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Adrian17 05-18-2013 03:24 PM

Jeep cherokee 2001 Problems volts rise too 19 while driving!!!
Iv had this problem for a month now and my jeep stopped running and all and thought it was the alternator so i replaced the alternator because it was cracked in 3 spots and the guy said it was bad. Once the new one was in I then started it and for the day it was running as if nothing was wrong but then it stopped working again. Found that a fuse in the fuse box was loose. I tighten it and it ran but the check gauges light comes on if im driving past 40 mph for too long and the volts go from 14 too 19 while the gauges light is on. But once i stop at a red light it shuts off and volts go back too 14. This cant be a problem with the alternator since i replaced it and its still happening and i checked the battery at advanced auto and they said it was good twice. What could be the cause of the check gauges light coming on and bringing the volts all the way up too 19?? As of now im not sure what can be causing this problem since i thought it would be the alternator causing it. It only happens when im driving fast for awhile but if i continue to drive it can come on and shut off but if i stop at a red light it always seems to shut off. :confused: I tried finding what can cause it and found that maybe the temp sensor thats in my battery tray may be going bad but how would that cause this problem?

CJ7-Tim 05-18-2013 08:32 PM

If the volts go from 14 to 19 while the check gauges light is on, you have a battery problem, alternator problem, or wiring issues.

Perform routine maintenance of the start and charge systems. Remove, clean, and firmly reconnect all the wires and cables to the battery, starter, and alternator. Look for corroded or damaged cables or connectors and replace as needed. Copper wires should be copper color, not black or green. Do the same for the grounding wires from the starter to engine block, and from the battery and engine to the Jeep's frame/body. You must remove, scrape, and clean until shiny, the cable/wire ends, and whatever they bolt to. Jeeps do not tolerate low voltage, bad connections, or poor grounds.

blackfire 05-18-2013 08:37 PM

I had that happen a couple of times to me. turns out it was bad battery connections. I'd start with replacing those. DO NOT get the pretty red and black coated ones either. Go with plain jane battery connectors. the ones with out a post sticking out of them. Clean up all your connections, attacht to battery and then spray with some clear paint to keep from corroding.

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