shocks/Tires/Wheels section please.

Thank you.

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