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daffy 01-30-2011 10:38 AM

1992 Cherokee Laredo Rear Axle Alignment?
I just installed a Rough Country 3" lift kit on my 1992 Cherokee Laredo. This kit included front and rear shocks, front coil springs, and rear leaf springs. Everything seemed good until I mounted my new bigger tires. I noticed the rear drivers-side tire is almost touching the rear of the wheel well. The passenger side is aligned in the center of the well as expected.

The axle appears to be U-bolted correctly with the pin on the leaf in the hole on the mount. I noticed while doing some rough measurements that the rear leaf springs are manufactured different and the distance between the axle and the front and rear mounts is slightly off.

1. Is there a front and back direction for mounting the springs or does it matter?

2. Can the alignment be adjusted?

3. Any suggestions on how to fix this without modifying the wheel well?

Thanks in advance!

93gc40 01-30-2011 10:40 AM

Hang the rear spring in the correct dirrection. Or the locating pins have slipped. there is NO alignmet adjustment for the rear. Something is instaled wrong.

93gc40 01-30-2011 10:41 AM

Short end of the spring to the front.

daffy 01-30-2011 12:37 PM

Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Both ARE installed in the correct direction. However, the springs are assembled differently. The side with the correct wheel alignment has the straps which rap around the individual springs but the incorrect side does not have these. Also, one spring has rounded end on each spring element while the other's is square. I also measured from the rear mounting bolt to the back U-bolt thread (only method I could think of to get a strait line measurement) and one side is 26" and the other is 26 1/2". I'm thinking they sent me the wrong spring.

1. Any ideas?
2. Where can I find the part number on the springs? I couldn't see any from underneath. I figured my next step would be to call Rough Country but they are not open on Sunday.

CJ7-Tim 01-30-2011 02:17 PM

I think it would be correct to assume that you got 2 different leaf springs and the one of them is incorrect for an XJ. Calling RC with your concerns and measurements should be your first step.

CALL RYAN AT 1-800-222-7023 EXT 123

Yucca-man 01-30-2011 03:21 PM

Give them a call - the measurements won't necessarily match up since you've got weight on the pack, but they should be the same side-to-side. You might find the part number on the top of the pack - a lot of manufacturers will spray-paint it on in that area.

daffy 01-31-2011 09:30 AM

Well good news and thanks to CJ7-Tim. Ryan at Rough Country agreed that I had the wrong spring and is sending out a replacement at no charge. I would have to say that Rough Country's and National Tire & Wheel Online's customer service is awesome.

The time now is 08:25 AM.

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