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rutacon05 03-23-2008 04:12 AM

m416 m101 m116 trailer questions
i'm looking for a trailer to tow behind my 05 rubicon stock. i wanted to get a 1/4 ton trailer but they are kinda hard to find and expensive.

i found a military surplus trailer that was used to haul generators. it's a 3/4 ton it has 8 lug wheels. i asked the guy if i could haul it behind my jeep he said i could but it's kinda big. the m 101 is kinda big as well. just wanted some input on how these would haul behind a stock rubicon. i plan on putting 4.5 lift and 33's on the rubicon eventually. i need a trailer to haul firewood. maybe a little coal.

this is what the 3/4 ton trailer looks like (look up m-101a2) the one i'm looking at is totally flat with no sides. any input would be helpful.

timatoe 03-23-2008 09:28 AM

How much does it weigh?? Looks too big to me. I think you'd be better off with the M332 from that same site. Much better price too.

0utback 03-23-2008 11:28 AM

What you want is an M101CDN.

It is a 1/4 ton trailer designed for Jeeps and our goofy old Iltis 4x4s we used to have before the G-wagons replaced them. They are available from quite a few places for various prices. I got mine for $650, but stateside they can go for twice that. Average Cdn pricing is $750-850.

It tows nice and you can't even see it in the mirrors for trying. That's how small it is. But it is very useful and super off roadable with a rated payload of 500lb, though in the Army we loaded them up almost double at times.

Here is a pic of it behind our Libby...

And behind my 05 Rubi...

It weighs 775lb with a mostly aluminum body and is hardly noticable under tow either empty or loaded. In fact, unless you hear the bump of the pintle when stopping or starting, or negotiating bumps or curbs, you won't even know it's there otherwise. I love it and wouldn't do without one now that I have mine. I had it for two years and it gets regular service from hauling luggage to the airport 3 hours away to hauling camping gear and loads to the dump.

The only drawback is no tailgate. That doesen't bother me too much, and some guys have converted the back to a tailgate easily enough. These trailers are very adaptable to modding for your purposes and adding accessories or extras. My future plan is to attach a rooftop tent to a hard cover and rack system.

Here's a closer pic of just the trailer...

Here is a link to the M101CDN yahoo group for more information...


rutacon05 03-23-2008 06:23 PM

i'm so jelous, i wish i could find one here around pennsylvania but they go for a fortune, it's rediculous. the surplus place near where i live wants $750 firm and they are in rough shape. the m332 weighs 2750 lbs empty haha. i read somewhere the m101 weighs 1340lbs empty. so not sure what i'm gonna do yet, i've been scouring ebay and craigslist for them and they have been going for upwards of 800+ and thats the m416 which were made in the 60's. so the search continues. thanks guys

rutacon05 03-27-2008 04:06 AM

so does anyone have an m101 3/4 ton trailer that they haul with?

rutacon05 04-02-2008 08:03 AM

well it was my birthday the 26th and i was looking for a m416 trailer and stumbled across the truck i've always wanted.

an 85 chevy m1008 k-30 1 1/4 ton pickup. i bought it for 3400 bucks. it's got d60 front w/limited slip and 14b FF rear with gov loc. 4 inch lift, 33's BFG MT's, 4.56 ratio. 6.2L diesel with banks turbo. it was repainted(some time ago, it's faded). the guy who owned it is a wizz with these trucks. he put electric fuel pump on with fuel filter and water separater under the hood with switch to pressurized the systems. a block heater, a trickle charger for the batteries. changed the system to 12v. relocated the batteries under the bed. 4 core radiator. installed box for a/c(compressor not hooked up yet) lots of other little stuff.

it needs alot of stuff. rocker panels, cab corners, new front brake lines,glow plugs etc.

i got a spare th400 and also an np208 for parts (oil pumps blown in it) it's got about 36k miles on it.

funny how one thing leads to another!

waterboarder 05-01-2008 02:47 AM


Originally Posted by rutacon05 (Post 4987075)
this is what the 3/4 ton trailer looks like (look up m-101a2) the one i'm looking at is totally flat with no sides. any input would be helpful.

Those are are GREAT prices. I'd be happy with any one of them for your purposes. Price can't be beat.

If you just want to haul wood and coal, those trailers look like cheap options to me.

I looked around at some of these (prices are at least double here) but decided that instead, I would build my own. I want a camping cargo utility trailer with lots of enclosures and such things (think Chaser) for my adventure trailer. Materials cost alone is looking like it will be $3000 - and that's unpainted.

