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PolarXJ 12-08-2005 09:07 AM

My new project
I can now get started on my new project. My poor d30 isn't going to last very long running locked and with 35s so I decided it was time to go to fullwidth. I am going to be running a HP44 front and FF60 rear. Eventually I will change the front to a 60 but the 44 will work for now. I am going to be welding the front spyders and I have not decided what to do in the rear yet...Probably detroit. I used my old jet ski trailer to transport them 100 miles. It worked great. Work is going to officially start soon after I get back here from Christmas leave.
The new toys:

After the swap is done I am going to run 37s until I get shafts upgraded in both axles to run 38.5s. Front I am just going to weld the gears since I will have lockouts and will later be buying a detroit when I upgrade shafts. And the rear will recieve a detroit. Both will be getting 5.13 gears.

JeepinJerimiah 12-08-2005 09:18 AM

For the lazy ones...

Looking alright keep us updated sounds like it will be a massive rig...

The time now is 05:25 AM.

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