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Phreaq 08-17-2012 08:41 AM

Picked up a new to me 89 XJ limited (no abs / no hydraulic assist :D) 162k
My wife’s current XJ is a 92 2wd sport. 216k

Due to the back tags from 2005 (two owners back, first guy traded it to the other for yard/garage clean up. been sitting on property in the foot hills), my plan is to take the doors with power windows, and door locks, and the drive train past the transmission, from axle to axle, as well as the front power seats.

As a side project, I'm thinking about taking the block from the 89 to start making a stroker motor with...

Mainly just want the 4wd. That should be straight forward.

For the power equipment, I'm going to need some schematics, but will not be surprised if I have to run wires, and I can reproduce the factory set up (relays and fuses) if the 92 is not pre-wired for the power options.

Also thought about making a hybrid leaf spring, out of the two sets, and then coil spacers for the front. IDK, if I have to get longer shocks, I may just wait until tax return time and get the 3.5” lift with the new rear leafs.

I’d like to hear for you all about this. I’m a cheap **** and will be slow going when it comes to BUYING anything. I should have the power seats out soon. I feel this will be the easiest of all the swap work lol

Phreaq 09-04-2012 02:42 PM

  • Got the rear seats switch out.
    There is a slight difference between the two. The 89 has only one bolt and a pin holding the seat back. The 92 uses two bolts. Replaced the cover only for the seat back.
Gutted most of the interior on the 89. Doors getting ready to move over. Can't believe how easy it is to get the rear side windows out! I need to get a seat belt for the rr of the 92 though :(
  • Right rear door swapped. Good test fit for the rest of them.

Harness connections are different, so It will be a little while before I get the power hooked up.
Adjusting the door took a little while, but the rest of them should go quicker.
  • Exploratory surgery under the 92's carpet found no power seat harness.
    However the power wire is hooked up to the fuse panel, just lacking the relay.

The power tie in should be easy behind the left kick panel. Tore the power seat wires from the harness of the 89, so I don't have to splice the connectors.
Oddly enough, the factory wiring for the 89 has the power wire coming from the fuse panel, then goes all the way past the B pillar (and on the the power seat connector), where it is wrapped in duct tape and a wire doubles back for the LF door power connection.
  • Front power seats wires runs and seats in. All functioning :thumbsup:
    Seat belts and some trim panels swapped too.

Phreaq 11-08-2012 08:26 AM

I learned, this morning, that my AW4 2wd will not mate to the np 231 with a mere tailshaft change. The transmission output shaft has to be changed (duh) but requires dis-assembly . Boo! I hope the 89 trans is in good shape. I have had no complaints with my current AW4. I may just have to keep it for a spare...

If all goes well, I should have my door wiring figured out next week. Currently working on the right rear seat belt replacement with the aftermarket belt that "came with the car". I am tempted to buy a seat belt for XJ to keep it looking good ... or I guess I could do the same replacement to the other side.
For anyone unfamiliar with XJ seat belts, they have a bracket on them that make them hard to replace. The brackets are riveted with large rivets. Front belts have two rivets rears have one (shoulder belts). I modified two front belts to turn the brackets around and installed them in the back of my TJ, so I am going to remove the bracket from the rear belt and attach it to the aftermarket replacement.

also trying to get pictures uploaded

The time now is 08:47 AM.

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