FWIW, the one I am building has a target gross weight of 3500 pounds and empty weight of 1000 pounds or less. Remaining specs:

Trailer bed is 6.5' long and 4' wide.
Three Buyer's 48"x18"x18" toolboxs (locking) [360 lbs]
3500 pound axle w/electric brakes
31" tires on 16" Rims (plan to go bigger - one day) w/spare
aluminum skin and floor
2" square tube bed frame, cross members, hitch stem (steel)
.75" square tube skin frame (steel)

It's gonna look a lot like a Chaser/Horizon adventure trailer - but right now we're just welding together the frame. (:

I hope it's worth it when it's done (:

rutacon05 05-19-2008 03:42 AM

awesome! put pics up when your done, i just bought an m416, i gotta get some title stuff outta the way before i can take her wheeling, it's real nice though

jagular7 05-29-2008 07:14 AM

The 3/4-ton US military series trailers are rather large for a TJ. The basic M101 weighs empty 1275#s, sits about 3.5' off the ground, uses 36" military tires, has rather large axle and drum setup, and the box is 4.5x7x1.75'. The axle will have the special military standard lug size (1.5") and pattern. There are other versions of the 3/4ton trailers have various components to work with the intended function of the trailer. The M116 is another form of the 3/4-ton trailer, carries a surge brake on the tongue and has the bolt pattern and lug size of a civilian 1-ton vehicle.

If anything, you can get the 3/4-ton trailers rather cheaply from gov't sales rather than the commercial sales. $600 for one is on the high side, especially without the racks and the cover. If you do go this route, look to remove the entire axle/tires with a much usable 3500 Dexter axle (example) and remove the triagulated tongue and lunette for something lighter and more usable for your use.

Good thing about the about the military trailers is they come with a parking brake. Take advantage of that if you can. Forget the 1.5-ton military trailers as they are 2750#s empty.

I started off with just a rolling M101 trailer frame.
I replaced the axle/tires with a Dexter axle (3500#) with parking and electric brakes, 5 on 4.5 hubs, and 14" tires/rims.
Then removed the heavy triangulated tongue and added the front of a boat trailer (its boxed) with extra support.
This is going to be a camping trailer for me.

With the left over from the boat trailer, I'll make a utility trailer similar to that of the M416.

7slotgrills 05-30-2008 08:28 PM

Try E-bay look for military tailers. Also look for a M100 with round fenders
and CJ hubs. See my Jeep trailer project.

Jebussaves0 06-10-2008 01:13 AM

I picked up a m416 at an auction for $400. I'm not positive how much it weighs of the top of my head but it's light enough I can pull it around in the drive way by hand with the parking brake off. As for handling and driving characteristics... I've probobly put close to 1500 miles on the trailer since I bought it a year ago and I barely notice it's there unless I'm rounding a tight corner and the pintle chirps at me.

Be patient, look around, and you'll get a good deal. :2thumbsup:

rutacon05 07-03-2008 12:48 PM

well i bought my m416 on ebay for about 750.its in really nice shape. i'm in the process of lengthening the chains and trying to replace the tires. i'm still thinking about getting a 3/4 ton trailer for my 1 1/4 ton military truck but that can wait haha.

does anyone know if you need tubes if you go with a modern p-metric style tire. also what is a good size p-metric tire that will fit these trailers. my stock tires have some pretty bad cupping.

FALJEEP 01-22-2009 03:55 PM

Rutacon05, If I were you, I'd check the Mil issue tires for dry rotting and if there is any present, either find new Mil Spec tires or upgrade to Civilian tires. The lug pattern is the same as the old CJ/Ford. I don't recall the lug ratio. I took wagonwheel rims for a Ford (i.e. Jeep CJ) and mounted 31" Generals on them and haven't had any complaints. That said, I have loaded the trailer up so that the fenders were riding on the tires and didn't have any issues other than it being top heavy with the firewood. I have taken it from coast to coast and it tracks so well you don't know its there. Good luck.

FALJEEP 01-22-2009 03:56 PM

Jagular7, Do you have any problems towing your M101? I recently picked one up and will pick it up next week. Any input would help. Thanks

jagular7 01-22-2009 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by FALJEEP (Post 6411600)
Jagular7, Do you have any problems towing your M101? I recently picked one up and will pick it up next week. Any input would help. Thanks

Congrads on the purchase. You went through all the paperwork for one?
No problems at all. Since my Jeep has Swampers, I used the XL7 to go get my trailer. You will need magnetic lights to hook up for lights and a pintle style coupler as the trailer tongue will have a lunette. I have an adjustable coupler bar I got from Tractor Supply years ago. Its adjustable up and down, or flip it and its higher or lower adjustable. I also used a combination lunette/2" ball coupler. Flat 4 works for the lights.
An empty trailer is bulky width wise. It should track straight behind you.
What kind of pull vehicle are you planning to use? Seeing out of the rear view mirror wasn't really obstructed but it can be. The height of the tongue will be non-normally high compared to the 18" for trailers of today. The tongue probably weighs 75-90#s with the trailer box on. I did tow one home without any air in a tire. The tires are tube and the tube was somewhere in the wheel without a valve sticking out. Didn't notice till we started to load the trailer with recyclables.
If you notice, the trailer will have a parking brake and the A-frame is actually bolted on. You can make the trailer box a dump by pulling the A-frame to front crossmember bolts and used the parking brake. Then back your tow vehicle some and the box will rise and dump your load.

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