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MrW88 02-28-2013 09:15 AM

looking for a tire shop in GTA
I'm looking for a reputable tire shop in Toronto (I'm a transplant from Montreal) to install a set of 33" duratrac tires on my 18" Sahara wheels.

I'd rather go to a place with experience with large wheels/tires. I've heard of some places refusing to install tires larger than stock. I've also seen many places who inexplicably charge extra for tires over 17 or 18 inches and vehicles with TPMS (which I have). Also horror stories of breaking your TPMS and then refusing to replace them.

I'll probably get an alignment while I'm at it, so a shop with the appropriate equipment would be nice.

In in the east end (beach area), so anything out this way or in Scarborough would be good.

Any suggestions?

pete1986 03-07-2013 07:58 PM

Rock spyder 4x4 is out in markham I am sure thy could do it for you
I have no exp with them so if you chose them let me know how they treat you. I am thinking of doing a tire run (south of the boarder) soon myself and will need someone to install them onto my wheels. I have dealt with just jeeps in the past and they are great. I have also dealt with a shop in Toronto (Keele St if I remember correctly). I was happy with their service with my vw in the past, but when I asked if they could rotate my 5th tire into my jeep rotation they looked at me like I had two heads. Now I rotate my tires on my own. I am trying to get ahold of an old friend who has made his way into the tire business. When I speak with him ill get a feel with how he is with oversized tires and will report back. Whatever you decide please report back because I like giving people that are honest and do good work my money and like to steer clear of all others.


Wavedatya 03-10-2013 04:40 PM

Check out superior tire on Shepard. Good prices.

Or if you want. 2nd time around.

Or in oshawa Taunton tire.

Or in Burlington national 4wd. Prob has absolute best prices.

The time now is 04:46 PM.

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