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jdumont 10-07-2010 05:20 PM

Herculine Interior
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Started this project today due to a few water leaks when it rains. One was the blower motor to firewall seal which i fixed. One is the passenger side door seal which im working on now. One may be the windshield but havent found it yet. Gotta get this done before it starts snowing and I get in real trouble with water and icy carpets. I removed the seats and carpet this afternoon carefully so the carpet is still intact just in case I want to put it back down at some point. It went pretty easy except for the drivers side seat bolt that broke...ooooooof course.

Any suggestions for the bolt (pic below)...drilling out may be difficult because im sure its a hardened bolt. It looks like it just threads into the sheet metal underneath so maybe I can just punch it through and get a new bolt and nut it? Or maybe just a new hole through the bracket and floor?

Overall, the floors look to be in just OK shape. I had already peeled back the right side carpet and sprayed some Rustoleum undercoat which turns out was stupid because it doesnt stick to anything. First thing to do tomorrow afternoon is to wire wheel that all off and start fresh scuffing for the Herculiner.

Here are some pics of where im at right now....

So at this point I have three questions:

1. Those of you who have gone carpetless, what did you do with the black pads up front on the firewall where your feet are?

2. I would like to take up the rubberized tin foil matting before the Herc. Is that possible? If its not easy to do ill just wire wheel it and go over it. They are under what will be my floor mats so I dont see them taking abuse anyways.

3. I got a couple cans of Rustoleum Rusty Metal primer. Should I spray this down before the Herc?

Sry for the loooooong post. Want to get all the questions for this down for future Jeepers to find though.


solidsnake1761 10-07-2010 06:33 PM

i remover the rubber things by you feet. ive noticed that most people leave the heat pads(foil things). i didnt prime just sanded and cleaned. make sure its clean as possible

robsjeepxj 10-07-2010 06:39 PM

Clean up all the rust and prime and paint as needed, I just wound up painting everything, then lay down two or three thin coats of the hurculiner, if you go too thick it will dry funny, let it dry for a day and put the rugs back in. It will be so hot and loud in the jeep without the carpets you won't like it believe me.

jdumont 10-07-2010 08:24 PM

Aye, really? I was worried about the heat. At least its winter Too hot even for this time of year? The floor needs to be sealed anyways to buy me more time to fix the leaks.

jdumont 10-08-2010 05:26 AM

FYI, Advance Auto is running a sale till this weekend for 20% everything. Just put in code "1year" into the website when you order. Got my gallon herculiner kit for $71.00. Wally world doesnt carry it anymore around here so this is the best price around.


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