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92XJT 11-15-2008 02:10 PM

92 sport - 2dr build
Bought this a few years back - first jeep I ever owned and got it fairly cheap with a lift on it and some extra parts. Here was the original plan after buying it:

34" swampers
winch and winch bumper
maybe a few more inches of lift
SYE - possibly

Here it is the day I brought it home. Drove it about 60 some miles on the highway and surprisingly it road well with no major vibes, or noises - lol.

4.0 with auto tranny, 231 tcase, 4.5RC lift
lots of spare parts in the back

came with a set of 32s as well:

PO already ripped out the interior down to the metal floorboards, so I knew I had some work to do there.

So first thing I patch the floors - not the greatest since I have no welding skills so rivoted in some patch panels and herculined it all.

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:13 PM

So next plan was to find some new tires - MTs and new rims. Went with some cheap white spokes from Summit and they were delivered after only two days from placing the order. Also got a good deal on 5 31" baby boggers that I couldn't pass up. Also should mention somewhere that the plan for the jeep was for trails only no highway use.

course when I bought the 31" boggers I still had a complete set of 32 ATs, a stock set of 235s, and my 37" IROKs for another rig, so as you can see the garage and workspace was starting to get limited.

Here is sits with the baby boggers and some urban flexxin.

So even at this time I didn't have much invested since I sold a few hundred bucks in parts, and used that to buy the rims and tires.

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:17 PM

Here is one of its first madien wheeling trips. Did do better then I expected with stock 3.54 gears and open difs.

course here is the rig I teamed up with most of the day - he had to tug me a few times.

boggers definetly fling the mud - went thru a creek on the way out so thats why the rims look clean......

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:25 PM

So not long after that trip I scored another 8.25 with 4.56 gears and lockrite locker. Though it was only a 27 spline it has to this day served me well. So with that bought gears for the front - didn't have funds though for my front locker :(.

Also had the lovely pleasure have changing the o-rings on the oil filter relocaton bracket. Wasn't as bad I as I heard but still a time consuming job getting that sticking bolt out.

So since the last trip I also scored this rear bumper and tire carrier, and then decided to build a little storage compartment in the rear cargo area.

Made some pieces to securely hold my extra 8.25 shafts, and hub assemblies with other attachment points to secure items like cooler, etc. The bottom houses the tools, and recovery equipment - the entire storage area is secured to the floor so it won't budge (hopefully) during a roll over.

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:31 PM

well after the gears and locker hit the trails again. Again the smallest rig out there - the next closest was a TJ on 39" boggers and lockers front and rear. Did much better then last time at the Cliffs, but lacking ground clearance and front locker it was still lacking some ability.

well thanks to a friend he found me 5 33"x14 boggers within driving distance so obviously I had to buy them. Then he in turn bought my baby boggers.

okay 4.5" of lift with 3.75 BS still isn't enough - time to trim :D

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:36 PM

Well again the garage is filling up - thanks to the wife "making" me buy a new atv, and now the CJ5 I bought is in the garage too.

Got the stock flares off:

Here is how I did the front - made sections to fold up into the wheel well. Also cut the front section where the stock bumper wraps around.

Now for the rear pretty much the same thing - made the upward cut up past the pinch weld and then folded it over. Also added 1.75" blocks to the rear since it was sagging just a little.

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:42 PM

Here it is after the fender trimming and added height to the rear.

Found this on another website classified - scored my winch bumper.

course now I will need to buy a winch :D

Well since this relates to the build I will include this as well. I found out how to solve my winch needing problem. I'll buy a new truck that already has a winch, and use my old winch of the ram for the jeep. So I talked the wife into letting get a new dodge powerwagon, and got it to fly cause it has the liftetime warranty, and its a 3/4 ton so it will tow much better then my old 1/2 ton.

So the 12k electric milemarker winch I had on my old ram went to the XJ. Yeah a bit overkill, but it was insense a "free be"

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:48 PM

Not too worried about blocking air flow to the radiator since it won't be on the highway. Also not sure if noticed this in the beginning, but this was the first jeep I bought, but since then, if you noticed I acquired an old cj5, and then the wife needed a new vehicle so I bought her a grand cherokee - the on in the background. lol - went from anti jeep to having three at once.....

Also did a rear quarter tuck:

So with all the new mods had to start hitting the trails again.

92XJT 11-15-2008 02:50 PM

Well got more info - will continue later. If anyone has any build questions feel free to ask, questions / comments / criticsm appreciated - lol. Next batch of info will be the more custom stuff. Cut top, soft top, and rollcage....... Hope you all enjoy so far.

jebmccall 11-15-2008 10:27 PM

wow that looks really good. one question how much do you have invested?

ajxj9197 11-15-2008 11:19 PM

dang ya how much for the bumber and tires and such cause it all looks amazing keep it up

89SAFARIXJ 11-15-2008 11:30 PM

x3. how much have you invested. that thing looks sweet and it doesnt seem like you have spent too much from what you have said. we need some numbers. i like that bumper man looks amazing.


rockershocker88 11-15-2008 11:40 PM

looks awsome man!

92XJT 11-16-2008 06:43 AM

thanks for the comments so far. Here is a break down on prices, and it would / could be cheaper for someone if they could set their own gears and weld. That's what go me on the higher price so far. This is the pricing up to this point - will have a grand total with the rollcage and soft top when pics come.

Here's a break down in the build price up till now
Purchase price - $1300 with lots of parts
Sold items that came with - (-)$310
5 31x12.50 boggers - $300
4 new rims - $142
8.25 rear axle with 4.56 gears and locker - $350
extra shafts for 8.25 - $30
D30 4.56 gears - $100
Master install kit + new yoke and carrier - $150
front gear install by shop - $300
Herculiner - $60
O-ring kit for oil filter - $4.95
BB (1.75") - $30
1.75" rear blocks - $5
Driver tail light - $10
baby boggers sold - $300
5 - 33x14x15 boggers - $600
CB, mount and antennaes - $50
Rusty's front stinger - $150
t-case skid - $40
rear bumper - $150
12k Milemarker winch - free bee

So right now total price is - $3161.95 (if I did the math right)
I started adding from my old list so price could be off a few bucks - lol.

92XJT 11-16-2008 06:55 AM

And on with more pics - lol, and build info:

Don't flex to bad now - rear shocks seem to be limiting rear down travel. Not too bad for short arms (stock uppers still)

Well after this summer and sweatin our butts off in the jeep ideas started to swirl. Maybe it was being dehydrated on the ride home, but me and friend started talking about making a soft top style XJ. My headliner was sagging, so that got ripped out, and then I could almost visualize openings there - lol.

Here was the plan (cut out where X's are)

I had this old tonneau laying around from my old dodge I traded in, and it was already trimmed length wise to fit a shortbed with toolbox. Just need to trim down the width.

The time now is 01:07 PM.

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