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jaybyrd 08-12-2002 07:13 AM

cylinder compression technical question.
According to the haynes manual if cylinder 1 has low compression and the rest are o.k. then problem is likely a worn exhaust lobe on the cam shaft.
1988 Cherokee Laredo inline 6 4.0L 5 speed manual.
The question I have is this: Could I adjust the pushrods at the #1 cylinder to compensate for the wear on the exhaust lobe to give more range of motion to the cylinder?
Any ideas or fixes would be appreciated..

Tomguy 08-12-2002 10:02 PM

Well, (I believe) the engine has overhead cams, so it wouldnt have a pushrod. But yes, you can. When I rebuilt the engine on a truck I play around with, I loosened the nuts, took the worm screws down to the thickness of an index card (at closed valve), and tightened the nuts back up, and it quieted the valve tapping too. I'm thinking of doing it on my Cherokee.

Flanz 08-13-2002 10:11 PM

I have never opened my engine up but I know they sell pushrods for the 4.0.

arpy 08-13-2002 10:52 PM

4.0 is not an overhead cam engine, definitely has pushrods.
The new series of engines in the Grand Cherokee are overhead cam, but not the 4.0.

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