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nikk2994 04-27-2013 05:17 PM

92 Jeep Cherokee keeps dying please HELP!!!
I got a 92 Cherokee last November that had been sitting for a year or so because the guy thought it had transmission problems, when all it really needed was transmission fluid. It started and ran fine for a few months. One day after driving for a few hours it started to sputter when I was almost out of gas. I got gas and it was fine. A few days later I parked somewhere and it cranks over but didn't start. I took the intake tube off of the throttle body and my car started back up fine.

We then changed my fuel filter and I had to do the same thing. Later that day driving I stopped and stepped on the gas and it died in the middle of the intersection.

We then changed the distributer and a maps sensor pigtail and cleaned my IAC. After that it doesn't die at low RPMs it just dies randomly while driving after 10 - 30 minutes. Also while sitting parked in a drive thru my RPMS went really high like I stepped on the gas it did it twice and then died but started right back up.

We changed the fuel pump, the CPS, the fuel pressure regulator, and the computer and I still have these problems. Just today we drove it around and it was fine for a little and once we parked it I stepped on the gas to see what would happen and it died. I tried to start it after about a half hour it wouldn't start and it had no spark at all. We replaced the coil and it still died while driving.

We are thinking about changing the O2 sensor and the MAT sensor.

Also when using the On Board Diagnostics I get a 12, 54, 55 - 12 because we disconnected the battery and 54 is supposed to be something along the lines of when my car is on my CPS isn't always sending or my car isn't receiving a signal, but we already changed the CPS.

Please help im about ready to give up on my Jeep. :(

xjfever 04-27-2013 05:39 PM

I would start with checking the wiring harness for the CPS thouroughly. Remove the plug and clean the terminals then put it back together, may even want to run a ziptie around the two connectors to hold them firmly together. The second thing I would do is to clean and freshen all ground straps, from the engine to body, battery to engine had to firewall. What fuel pump did you go with? The airtex ones from AZ are crap and can fail rightout of the box.

nikk2994 04-27-2013 07:25 PM

It doesn't seem to be a fuel problem. When it dies I don't get spark but it eventually turns over. Also when I try to start my car and it doesn't start it I can pull my key right out even though it's in the run position.

The time now is 04:35 AM.

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