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GregB_00XJ 08-11-2011 06:23 PM

Greg's M101 CDN2 1/4 Ton Build "The Resale Red Offroad Trailer Build"
Here is my "project" so far...

After looking for one for months, I finally found one in Vancouver BC. Actually, it found me! I posted an add on CL in Van, and a guy who was "thinking" about selling his sent me an e-mail and said I could have it if I was interested? Wow, after a year of looking for the right one...I was stoked.

SUPER nice guy, loved this little trailer too. You could tell he didn't really want to sell it, but it was taking up space at his shop, and was replaced by a MUCH larger trailer to haul their new quads. Still, I think he was a little teary when I pulled out of the parking lot. lol Anyhow, here it is when I picked it up, 1992 M101 CDN2 1/4 Ton trailer, Canadian Military Spec.

You can see his new trailer in the rear. Paid $1200 for it, more than I wanted to spend, but hey...when opportunity comes a knocking, you better answer right? When I picked it up it was wearing a set of 215 x 85 x 16" E Load rated Cooper ATR's on it, brand new! He was using it to get to the cabin, some 500 miles away...and wanted nice road tires with some grip.


Also came with the stock Michelin X military spec rubber.

I really wanted to get it to match my XJ, so I picked up a set of drums with the 5 on 4.5 bolt spacing, and proceeded to pop them on. In the process discovered that my brakes were also brand new!

Brakes (yay)

new drums (princess auto SKU number 8211716 if you want some)

NEW shoes (new to me tires on new Soft 8 rims)


Also just installed a 1500# swivel wheel for the front to augment the footy... very nice add on

<pic coming>

More build to come. Next steps are Monsta liner for the tub, Chassis Saver for the frame, axle, running gear. Nice matching red industrial enamel and chassis saver on the frame. A couple of Gerry Can holders and a lid! Oh and a 2" receiver hitch to mount my bike rack.

Stay tuned...more to come.

gixxerphil 08-12-2011 06:04 AM


GregB_00XJ 08-14-2011 06:52 PM

1500# swivel installed...

custom spacers made, took 20 minutes to install.

First trip (to the landfill) with the new tires and drums with a load. 250 KG and it owed like a dream. I think I may put electric brakes in it though?

Monsta liner and chassis saver on the way, should be painted when I get back from Vegas in 2 weeks.

Dogmann 08-20-2011 11:20 AM

Very cool. How many different types of mil trailers are there! Whats the best!?

GregB_00XJ 08-20-2011 03:18 PM

That is a good question?

Mine is an M101 CDN2 1/4 ton which is a re-design of the US M416 Vietnam era trailers. The Canadian government licensed the design, and reworked it and updated the original 416 design. I believe that they were made in Quebec under license.

The M416 was an updated Bantam trailer which is the original WWII Jeep trailer that helped the allies win the war. Bantams are hard to find, and in my opinion should be kept as original as possible. Pretty rare nowadays, but I have even seen them for sale here locally.

In my opinion, the M101 CDN2 is the better trailer, mostly because they were made in 1992, seem to rust a lot less than the M416. The downside, the M101 CDN2 is a "unibody" design of sorts. The tub is attached to the frame while the M416 can be un bolted. This IMHO is an advantage, especially if you want to do major modifications like extending the tongue or heavily modifying the suspension. The M101 CDN2 does have some pretty sweet ammunition tie downs in the tub sides, and nicer looking fenders I think? It is also heavily reinforces in the corners and looks to be a bit stronger? Did you know that the CDN government used to air drop these trailers from a C130 Hercules?! Kool.

Overall, if you found an M416 or an M101 CDN2 you will have a stout little trailer that will last for generations if you keep on top of the rust. I love like a dream! Backing up however is a little more of a challenge with the short tongue...but I am becoming a pro. Slow and steady with minor corrections.


GregB_00XJ 05-04-2012 02:43 AM

Lid is on the way...

Next up, glass/epoxy and paint, a rack and then the CVT Mt Hood RTT. Then like 500 other things too!

hesterj 05-18-2012 05:57 AM

The Trailer is looking really good.

Could you show a little better detail on the construction of the lid for me please? My poor little trailer has not
seen any love in the last few months (just work). I need to get going again on the build but can not seem to
decide on the lids material.

Is your frame metal or wood? Weight of the frame? Strength? Cost?

Sorry for all the questions.....thanks for showing all the hard work.

Boreal 05-18-2012 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by hesterj (Post 13588008)
Could you show a little better detail on the construction of the lid for me please?


Looks great!

GregB_00XJ 07-15-2012 02:22 PM

Hey All,
Yeah sure... it is a one off by Trekken Offroad here in Victoria. Mike the owner is a buddy of mine and he designed and built it for me. It is made from 100% certified void free Baltic Birch from Russia. It is 100% waterproof and is glued and screwed together with a metric buttload of stainless screws and waterproof glue.

