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99 jeep cherokee laredo rotor rubbing caliper

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo that has two bad front wheel bearings. The rear passenger tire when jacked up does not seem to move like the front so Im hesitant to think its the wheel bearing but I could be wrong.
I have attached pictures to show the rotor. When I drive the vehicle I hear a grinding noise but its not constant. When you look at my rotor you can see that about 2 inches of the top of the rotor, and about 10 inches around (not the full rotor around) is rubbing the caliper bracket. When I look at the caliper bracket I can see its touching that part, the driver side has about 2mm of space between the rotor and the caliper bracket.
Any idea what this may be? I am hoping it may just be the wheel bearing, but again I did jack it up and shake the wheel and it doesnt move like the fronts do.

Also on that tire there is a lot of oil residue and it appears there is something leaking, im guessing possible brake fluid? You can see it around the hubcap in the picture.

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Without putting eyes on it myself I'm just guessing...

That said, if you think its brake fluid don't drive it! Check your brake fluid level at the master immediately.

If it's low top it off and call a buddy. Get the tire up in the air and take it off. Have your buddy hold the brake petal down and see if you see fluid dripping from anywhere.

If you see and can find the leak go from there. The only way a bracket can touch the rotor is if the bracket is bent or the rotor is severely warped.
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sounds and looks like you have a caliper seized up and possibly a brake fluid leak.. your going to need front brakes and possibly calipers if the piston is stuck like it sounds like. Pads, rotors, calipers i have a link in my signature at the bottom that will give you a good discount at advance auto parts. order online, pick up at your local store, save money
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check those brake hoses too! a bad brake hose will also cause a sticking caliper.
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