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JrTjK 02-19-2006 06:51 AM

Build up my daily driver or pick up 2nd xj?
Hey guys,
Now I know this is more a personal decision but I'm looking for some input from those with experience and hopefully some good advice. Right now, I have a 2001 xj sport 4dr that I use as a my daily driver. I love it and after being on here for a few weeks, I constantly think of the possibilities and things I can do to/with it. However, I'm debating now if I should do a reasonable lift and put bigger tires on it, or if I should pick up a 2nd Cherokee to 'build' for offroading and fun.

Background, I've never taken my new xj offroading and have only been a few random times in other people's vehicles...But I'd love to get into it as it seems like a very fun and cool hobby. However, I don't want to risk damaging my daily driver or put tires so big my gas mileage cuts in half.

There are a few XJs around I could pick up for $500 that need just a little work into them. I use to work for Crown Automotive, and can still get the parts pretty cheap, so fixing it up shouldn't be a problem. After seeing all the chopped vehicles on here, I'm tempted to get another one and do that...How much do the cages cost to build generally??

I just can't decide, should I bother picking up a 2nd one and have to deal with registering it and all that junk, or should I just mildly mod my current ride? Do you guys know if you can register a vehicle only for summer use or for offroading or something? Thanks for any ideas and input!

cherokee xj 02-19-2006 07:16 AM

If you did get a 2nd xj, (which if you have the money for all that would be ideal) you could get around registering it if you trailer it i believe. If you built it up for trail only, you could get a little more extreme with it (ie: chop top/ roll cage) while still having one as a DD. Then again, if you mildly modded your DD, it would still be very capable and using the money you would otherwise be spending on the trail rig, you could make it a pleasant DD and a weekend warrior. 4.5" lift and 33's, regear and possibly lockers and you're set.

ki1022 02-19-2006 07:21 AM

Well, in my opinion, you might as well build up your existing XJ into your trail rig. Then get a small Honda or something as a daily driver to save yourself thousands in gas money.

Just my opinion :thumbsup:

andrew2516 02-19-2006 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by JrTxJ
However, I don't want to risk damaging my daily driver or put tires so big my gas mileage cuts in half.

I think that about gives you the answer.

dynamite44 02-19-2006 07:30 AM

if i were going to do it again, i would have never taken my DD offroad. i would have bought a beater to use off road. offroading accelerates wear, there's no denying that.
i wax my jeep, i use tire shine, i take care of it. i personally don't like scratching up the sides of it off roading and messing up the bumper corners. i think i would try harder stuff if i had a 2nd XJ that i didn't care as much about.

i was very soft on my XJ offroading when it was my daily driver. if you break your junk, how are you going to get to school/work?

ChaoticBastard 02-19-2006 07:52 AM

Definatly get a second one.There cheap enough.And for insurance if you want to save $$$ tell them its a recreational vehicle.Saves me a ton of dough.I have a 93 Bronco XLT as my daily and a 94 country 4.5 RE lifted as my (Rec) vehicle.Too much to worry about as a daily driver since its your only means of travel.

JrTjK 02-19-2006 08:18 AM

thanks for the great input guys, keep it coming!

i am leaning towards picking up a second one, but that means i still have to deal with how low and not badass my 01 looks with the stock suspension setup. maybe i'll go with a 2-2.5"bb and still get a second one to have the real fun in...i think also, if i pick up a second one pretty cheap and have some fun with it, if it doesn't seem to work out financially or physically having the space, i could always just sell it and hopefully break even or get some money back. (depending on the deal i get)

and in regards to the picking up another car for gas mileage, i still have a maxima but am in the process of selling it because i got the jeep for a change of maybe i'll just lightly mod my dd and pick up the guys are convincing! :)

offroadman83 02-19-2006 08:19 AM

Get a second one. That way when you break something you don't have to fix it that second to get back to work, school, or whatever you may be doing. You can hop in your daily driver and leave it til you are ready for it. I wheeled my daily driver for a few years and I never was as hard on it as I could have been and a lot of times to afraid to wheel it, so I lost a lot of wheeling time. I just bought another cherokee for daily driving and it is already paying off for me. -------------------kyle

Blue XJ 02-19-2006 11:26 AM

It would be nice to get a second one. But if you build it right, you wouldn't have much to worry about. Don't cut corners on anything or skimp out on quality and it could be your DD and weekend wheeler.

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