It is made from custom designed trusses and laminated corners and plates. It was skinned with the same material then all holes filled with bondo. After that it was glassed with 1 coat of cloth and West System epoxy. Followed up with 3 flood coats of epoxy, a good sand and 4 coats of high build automotive primer.

The interior is going to be sealed with clear urethane and a rubber D gasket will ensure the inside stays watertight.


It is designed to follow the same design as the top of the tub.

and finally ready for some glazing and final paint.

Mike is an artist with wood. I was set on getting a steel one built, but he swayed me towards wood. He has built this so strong I have no concerns it will support my kids and wife and I in the RTT. The best part, it weighs in and around 40-50 pounds. The RTT will direct mount to the lid to keep the COG lower and really, who needs to spend $400 on Thule racks when you dont need to?

GregB_00XJ 07-15-2012 02:32 PM


I picked up a custom made tongue box for the CDN m101. It was made a little wide to line up with extended fenders and front shelves...which I plan on doing at some point.

I also spent the last few weekends working on the trailer tub inside getting it ready, priming with POR15 and then applying 2 coats of Monstaliner. Ground, cleaned then sprayed with POR15 metal prep spray.

POR15, amazing stuff.

First coat of Monstaliner

And final coat of Monsta... AMAZING stuff, highly recommended.

Decided on Interlux one component Polyurethane Marine Enamel for the final exterior coats in Flame Red of course. I am then going to finish the underside with Magnet Paints Chassis Saver in semi black. So red lid and tub, black fenders, black frame and chassis and red tongue box with checker plate front and angles.

This thing is going to look amazing.


GregB_00XJ 08-02-2012 03:40 AM

A few updates since my last post on this build. I spent 20 minutes re-furbishing the triangle reflectors on the rear of the trailer. Sand, mask, paint a few coats of semi-gloss black.

These are one of my favorite parts of these trailers, and they are nearly impossible to find. Next I spent some time working on the fenders, the tub and the prep for paint. I decided to strip the fenders, they were beat pretty hard, and the paint was in terrible shape. I used Circa 1850 gel stripper, works like a hot damn!

I then ripped the fenders off the trailer, removed the seam sealer, and sanded the bejeasus out of the bare metal. Ready for paint.

I primed them with more POR15 then decided to bedline them once I saw how pitted they were. They turned out great!! I also beadlined the arch under the fenders, and the underside of the fenders as well, this will stop the rust and rock chips.

finish of the bedliner with a small 4" foam roller is great, nice and uniform with a nice texture.

I have now also finish sanded the tub exterior, and primed the entire thing with the last of the POR15 I have. I need to pick up another can for the underside of the trailer! I am now ready for the Interlux one component Polyurethane, which I am stoked about. SO close. It looks finished now, and looks awesome black, but I am sticking to the red colour scheme and thing it will look stellar with the Cherokee. No pics, it was dark when I finished and I was painting with a halogen work lamp.

Oh and I also picked up my lid from Mike. Popped it on, and man what a snug perfect fit. This thing weighs like 50 pounds and is super strong...cant wait to mount the tent!

Also bought an awning from Mike too, the CVT one. Will be mounting that on the Jeep basket rack ASAP.

More tomorrow!

GregB_00XJ 08-07-2012 12:15 AM

Looks like this now...after like 30 hours of work.

So close to being done phase 1.

hesterj 08-09-2012 05:58 PM

Your trailer is coming along good. I really like the liner on the tubs texture.

GregB_00XJ 08-16-2012 11:53 PM

Me too. In hindsight, I wish I had done the entire tub with the Monstaliner inside and out. It looks great, and if you use a small 4`smooth foam roller, it lays down nice and gives a textured finish but not rough like bedliner. It would have looked amazing!

I finished wiring up the Grote LED tail lights tonight, man they are bright! Best $25 ish dollars I have spent in a while. Love ebay (sometimes).

I am also stocked with project bits:

-New to me Lunette ring showed up for my "extended tongue project"
-2 x 2000# weld on side screw legs were picked up this week for the stabilizers
-2 x 100# gas struts to lift the lid and RTT (hope they are enough)
-Steel was bought for the lid hinge attachment blocks, the custom landing leg/swivel castor project and for the draw bar (learning to weld this weekend)
-Also picked up some LED interior lights, and designed a tongue box to be made out of wood to match the lid

Heading to a Jeep Show with it this weekend, time to show it off a bit! lol

VietVet67 08-22-2012 01:56 PM

You lost me at : "Wood from Russia"" sorry --looks nice tho!!

The time now is 03:33 AM.

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